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Championship Trial
Venue: Alnwick
Trial Held: 05 September 2010



Tracklayers: Penny and Brian

Steward: Sharon

Many thanks to the committee of N E Counties for inviting me to judge the UD Stake at their Championship Trial in Northumberland.  What a lovely venue!   A big thank you goes to Jacquie Hall and all her very willing and friendly helpers.  Brian and I were looked after so well, and the caravan site was to die for, straight on to the beach.

My track layers were Penny and Brian who put the tracks down just as I asked - thank you both.  Sharon laid the squares and put the articles just as I wanted, and was good company as well - thank you Sharon.

I set a pattern which let the dogs settle in to tracking by having a long straight leg, before introducing a cut back.   Six dogs completed the track, four with both articles, which were a dolly peg and carpet square.  The search articles were 3" piece green tube, 2" carpet square; metal Teaspoon, and green wellie 2" square; most dogs found this quite easy.

The control started with heelwork, followed by the retrieve, then on to the sendaway which was 65 paces to a blue pole in the hedge.  The jumps were next; this was the downfall for some dogs, as the field was fairly long grass.  The stays were performed very well, and we ended with 2 qualifiers.

1st Mrs Val Thompson with LEXI, GSD, 177.5.  Nice track, with one article; lovely control round, but she didn’t like the brown long jump in the long grass, but you held it together and succeeded.  Well done!

2nd Mrs Alison Pollard with HAMISH, Ausi-doodle, 173.5.  Very good track, just going over the last article, and three out of the square.  Did a nice control round; didn’t come back over the scale, but you had enough to qualify.  Well done!

3rd Pat Sunderland with DELA, BC, NQ, 183.5.  Good track with both articles, followed by a very good square; unfortunately the jumps were her downfall today.

4th Mrs June McPhillips with ESS, CRICHTON CEILEIDH.  Very nice track (what a busy bee!), with both articles followed by three out of the square, but a bit of chewing and dropping along the way.  Her downfall today, though, was the jumps, and slight creeping in the stay.   Hope her back progresses back to normal soon.

I would just like to thank the competitors for entering under me; I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work, and good luck in your future trials.




Tracklayers: Tracey Park, Lol Campbell

Search Steward: Alison Pollard

Criminals: Tom Davies, Ant & Vic Snook, Policeman John, Lol Campbell

PD Steward: Tracey Park

Many thanks to NECWTS committee for the opportunity to judge.  This was a brilliantly run Trial; Jacquie Hall led a super team who all worked hard to ensure every competitor enjoyed themselves and had the best opportunity for success.

The nosework was on cut silage grass, weather throughout was fine, dry and sunny with a fairly strong wind.  Thanks to everyone who worked with me on the field, my tracklayers, Tracey and Lol, and Ali for all the searches.  It was Ali’s first time stewarding, but her nerves soon disappeared as almost every dog got 4 out.  Tracey stewarded C/A and at the end of the day with marks so close, I informed the competitors that the Patrol Round would be a lock out, in order to give everyone the same chance.

The patrol round started with the quarter to firstly find an `innocent old chap’, who would give them some information when questioned.  He had been attacked and hit and his cricket bag had been stolen.  The dog then quartered the rest of the area to find the thief hiding in undergrowth with the missing equipment.  He was searched and escorted.  During the escort a ‘young chap’ approached, asking if the handler had seen his ‘dad’, and whilst in conversation the handler was attacked by a criminal who silently ran out from the undergrowth.  Once the handler had dealt with the situation, a criminal came into sight, challenged the handler and dog and ran off.  The dog was recalled.  Following this a commotion at the bottom of the field saw three men play fighting with cricket bats and stumps, who then stopped still as the dog was sent in, and a chap with a  riot shield and menace ran from behind them to attack the dog.  The handler dealt with the situation, searched and took control of the weapons, escorted all four back up the field.  The last exercise was the chase with the same set up as the recall.  It was a fairly fast flowing round and the criminals’ timing was excellent.

Tracey was a superb steward and I would like to thank all the patrol round team for their expertise and suggestions to ensure everything ran smoothly.  Thanks. Too. to Lee Payne for working with Diesel prior to the test to set timings and distances.  Tom, as always, paced himself like the adrenaline junkie he is (!) and Ant in the test of courage was precise and aggressive with every dog, keeping the dog out for 3 attempts so I could judge the dog’s tenacity.  A special thank you to Lol who agreed to be part of the patrol team as long as he didn’t get bitten - oops!  He was also an excellent ‘pain in the butt’ to distract handlers on the attack on handler.

All teams were good natured and good sports, it was a pleasure to judge you.  Thank you.  I set a test for a PD qualification, knowing that the winning team would shine - and shine they did.

1st Andy Baker and WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, 295.5/320, PDEx.  Drew first in nosework and C/A, and last in Patrol.  If he was nervous, Andy showed no sign, and Sid did exactly what he was asked to do - with style, ‘turning on a sixpence’ on the recall command.  It won him the day.  Congratulations.

2nd Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 269/320, PDEx.  Worked really well; excellent nosework and C/A and a very competent patrol round; a case of ‘if only’ on the recall; and the results would have been different..

3rd Gary Martin and WTCh TYTRI ROY, 264.5/320, PDEx.  Another excellent round.  Roy was really looking sharp today, till he had selective ‘deafness’ on the recall.

4th Ron Jaques and JAQ IN THE BOX, 263/320, PDEx.  Jaq struggled on the nosework, but did enough overall to achieve his deserved qualification.  The only other dog to recall.  Well done.

Also Qualified PDEx:

Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM, 260.5/320.  Another good qualfication from this keen young dog.  Well Done.

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