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Championship Trial
Venue: Alnwick
Trial Held: 08 September 2012



Steward: Vicky Hunter

Tracklayer: Roy Drummer

Thank you to the society for their invitation for me to judge UD at this Championship Trial. 

Many thanks to my tracklayer, Roy, who kept me right, was good company and did a sterling job.  A huge thank you to my steward Vicky. This was Vicky’s first appointment and she carried out everything I asked, with absolute precision, which made my job easier.  Vicky kept me right and was great company throughout the day.

Thank you to the Trials Manager, Jacquie, who ensured the trial ran very smoothly. To the base staff, who were very efficient and helpful, thank you. To the kitchen crew, the food was amazing as always and served with a big smile, thank you all.

Many thanks to the two competitors, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did and thank you for accepting my decisions. It was a pleasure to judge these two competitors with their very lively and enthusiastic dogs.

1st Nelson Smith with THREENINES ALEX, 192.5, Q.  What a lovely enthusiastic dog who really worked hard for Nelson.  Full mark track, which was a pleasure to watch.  Missed one article in the square, but again was raring to go, and just dropped 0.5 marks on the Control and Agility round.  A joy and a pleasure to watch. Well done.

2nd Hannah Butters with DAISY BOO OF BEADNELL, 153.5, NQ.  What a great little dog this is, full of enthusiasm and keen to work.  Daisy started the track extremely well but missed the last two legs as she decided the hedge was more interesting.  Well done, Hannah, for keeping your cool; it is frustrating but you know Daisy can do it.  Lovely square and only missed one article.  Unfortunately, Daisy took a dislike to the gun and really did not want to do the Control and Agility round, but with determination and a lot of good handling Hannah encouraged Daisy to complete the round.  A lovely text book sendaway.  Well done, Hannah, that is what Trials are all about.




Tracklayers: Martyn Willcock and Lol Campbell

Steward: Julz Findeisen

Scribe: Tracey Park

Criminals: Iain Forrest, Matt Wiggins, Martyn Willcock

I’ve got to thank everybody involved in organizing this great trial; the committee for the invitation, Jacquie Hall for the sterling work she carried out with the actual organizing the fields and making sure everything and everybody was where they should be when they should be, the kitchen staff - the food was wonderful, drinks appeared magically when they were needed; altogether a truly great trial.

My Helpers:- Julz Findeisen square, control, and patrol steward - Julz did a superb job throughout: Tracey Park, scribe for the manwork – thanks, Tracey, you did a super job: my tracklayers, Martyn and Lol - both did a good job: my criminals, Iain (chases and test of courage), Matt (recall, TOC and attack on handler), Martyn (hide, search and creep off) – all did everything I asked of them . Thanks to you all.

1st Dave Olley with WTCh STARDELL ALLULA, TDEx, PDEx.  Best nosework, 112.5; best C/A, 52.5; more than adequate Patrol Round, 119, giving a total of 284, Q.

2nd Adrian Quick with LAWINICK SLOW N EASY, 281, Q.  Good track, 73; very messy square, 23; adequate C/A, 45; best Patrol Round, 140, but unfortunately just too far behind to catch the winner. 

3rd Ruth Cahill, VOMKYNA DEIKA, 278.5, Q.  Nosework, 108; C/A, 44.5; Patrol, 126; a well deserved 3rd place. 

4th Dave Olley, WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, NQ.  Track, 52; Square, 35; C/A, 51; Patrol 111 - will definitely have better days.

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