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Open Trial
Venue: Alnwick
Trial Held: 10 July 2011



Tracklayers: Penny Pritchard, Bob Hope, Roy Drummer, Tracey Park.

Square and C/A steward: Tracy-Lee Sinfield.

Many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge, to Jacquie for managing the trial and providing accommodation, meals and good company.  Thanks also to Sheryl and Tom in the kitchen and to the numerous helpers at the base - North Northumberland Dog Training Club, thanks!  Tracklayers Penny and Bob (Friday) and Roy and Tracey (Saturday) did a superb job, as did Tracy-Lee with the squares.

Tracking was on 2 weeks cut silage, and Friday produced a full point track from Sharon and Ozzy, but Saturday’s torrential rain washed most of the tracks away.  Control was on a lush rolling grass field, and control started with the retrieve then heelwork, followed by a 90 yard sendaway uphill to a cone and flag, which was very well executed by most dogs, even though it wasn’t obvious until the dogs had set off.  The jumps followed with, unfortunately, only one dog gaining sufficient points to qualify.

1st Sue Pickering, WIZALAND MYSTICAL GIRL (Tali), BC, 164.5, qualified UD


3rd Sharon Dunn, TOLBERG PHOENIX (Ozzy), GSD, NQ

4th Maureen Vaulks, INKA AT BANAIRE, (Inka), BC, NQ.




Trackayers: Julia Findeisen, Lol Campbell, Penny Pritchard, Lorraine Wilson

Stewards: Alison Pollard (Control) and Vicky Hunter (Search)

I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge the WD stake at their open trial.  My thanks go to my search stewards, Alison and Vicky; you both did a great job and were superb company over the three days of the trial.  Also thanks to my track layers, Lol, Julia, Penny and Lorraine - you all did a great job.  Many thanks also to Jackie for running the trial.

The three days were all very different weather wise.  Friday was very warm, Saturday was just torrential rain - they might as well have just thrown buckets of water at us during the tracking - but it brightened up for the control, and Sunday was warm with a slight breeze.  All the competitors who worked on Saturday gave it their best shot but the weather beat them. Every one of you took it good spirit and you were a pleasure to judge.

1st Ruth Cahill, VOMKYNA DEIKA, GSD, 194, Q.  I had high hopes when I saw this team coming up the field and I wasn’t disappointed.  Minky did a nice track and search followed by a very impressive control and agility round.  Good Luck in Championship.

2nd Maurice Millington, GLENALPINE PERDI, BC, 191.5, Q.  Well done, Maurice.  A nice track and search, just bits and bobs need tidying up on your control, but a very worthy qualifier.

3rd Maurice Millington, GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 180, Q.  What a good day you had, Maurice, both your dog qualifying!  Missed a article on the track with Jud but a super track and search; heelwork needs a bit of work but very well done.

4th Mick Fryatt, DRAGWOOD DAX, GSD, 157.5, NQ.  Such a shame you missed the last leg of the track but keep trying - you were almost there.

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