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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 07 September 2003

Trials Managers Report

The Sedgefield Trial went very well.  We were quite lucky with the weather; we had sunshine and rain but all in all not too bad.   Thanks go to our farmers for the use of their land.  Due to Keith Beastell having a knee operation, Bill Richardson stepped in and did an excellent job as CD Judge.  It was especially nice to see Margaret Smith back judging again.  It was Ron Jaques first PD ticket which I was a bit apprehensive about, but he was a joy to work with and set an excellent test for competitors and spectators.

Once again all my helpers came up trumps.  Thanks to everyone who helped and made the trial the success it was.





Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Alan Bolton, Lot Campbell

Steward: Pauline Bridge

Criminals: Jacqui Gibney, Stu McQueen, lain Forrest, & Bill Richardson

Thanks to N.E. Counties for the invitation to judge my first P.D Ticket. Very big thanks to Carole for her hospitality and for running a super trial, also for the use of her field for the patrol round. 14 entries, and 4 qualifiers going into the patrol round. Very dry conditions then very heavy rain took its toll on tracking. Control was generally well done. The patrol round was worked at Carole's on a super field : the round was laid out so that everybody could see every aspect of the work, which I feel is very important as some people travel a long way to watch P.D. There was some excellent quartering and most dogs coped with the tunnel whi ch was the test of courage. Some good chases and reca ll s, but search ing and pos itioning of criminals could have been more thorough as there was no time limit, and nobody recovered the thi rd weapon, a hatchet laying on the grass behind the hide. Thanks to Andrea, Alan and Lol for laying the tracks beautifully, exactly as I asked. Thanks to Jacqui, Stu, lain and Bill who all did super jobs as criminals. Thanks to Paula for square stewarding, scribing C & A and stewarding the patrol rounds. Also thanks to Pa ula and Jim Sewell for helping devise the patrol rounds. Thanks also to Jean Morley and Julia for the base, Pat Nelson for catering and Pete Morley for helping with the van .

1st Wendy Beas ley, WT.CH. BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL. 279.5 .

2nd Lorna Cottier, W.T. CH. MELNOLA JAZZLAN D. 274.

3rd John Watts, WT. CH. STARLIGHT BLUE. 257.

4th Manda McLellan, JETFIRE JAKE OF ASHLINDT. 255.5. NQ. 

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