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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 29 October 2006



Judge Suzanne Plumb

Tracklayers: Heather Patrick and Dennis Nelson

Stewards: Jill Carruthers and Fran Atkin

Thanks to North East Counties for the invitation to judge the UD stake, I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the two days. Thank you Julie for running such a well organised trial, the warm accommodation and great meals at the pub were just what we needed after spending time out in the fields in October. Betty, Sheila and Penny at the base made my competitors feel welcome and Carol, Linda, Pat and Fran worked hard keeping us all fed and watered, thank you so much. 

trackpic NEcwts small

The weather was wet Friday and dry on Saturday, it didn’t seem to make any difference to the dogs as tracking was on grass and most dogs got round the track on both days. My two tracklayers Heather and Dennis did an excellent job of laying the track pattern and    my search square stewards were Jill on Friday and Fran on Saturday, also John Atkin brought   the competitors to their tracks and gate stewarded - such good company, a big thank to you all.

Control and agility followed with Jill stewarding the competitors through the round. We saw excellent control rounds with teams getting full marks for the sendaway. Heelwork and retrieve was also very well done. Only two dogs failed the down stay but the agility was the downfall of a few. 

1st            Mrs J Holt and BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG (BC) 192 pts. Well handled by Jenny, good nosework from Ziggy and losing only 1.5 on the control, a pleasure to judge you, congratulations on your win.

2nd           Mrs L Coull FURSDON MIDNIGHT MONSOON (Weim) 180.5 pts. An excellent track from Callie but had to work hard to find three articles from the square. With a failed long jump you needed full points for the other two jumps which Callie did in her own style. Well done Lisa, what a super dog.

3rd           Ms E Francis and ROCKY OF NINE (AEZ) (LAB) 178 pts. Tracking really well until the seventh leg when Joe decided to backtrack but Eleanor realised in time and they finished the track in style, only got two articles out of the square.  Just two points lost on the control and a full agility. Well done on 3rd place. Also received the Best Novice Handler Award – so congratulations on that too.

4th           Mrs S Shearsmith and MINTERBURN HOBBY HAWK (LAB) 176 pts handled by Anneli Shearsmith.  Rosie did a really fast track and found three articles from the square. For an inexperienced handler Anneli you did very well to qualify and end up in 4th place – well done.

Last but not least, thanks to the competitors who were all very friendly and a pleasure to judge.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, John Watts, Lol Campbell, Jill Carruthers

Search Steward: John Bowen

C/A Stewards: Tracey Park (3 days), Sue Ashby (1 day)

Thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this trial.  Thanks to Julia Findeisen, the Trials Manager, for running a very successful trial, and to all her team for making everything run so smoothly.  Special thanks to Carole Hall, who kept us fed and watered during the trial, and her helpers, Linda, Fran, John, Betty, Penny, Pat and Lorraine.  Thanks to the Base Stewards, Betty and Sheila, for organising the scores and paperwork.

John laid the search squares, and, judging by the number of dogs who found all four articles, he obviously laid them exactly as required.  Thank you also John for driving me all the way from Surrey to Durham and back.  Sue Ashby stewarded for me on the first day, and Tracey Park on the next three; thank you both for being such good stewards and pleasant company.  My tracklayers were Sue, John, Lol and Jill, and they were excellent.  Thanks to my fellow judges for being such good company in the evenings; we really enjoyed ourselves, and found everyone such good company.

1st           Pat Parkinson with CARISHILL HYACINTH, GR, B.  Lost only 1 on the track and search, and won the Best Nosework Trophy.  Excellent handling.  Well done.  Q, 193.5.

2nd         Vicky Jenkins with PRAGNELL DAISY, Crossbreed, B.  Very good nosework and control.  Full mark jumps.  Dog with a super attitude.  Well done.  Q, 192.

3rd          Heather Patrick with SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, WSD, B.  A few casts on the track, but an excellent square.  Full mark jumps.  Well done.  Q, 191.

4th          Rita Shields with MERRYMARSH TUMBLING DICE, WSD, D.  Full mark control and jumps.  Well done.  Q, 190.

Also qualified WDEx

Pat Werner with CROCODILE DUNDINGO, Australian Kelpie, D, 189.5.

