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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 14 February 2004

Trials Manager's Report -

Mild - sunny - chilly weather.  Thanks to Alcon for base and land.  Farmer Jim Also.  Thank you to judges for your time and company.  It was a brilliant weekend.  Thank you to all my helpers, tracklayers and stewards too.  Also John Watts for his help with the land and base.  Thanks to Joan Bolton - Pat Nelson and Betty Orrin for the Judge's accommodation.  Special thanks to Steve and David Braithwaite for running the base.  Also my grateful thanks to Paul Nelson for all the food you did, you did a marvellous job.  Well done Pat and thank you.



WD Nosework

Judge : Joan Snowden

Tracklayers : Andrea Lynd / Stan Banks

Steward : Julia Findeisen

Many thanks to North East Counties for the invitation to judge the WD nosework.  To the gang in the base the trial couldn't run without you.  May tracklayers and square steward were 1st class.  The weather was very good for the time of the year and I enjoyed the weekend  judging you.  A special thanks to Betty for your hospitality for the two days.

Tracking was on oilseed rape about 3 inches in length.  All the dogs made a good attempt but only two completed the track.

1st           NQ 172.5 Simon Bainbridge with VOMSANDBAR IGOR  GSD.  Murphy did a lovely track.  86 points both articles.  3 articles from the search square 25.5 points, but unfortunately failed the downstay, I'm sure you'll get there Simon. Keep training!

2nd         NQ 151.5 Dave Olley BLACK NEWBOROUGH LAD.  LAB.  Incky really enjoyed his track, his tail didn't stop wagging.  He missed out the last 2 legs gaining 65.5 for the track, finding 1 article, 3 articles recovered from the square 25.5 marks.  Good luck in your future training Dave.

3rd          NQ 129.5.  Pat McGrane LITTLETHORNE CLASSIC  BC.  Classy was tracking nicely when on a corner she backtracked the leg she had just completed, track 42 points, recovering 1 article off the track, 3 articles from the square for 26 points.

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