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Championship Trial
Venue: Tow Law
Trial Held: 02 February 2008

C.D  Stake

Judge: Wendy Craven

Search / Control Steward: David Craven

Comp Entered  13     Worked 7     

My thanks to NECWTS for inviting me to judge and  to Jules and all her helpers for running a well organized Trial in spite of the horrendous weather conditions, also thanks to every one in the  Kitchen  who kept us well fed throughout the Trial. A big thank you to my control and search steward Dave Craven who did an excellent job and to Penny who looked after the competitors and kept everything running smoothly, CD was held on Saturday. The control field was 2 inch deep in snow and it was freezing cold, the competitors that managed to get there deserve a medal. Unfortunately their was only one person got CD only the conditions making stays retrieves and the jumps just to much for the young dogs who I’m sure in better conditions would have qualified, good luck to you all in your future trials.

1st   Fran Mitchell with Barak Baldemar CD only 77 1/2 marks

A young dog that just lost concentrations in the sit stay I’m sure it won’t be long before he puts it together Fran

2nd  Janet Bell with Breighton Maddie  87 marks best nose work

A super round from a young dog that enjoys its Trialing a super full mark square, well done.

3rd Anne Symon  83 marks

A good team who worked a good round just the agility proved too much today but I’m sure this little Lab will not be long before he qualifies CD

4th Carl Dent  80 1/2 marks

A nicely worked round just the conditions beat her today well done



Comp Entered 7   Worked 2

Tracklayer: Lol Cambell

Steward: Dave Craven

Many thanks to Lol for Tracklaying for me and to Dave for square laying

1st  Glenys Page with  Getaway Back Tess  

A excellent Track and Square Glenys it is nice to see Tess is still really enjoying her trailing well done

2nd  Gordon Kirk 

It was a pleasure to judge you and your dog today Gordon I wish you lots of luck in your future trails well done

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