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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 07 September 2003

Trials Managers Report

Once again our trial was a huge success.  As trials managers know, a week before the trial you have no land, then as the trial gets closer you go back to the farmers and they say, well if it rains you can have this field and that one.  This time Julia and I were really in a panic, with the weather being so fine the farmers weren’t bringing the stock inside.  We had a dread of the TD having to be on corn (HELP!).  I went to the farmers we had not used before, with the help of one farmer, Colin Harrison, who told me where to go, to beg for land (it all worked out).  Colin was taken out in the dreaded FOOT and MOUTH.  He has been so kind to us, letting us use a big shed for our caravans, with all amenities.  (No showers) we will work on him for next year.

We started on Tuesday with TD, the weather was not too bad.  Wednesday was WD, snow came down, trials managers try to get their helpers to work their dogs at the first possible chance.  Most of the helpers were in WD, so they had the worst weather of the week.  Julia was first dog on, the track was laid in the fine, and by the time she came to run it there was a covering of snow.  As the time got on I thought (not a cat in h-  chance) but being the star she is, managed to qualify.

The TD stake was on grass, as was UD, and veteran.  WD was run on corn, a little more growth than WALESBY.

With all the competent helpers we had, it all went well.  The beaters tried to spoil UD, but JOHN WESELBY, first track he had laid, in competition, calmed the situation down.

Every trial, you try to make it a little better than the last one.


The Punch Bowl, came up trumps once again, Jane is just amazing.  This year we invited our farmers to the Saturday meal, most of them came.


I would like to hear any suggestions, if any, on how to improve our trial.

We are always grateful for raffle prizes,

Thank you once again.



Veteran Stake


Steward : Pat Nelson

General remarks : Many thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge the veteran stake, to the competitors for the compliment of such a good entry, to the track layers Malcolm and Joan Snowden and Rachel Henderson and to Pat Neilson for laying all the search squares and providing food and drinks.  Congratulations to the “A” team for another beautifully run trial.  There was a lovely atmosphere about this stake.  I really enjoyed judging it and seeing how much these older dogs still love their nosework.

Ten entries, nine ran.

1st           and winning the Saber Trophy  Fi Macleod’s  MATI MALINKEY LONGLEGS handled by Betty Calderwood.  Lovely, happy track 88 / 90, handler spotted last article.  Excellent search with 5 out of 6 articles. Total 164 / 179.

2nd         Pat Hodgkins GOTHER ADDICTED TO LOVE.  Another lovely track 87 / 90 with sharp-eyed handler getting the last article.  Beautiful search with 5 articles.  Total 162 / 179.

3rd          Rosie Jones BURNAWAY WAGTAIL.  Superbly accurate track.  88 .5 / 90.  Bill decided that 4 search articles were quite enough to finish the job.  Total 156.5 / 179.

4th          John Wykes TIP OF TARMFORCE.   Couple of problem concerns in the first half of the track but the rest was perfect apart from John spotting the third article 84 / 90.  Four articles from the search.  Total 149 / 179.

Best track was Rosie Jones’ Brill, best search was Lorraine Wilson’s GEM (all 6 articles).  Only two dogs found all of the track articles on their own, these were Barry Gilbert’s JAINES (very well handled by Tim) and Anne Bedford’s BECKY.  Very well done to all competitors.


UD Stake


Stewards : Tracey Park, Rachel Henderson

Tracklayers : John and Mave Weselby

12 dogs entered, 9 ran

Many thanks to NECWTS for their invitation to judge at Satley.  This is always a friendly trial where people and dogs are concerned, but not always from a weather point of view!  We were very fortunate in having the best of the week’s weather for the day and a half of the UD Stake.  Conditions varied from cold but bright to very cold and overcast, but we missed the snow, rain and hurricane winds reported on the weather chart back at the base.

Thanks must go to the tracklayers and stewards named above, especially John Weselby who was laying his first (of many?) tracks in trials.  Also to Carole Hall – for being Trials Manager and for providing the “Lovehearts”, Julia Findeisen, Jean Morley and Linda Claxton for their organisation and Pat Nelson who kept us fed and watered.

The tracking was on grass and all dogs completed the track.  The searches were also well done; only one dog failed this exercise.

The control round, however, gave cause for concern.  The marks for the heelwork varied from .5 to 4.5 and the retrieve was poor in execution.  The saving grace, and the saviour for most of the qualifiers, was the sendaway which was generally excellent.  Perhaps competitors are concentrating their efforts in training on this to the detriment of other exercises?

Results :

1st           Mary Hardacre with TAG ( TARNDALE TAG) 183/200 Qualified UDEx. A full mark track and well executed square.  Poor heelwork and agility were saved by a good sendaway and retrieve.  Well done.

2nd         Ed Brown with DEE DEE (DIVAS DELIGHT) 178/200 Qualified UDEx.  A near disaster on the track but otherwise a steady overall performance.

3rd          Janet Freeman with CHARLIE (SUNSHINE BLUE BOY) 176/200 Qualified UDEx.  Another near disaster, this time on the sendaway, but Janet managed to keep her never to gain the necessary points.

4th Jo Bradley with JACK (RUFTY TUFTY JACK) 174.5/200 Qualified UDEx.  What a little livewire Jack is!  Super track but only 2 articles from the square and 15 for agility cost a higher place.

Also qualified UDEx

Yvonne Filleul with RUSS (RUSTIC FOX) 169/200

I think this is the first time Yvonne’s ever qualified under me!  Slight hiccups on the track and heelwork but otherwise very good.

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