Judith Owens with FIRCROFT DALWINNIE, BC, 188.

Mick Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM, WSD, D, 187.5.

Liz Roberts with CALLANWAY HARRIS, GSD, D, 186.

Janet McGloughlin-Minch with DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, Crossbreed, D, 184.5.

Audra Hurst with TOUCH WOODY, WSD, D, 184.

Angela Seddon with SONGLADE ROSIE POSIE, WSD, B, 181.

Gerry Emmerson with DHERRINGTON ROY, BC, D, 180.

Shela Margreaves with SHADOWQUEST ATTA BOY, GSD, D, 177.


Thanks to all competitors for entering; I enjoyed watching your dogs work.  Congratulations to all the qualifiers, and to all those who didn’t make it, I’m sure you will soon be successful.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers:  Andrea Lynd (7 days and run offs), Penny Pritchard (3 days), Geoff Margreaves (4 days), Dave Todd (3 days)

Stewards:  Betty Calderwood (4 days), Lol Campbell (1 day), Ann Bedford (2 days and C/A)

Tow Law memories for me have usually been heavy rain, gales and the cow pat fields.  I went prepared for the worst possible weather - however the sun obviously shines on the righteous and so full credit to Julia for having contacts in the right places.  Thanks to NECWTS for the invitation and especially to Julia for excellent organisation before and during the trial.  Her team worked in an enthusiastic friendly manner and it all fitted together so well.  To Carol Hall in the kitchen, Betty Orrin at the base, Fran and John Atkin out in the field, and all their assistants - many thanks.

The TD helpers were a first class team and many thanks to them all for their time, expertise and company.

Tracking was on grass, varying in length but all good quality, and with any livestock having been removed well before the start of the trial, the conditions on the ground were excellent.  Most days’ weather was good, perhaps with the exception of Friday (rain) and Saturday (wind), but even then, it’s been a lot worse.

All articles were decent in size; I saw no point in subjecting the tracklayers to endless hours of trying to find missed ones at the end of each day.  Square articles included a spark plug, which was ignored by a few, chopsticks and a plastic teaspoon, which when damaged cost half the articles marks.

track pattern small

With the conditions so good, out of the 62 teams that did the nosework, 43 qualified in that section.  The top 10 marks ranged from 159.5 - 164.

The C/A started with heelwork during which the steward held a conversation with the handler.  The sendaway followed - 150 paces straight out to the wall, bring the dog back 90 paces to some hay and redirect left at an angle to some more hay.  Having done a run through with Julia’s GSD (she got 9), I thought the redirect was the easier part of the exercise but most dogs felt otherwise and the redirect was poorly done.

The speak was next.  A slip lead was put on the dog, held by the steward and the handler walked away with me.  A short conversation took place, then the command was given by the handler.  Handlers had been told I did not want the dogs given any indication that we were carrying out the speak exercise, yet some still ‘set up’ their dogs.  Marks were deducted accordingly, and the exercise done with varying degrees of success.  The best control rounds were completed by Sheila Tannert and Briar, and Tracey Park and Brook, both of whom lost one overall.

Congratulations to the many qualifiers, especially those teams qualifying TDEx for the first time. Thanks to Mary Hardacre for writing so many certificates!!

1st           Judith Owens-Poole and FIRCROFT DOON, BC, D.  Tracked Friday, and it poured from the minute the track was laid till just before Brodie worked it.  Very precise and at a steady pace, the track was close to faultless.  The search articles were found quickly and nicely presented with no mouthing.  Good C/A insured a worthy first ticket for Brodie.  Best of luck at the 2007 KCC’s. (98.5 + 30 + 35; 30.5 + 18.5)    212.5 and winner of the John Robinson Memorial Shield.

2nd         John Wykes and FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, D.  Tracked Saturday in strong winds, and settled into a super track, followed by a good square.  No redirect, but the rest of the C/A was perfect.  Won the runoff search square by Jaff finding the four articles to Jill’s three. (98.5 + 30 + 34; 29.5 + 20)    212.

