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Open Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 07 July 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

I was asked to manage this trial, due to the increasing responsibility and commitment at work experienced by Julz Findeisen, the usual trials manager.  It started out fine, but then I was “encouraged” to take up the “opportunity” of two training courses which were running down in Surrey (I live in Northumberland!!!), as part of my job.  This coincided with the arranging of the trial, so Julz and I decided that I would continue being trials manager, but with support from Julz.  So it was that I did the glamorous bit, and Julz the begging, grovelling and skilful bits!!!!  (Some would say, just as it should be……….., well, OK, just me!!!)

I hope everyone enjoyed the trial. All the helpers did their usual fantastic job, done willingly, and with fun. I will leave it up to Julz to thank all the people involved, but suffice to say, you were all talented stars!!

Apologies to Julz that I needed her, but I think she enjoyed helping me out ( makes her feel useful!!)

Thanks to all who entered.

Betty Orrin

This trial was touch and go a few days before it started, due to the wet weather; no grass had been cut and the farmers were reluctant to let us track on their waist high hay fields.  As always they came up trumps and we had some very lush long grass to track on for the trial.  Thank you to Satley farmers who never let us down, we should be so grateful to them!!  Betty did great stuff organising the base for the trial, even though she spent more time in Surrey than up North before the trial!!  All the helpers and judges for the trial did great stuff and again another successful trial was run.  Thanks to all who helped, track laid, judged, stewarded, made sarnies, put up jumps, shopped for the grub, made cakes, organised the trophies and washed the floor at the base!!  All together we ran a good trial and had fine weather.

See you next year !!!

Julz Findeisen



Stake: CD


Steward: Lol Campbell

Many thanks to North East Counties WTS for offering me my first judging appointment. I had lots of advice and help from ‘The Team’, and superb and consistent support from my experienced steward.          I had nine competitors, and tried to set a test which would suit everyone, bearing in mind that this Stake might be the dogs’ first introduction to Trials, and they should hopefully go home (dogs and handlers) having thoroughly enjoyed their day.

1st     Mrs. D. Curren with ANSONA BRIGADIER, SRHP (Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer), Qual, COM, 88 points. Congratulations Denise, my only qualifier, and you obviously knew your dog and handled him appropriately. Not the most common of breeds in Trials – and indeed he was the first SRHP I’d ever seen. I’ll look forward to seeing him go up the Stakes. Very well done.

2nd   Mrs. A. Alonzi with GLEN VD SCHOONDERBEEK HOEVE, Wiem, NQ, 89.5 points. A second attempt and no return on the scale jump meant you ended up with the dreaded half point short of qualifying. The rest of his work was excellent, so he’s almost there. Keep up the good work.

3rd   Morag Finlay with LOCHEIL DUSK TILL DAWN, BC, NQ, 84 points. It was the dreaded scale again with this lovely, very small collie. Again lost very few points on the rest of the round, so another up and coming contender.

4th    Rosie Robson with CORBY CRAGS KIZZY, Lab/Pdle, NQ, 84 points. Yes, it was the jumps again with this Labradoodle. She also worked beautifully for the rest of the round, and lost very few points, and with a bit more confidence over the jumps there will be no stopping her.

I had a run off to sort out 3rd and 4th places with the above results. All dogs qualified well in the Nosework Section, and it was mainly the jumps, or occasionally the stays, where the dogs narrowly failed to qualify. We had a wide variety of breeds consisting of SRHP, Weim, BC, Labradoodle, BS, GSD, WSD, and two Dobes, who are all ready to go on up the Stakes. Well done to you all.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: John Watts, Lol Campbell, Penny Pritchard.

Steward Dennis Nelson.

May I say a big thank you to NECWTS for the invitation to judge their WD Stake at the Satley Open Trial.  My thanks also go to Betty Orrin for doing the Trials Managers job, and to Julia Findeisen for her great back up throughout the trial; there was some very hard work to do to carry out this trial.  Thank you to Linda Newbold for all the great food both out in the field and at the base.  To my track layers - a massive thank you.  It was very hard laying tracks on grass that was waist high and that had fallen over, and every track was laid spot on.  It was some of the toughest grass I have ever tracked on (I was shattered after running the spare.)  These three track layers deserve a big thank you from every one in trials.  And to Dennis my steward for both days - thank you for doing every square to perfection and for being great company.

As I said, tracking was on fallen waist high grass, and walking on it was very hard on your own, let alone being dragged around by a dog.  The first day proved to be very hard for the dogs, and I thought that some dogs were not quite ready for this sort of terrain.  We nearly needed oxygen for a few of the handlers too.  I had tested my track and articles the day before in high grass, and an unqualified dog did the track and recovered the articles,  so that was it until I arrived at Satley and saw the land - I soon made a quick change of articles.  Those that got far enough recovered them.  The search proved to be a challenge to with only one dog recovering all four.

So on to the control.  We started with the down stay where we lost a couple of dogs, then went on to the heel work and ended up at the sendaway pole; the sendaway was one hundred paces to a pile of hay.  We finished with the jumps, where we lost some more dogs, so we were left with only one qualifier.

1st          Shirley Shearsmith and MINTERBURN HOBBY HAWK, Lab, 168pts, Q.  What a good hard worker Rosie is - she never picked her head up.  Well, only to wait for Mum to pick herself up from the floor.  I know you found that really hard going.  Very well done and a well deserved qualification.

2nd        Donna Walker and FFIGLINA OBERON, Dalmatian, 171pts, NQ.  So near yet so far.  Just half a point short on control.  That was tough after such a good track.  Also won the novice handler trophy - well done.

3rd         Eleanor Francis and ROCKY OF NINE, Lab, 167.5pts.  Hope you get the scale sorted, and you will be ok.

4th          Bill Norman and ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD, 154pts.  I think he gave his all on the track today, Bill.

Thank you all for entering and allowing me to judge you.  Good luck in the future


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