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Open Trial
Venue: Ellington
Trial Held: 13 February 2011



Stewards: Andrea Lynd (Sat), Alison Pollard (Sun)

Thanks to NECWTS for the judging appointment, and to Betty Orrin and her team, who did a brilliant job running the trial.  Thanks also to my two stewards for your help and company, and to Pat Nelson for the accommodation.

CD Stake:

1st John Tait, UMBERTO PINFOLD BOB, WSD, 71.5, NQ

2nd Anna Simpson, TIA TWINKLE TOES, X-Breed, 65.5, NQ

3rd L Butters, LIGHTENING SPEED, X-Breed

Well done to you for trying – just jumps and stays to sort and you will all do well.  H Butters won the Best Junior Handler – well done.


1st Mr E T Noel’s VONGRAF NAOMI, BSD (Mali), handled by Anne Bussey, 194.5, Q.  It was a pleasure to judge this impressive young dog.  Well done.

2nd Mick Cammidge, BROWN JACK, WSD, 192.5, Q.  Well done on your first time out – a very quick dog.

3rd David Lumb, KENINE PHOENIX FLAME, CS, 180.5, NQ.  Just the jumps to sort, and then you will do well.

4th Maureen Valks, INKA TA BEWARE, WSD, 174, NQ.


1st Tracey Park, WAGGERLAND TYNE, WSD, 195, Q.  What a cracker, brill little dog!  Well done.

2nd Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, X-Breed, 171, Q.  Only dropped 1 mark in C/A.  Well done.


4th Y Walker, DIEGO’S CAUGHT ’N’ THE ACT, Dob, NQ.


1st Julia Findeisen, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, 210.5, Q.  This dog was so committed in all the exercises today – a pleasure to watch.  Well done.

2nd Moira Rogerson, XANDOA’S CHANCE, BC, 191, Q.  Did a very good C/A round – one to watch out for.  Well done.

3rd Jenny Holt, BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, BC, 190, Q.  Well handled, kept the C/A together.  Well done.

4th Dennis Nelson, SELDOMSEEN HOBBSONS CHOICE, WSD, 185.5, Q.  Just minor faults to sort, then you’ll do well with Hobbs.




Tracklayers: Tracey Park and Bill Richardson

Steward: Sharon Dunn

Thank you very much to the Society for the invitation to judge my first UD Nosework.  Thank you to Betty and the entire team who worked non-stop at the base and in the kitchen.  Excellent food, good humour and a fabulous atmosphere.

Many thanks to my tracklayers, Tracey and Bill, who paddled through huge puddles and many mud slicks without complaint.  It was a pleasure to work with such experienced tracklayers who kept me right.  Thank you to my steward, Sharon, who again kept me on my toes and was great company.  To the competitors, who trudged through mountains of slippery mud and splashed through very large puddles, thank you for being such good sports and accepting my decisions.

All of the competitors completed the track and search square in awful conditions, so well done.

1st Mr E. Noel’s VONGRAF NAOMI, B.S.Mali, handled by Ann Bussey, 194.5, Q.  Wonderful team work, a pleasure to watch, and they made the track look effortless.  Almost a perfect search square. Worthy of first place - well done.  89.5/20/34

2nd Mr Mick Cammidge with BROWN JACK, WSD, 192.5, Q.   Another great team to watch.  A very keen tracking dog  and even more keen to complete the search square.  A full mark search square at lightning speed. Well done 87.5/20/35.

3rd Mr David Lumb with KENINE PHOENIX FLAME, CS, 180.5, NQ.  Enthusiastic young dog who was keen to haul his handler round the track and made it look so easy.  Another full mark search square.  Well done, lovely team work.  88/20/35

4th Maureen Valks  with INKA AT BENAIRE, WSD, 174, NQ.  This team are fairly new to trials and together they tracked extremely well and it was a pleasure to watch them; lovely team work.  Very keen to get into the search square, which was good to watch.  Well done.  81/20/32

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