3rd          Pat Herbert and WTCh JOLLY JILL, BC, B. Tracked well on Thursday on a sloping field that made other dogs forget to stop at the corners.  Produced the best control round from those in the Top 10 nosework marks to gain a worthy placing. (95.5 + 30 + 35; 31.5 + 20)    212.

4th          Heather Halton and CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER, Lab, D.  Tracked Tuesday on a glorious day when all but one dogs working were black Labs.  Once away from the pole produced a faultless, enthusiastic track, followed by a good search.  Won run off with Stevi as Shadow found four articles to Harley’s three. (98.5 + 30 + 33; 29.5 + 20)    211.

Also qualifying TDEx

Stevi Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND, Lab, D, 211.

Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE, WSD, D, 210.5.

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON MILLIE, Lab, B, 210.  (Best nosework, lost 1)

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON TAY, Lab, B, 210. 

Julie Atkins and OUR DUG, BC, D, 208.

Jill Carruthers and JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, B, 206.

Anne Fowler and WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, BC, B, 206.

Alison Tohme and FURSDON TWYLYTE TRAMONTANO, Weim, B, 206.

Ed Brown and DIVAS DELIGHT, Lab, B, 203.


Anne Collen and TESSA OF TANTRUM CROSS, GWP, B, 200.5.

Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, B, 200.5.


Jeff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS, GSD, D, 198.5.

Colin Ball and CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX, Lab, D, 196.5.

Nigel Hines and Tytri KES OF BRYNSWOOD, BC, D, 195.5.

Margaret Robinson and TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, B, 195.

Fran Mitchell and RENDALE ROBIN, Lab, D, 194.

Debbie Meade and HEATHERMARK VIXEN, GSP, B, 192.5.



Dave Waite and DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN, WSD, D, 191.5.

Sheila Shearer and DREAGANTA DEODUBH,  BC,  D, 191.

Christine Stewart and BELDORM DUNCAN, Std Poodle, D, 189.5.

Sue Ashby and THE ECHO, WSD, B, 186.5.

Jacquie Hall and MERCURY SKYLARK, G/Ret, B, 184.5.

Lindsay Errington and CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET, Lab, D, 183.

Lindsay Errington and WOODHEADS BLACK AGNES, Lab, B, 182.5.

Tracey Park and WAGGERLAND BROOK, BC, D, 178.

Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D, 176.


Stake: Veteran


Tracklayers: Dennis Nelson and Lol Campbell

Square steward:  Pat Nelson

Thank you to North East for giving me the appointment to judge such a nice stake.  My thanks to everyone who made it such a great day, especially the weather fairy!  North East Counties with sunshine and warmth – amazing - such a great team they can even produce summer in October! 

Thanks to Dennis and Lol for laying the tracks so professionally enabling all the dogs to reach the toy at the end.  Thank you to Pat for laying all the squares and for keeping me company.  Sorry that all the dogs managed to retrieve the chocs Pat, but yours are in the post. 

This was a lovely stake to judge and I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did.  Watching all the dogs and handlers being able to track and search without the usual pressure of competing, and just having fun, made it a great day.  So thank you to all of you that entered.

1st           John Wykes and TIP.  Age certainly hasn’t slowed this dog down; flew round with John gamely hanging on.  It was John who needed the rest before the square! 

2nd         Rob Currie and SIEGER.  Sieger fetched all the small articles from the square, and thought perhaps Rob needed to work a bit harder before he brought the chocs out.

3rd          Tracey Park and TERRY MAC.   Good job you had your running shoes on Tracey, Terry-Mac decided it was a sprint!..  Lovely full point square.

4th          Jenny Holt and MEGAN.  Another nice tidy track and a speedy full point square.

Also entered:-

Judith Stamp and MILLIE.  Super to watch this little dog track only losing 2 points.  She really enjoyed the square and nearly managed to open Judith’s chocs for her!

Betty Calderwood and MOLLY.  Molly worked really well for Betty getting all 4 articles off the track and 4 from the square.

Jenny Holt and CELLYN.  Had so much fun doing the track she decided she didn’t need all the articles, but got her toy at the end.

Bill Norman and MACK.  Took Mack a while to do the track but he did it well and had enough energy left to enjoy the square.

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