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Championship Trial
Venue: Sedgefield
Trial Held: 07 September 2008



Steward: Debbie Meade – brilliant steward and great company.

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge, and to everyone who helped to keep this trial running in extreme conditions.  To Moi and Bill, thank you for putting up with us both, and the wonderful breakfast!

Both the square and C/A were in what is best described as the Everglades - long grass and water.  Moi cut all the grass around the jumps to give every dog the best of chances.

Articles were:- 4" x 6" piece of plastic, 2" x 6" piece of leather, 4" x 4" piece of lino.  To my amazement the handlers and dogs who competed were very brave in their commitment and application, given the circumstances.

1st Andrea Lynd with REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, 91.5, Q.  Winning this stake due to their commitment to searching, and stunning jumps.  You deserve this.

2nd Sandra Dearing with CINDALLY DAZZLER AT PROFORM, BC, 89, Q.  Well done, good luck in the future; I’m sure you will both do well.

3rd After a run off, Morag Finlay with LOCHEIL DUSK TILL DAWN, BC, 86, Q.  Lovely partnership – don’t let her rush you.

4th Mick Fryatt with DAGWOOD DAX, GSD, 86, Q.  Nice pair, great heart on the jumps.

5th Eleanor Francis with OSCAR OF WILTON, Lab, 85, Q.  A very self-employed lab, handled to his best by Eleanor.  Good luck with your youngster.

Thank you all.




Tracklayers: Dennis Nelson, Julz Findeisen, Lol Campbell

Search Stewards: Bill Richardson, Tim

C/A Stewards: Bill and Tim

Thanks go to NECWTS for the invitation, and to Moira and Bill, and the rest of the base crew, for great hospitality and organisation.

Abounding gratitude must go to the tracklayers and stewards, who braved rain,  mud and flood in order to ensure that every competitor got a decent test in a warm and happy atmosphere.

Nosework was on stubble, rumoured to be replanted with rice immediately after the trial.  C/A was in a swamp of young elephant grass.  It was thoughtful to provide an inshore rescue inflatable and crew for each stake.

Conditions dictated that only dogs totally committed to each and every exercise would do well.  The unsuccessful can truly blame the weather.

1st Nelson Smith with LITTLE CROW, (Mali the Mali), Mali bitch, 191.5.  A true team, with attitude a’plenty.  Thank God the dog doesn’t tell jokes as well.

2nd Carl Dent with SELDOMSEEN JUST MAYBE AT JARYSMYSTIC, (Maybe), WSD bitch, 168.5, NQ.  Carl is a lovely thoughtful, quiet handler, who had to work his wife’s dog for the first time due to illness.  Only the jumps prevented qualification.

3rd Heather Cook with THAMESPOL ISSIE, (Rajee), GSD bitch, 168, NQ.  Just one article out of the search square prevented qualification.

4th Val Scott with KAIROBEA CHARLIE FOXTROT, (Kai), GSD dog, 165.5, NQ.  Failure at the clear and long spoiled a fairly good performance.

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