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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 18 February 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

This was my first “go” as Trials Manager, but how lucky was I!!!  First, I had really helpful support from the NECWTS Committee, including advice and kind words from someone who has always made such a marvellous job of managing this trial so many times, Lol Campbell.  Lol also put tracks out for TD, thank you.  Second, although the flu virus (no, not bird flu!) struck three of the helpers before the trial, and they were in the convalescent stage, they gritted their teeth, and got on with their jobs, doing them so well that I’m sure the competitors were unaware that they were still feeling fragile.  So, a special thanks to Julz Findeisen (who probably contemplated changing her phone number and email address, I contacted her for advice so many times!), for this reason, and also because she worked so hard for me, before and during the trial.  To Pat and Dennis Nelson, who had both only just started going out after being bed bound for nearly two weeks, but who had done everything needed before I could ask them to do it!!  Third, John Watts sorted out the land, the farmer (who is unbelievable in his support of our trial, and gave us plenty of pasture for TD and lush winter corn for UD and WD), and the base - as you can tell, I didn’t do much!!!  Can’t thank you enough for your support and for being so kind, John.

Carole Hall is feeling a lot better now than she has for a while, and so, as well as keeping me right, she tracklaid for UD two days, with Dennis.  Penny Pritchard tracklaid TD for two days, working really hard and well, and also gave me moral support!  Dave Todd laid tracks for two days, as usual doing a fantastic job.  Ann Bedford ran the base (and me!!) for the three days; nothing was too much trouble, and I could forget about the base as she is so efficient.  Lorraine Wilson laid tracks for WD, as did Tracy Parks, and they did a brilliant job.  Dennis also organised the trophies, a thankless job if ever there was one, but he was completely sorted, thanks.

Brian Glasgow’s son, Phil stepped in to help on Saturday putting out TD squares, when flu struck another helper, so thank you Phil, you will be much in demand I feel!!!  Andrea Lynd stewarded for John Watts for three days, after I had to re-organise jobs, doing a great job keeping John right (!).  Thank you for being so flexible and helpful.  Thanks also to Debbie Meade and Fran Mitchell for stewarding UD, and Jan Sewell for stewarding WD - another job I could forget about as you were all great.

It is a lovely place for a trial base, being set in a country park, with the tracking land very close.  Friday was a bit grey but no real rain (until the evening when it tipped down!).  Both Saturday and Sunday were sunny; competitors were sitting outside the base!!  The flu had an effect on the competitors too, as we had a number of scratches due to the bug, but everyone rang in plenty of time and were very considerate.

NECWTS chose excellent judges, who all worked hard, set fair tests, and all had a great sense of humour - so thanks to you John Watts, C/A and CD judge, UD nosework Jackie Hall, WD nosework Jim Sewell, and TD nosework Jim Jeffrey.  (Obviously, if your first name didn’t start with a “J” you had no chance of being asked to judge at Ashington!!!!)

Betty Orrin


CD and TD, WD and UD Control and Agility  Stake


Steward: Andrea Lynd

Thank you NECWTS for the invitation to judge the CD Stake and C/A for TD, WD and UD.  Thank you to Betty Orrin - what an excellent job you made of your first attempt as Trials Manager.  Thank you to Pat and Dennis Nelson for the catering, to Ann Bedford at the base, and thank you to Andrea Lynd, my steward throughout the three days - a first class job, Andrea.

To the competitors - congratulations to those of you that qualified, and keep the faith to those who failed.  Two N/Q who caught the eye - Katy Whittemore with her G. Retriever and Yvonne Walker with her Dobermann - watch this space!  The ground was wet but it stayed fine over the three days.

Interesting statistic – we did 11 Stay sessions over the three days with only 3 dogs moving, which I thought was very good for young dogs and beginners.

TD Stake

1st     M. Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM, WSD.  Well done Mick, a polished performance.  Good luck in ticket. Q, 209.5

2nd   M. Rogerson with STARDELL HEBE, BC.  Nice steady round, re-direct to work on. Q, 202

3rd   B. Richardson with CAPER KALI, BSD.  Just little things to sort out, well done. 201

4th    R. Fruzynski with XANDOAS SPLASH, WSD.  Well done Rudi. Q, 196.5

Also qualifying:

R. Drummer with MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE, FCR, 196.


H. Patrick with SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, WSD, 188.5.

WD Stake

1st     J. Holt with BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, BC.  Well done Jenny.  Q, 182.5

2nd   F. Mitchell with KEENSHAW BUTCH, Lab.  Your young dog is coming on well.         Q, 168

3rd   F. Campbell with SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD.  Bad luck on the jumps Lol.  NQ, 176.5

4th    K. Whittemore with DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, G. Ret.  Sort out the sendaway Katy then you will progress up the ladder.  NQ, 165

UD Stake

1st     B. Glasgow with NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD.  Well done Brian, nice to watch.  Q, 188.5

2nd   P. Turner with TOP SHELF JACK, WSD.  Bits and pieces to polish up otherwise good.  Q, 178.5

3rd   B. Norman with ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD.  Steady round Bill, well done.  Q, 173

4th    S. Fruzynski with MOONDANCE MATT OF BURNWATER, BC.  NQ, 179.5

CD Stake

1st     S. Braithwaite with NORSHEP BRACK, GSD.  Well done, your experience told, nice round.  Q, 86.5

2nd   B. Bayston with KENMILQUIN BRIGHT ARROW, GSD.  Keep at it Brian, it’s all there.  NQ, 79

3rd   H. Watson with DIEGO’S DE LA CRUZ, Dob.  The nerves will get better Helen, believe me.  NQ, 75.5

4th    J. Hammond with GAVIC DALLAS, GWP.  A bit more work on the jumps; hope you both enjoyed your day, John.  NQ, 75


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Dennis Nelson and Carole Hall

Stewards: Debbie Meade and Fran Mitchell

My first judging appointment – and I couldn’t ask for a better introduction.  A superbly run trial – good weather and 2 days watching dogs track!  Heaven!!  Thanks to all at NECWTS for a great weekend.  Tracking was on winter wheat.

1st     Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD.  A young dog with great potential (if Brian can slow him down!!).  Never stopped working – lovely attitude, a great team.  Track 84 ½ (+20), Square 32

2nd   Peter Turner and TOP SHELF JACK, WSD.  Peter deserved to get a qualification – his patience with this dog was amazing.  A bit of previous   experience helped too!  I was so pleased to see them  complete the track -eventually!  Track 83 (+20), Square 33

3rd   Bill Norman and ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD.  Well done Bill, I think you both enjoyed your day.  Track 87 (+20), Square 32

4th    Rudi Fruzynski and MOONDANCE MATT OF BURNWATER, BC.  I didn’t dare blink and hardly put pencil to paper!  An outright winner of the nosework trophy.  Track 89 (+20), Square 34


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Lorraine Wilson and Tracy Park

Steward: Jan Sewell

Thank you to North East Counties Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge WD Nosework at your trial.  Thanks to Betty Orrin, the Trials Manager, for running such a friendly and successful trial, also to her team of helpers for making everything run so smoothly.  A special thank you to Pat and Dennis Nelson for the accommodation and looking after us.  Thank you to Jan for laying squares – you did a great job; to my tracklayers Lorraine Wilson and Tracy Park who did a superb job and to the competitors for entering under me.

The weather was kind to us.  Tracking was on winter wheat with a reasonable growth; the fields were quite wet in places which made tracking difficult at times.  9 dogs entered, 8 worked and 5 qualified the nosework section.  The standard of nosework was very good.  To those that qualified - well done, and good luck to you all for the future.

1st     Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, BC, 182.5, Q.  Ziggy just worked so hard.  Well done.

2nd   Fran Mitchell with KEENSHAW BUTCH, Lab, 168, Q.  Best Gundog Trophy.  Well done.

3rd   Lol Campbell with SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD, 176.5, NQ.  This little dog really did you proud.  Best Nosework Trophy.  Well done.

4th    Katy Whittlemore with DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, G. Ret, 165, NQ.  This young lady was a pleasure to judge.  Unfortunately only got one out of the square.  Junior Handler Trophy.  Well done.

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