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Open Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 04 July 2004

Trials Manager's Report

Firstly I would like to thank all the judges and helpers who made my job of Trials Manager a lot easier.  It is these people who make the trial a success.  The weather was not the best with heavy downpours of rain on both days.  The 'Punch Bowl' again came up trumps as the base and 'Eukanuba' kindly sponsored the trial very generously … thank you to both.  The Farmers, as always in Tow Law, supplied us with plenty grassland to track on.  Unfortunately a gate was left open when everyone left a control field and many sheep got through during the night, and were on their way to the adjoining corn field.  This would have been a disaster if the sheep had got into this corn field.  The farmer, in the morning, saw the sheep and moved them back into their field.  Carole and I went to 're-build the bridges' and grovel when the trial had finished and assured him it wouldn't happen again.  PLEASE… Be aware of stock when you leave fields and if you are not sure which gates need closing … ASK!!  Moan over!!   The trial was a great trial with a great bunch of people.  Thank you to all who helped in any way.


Stake : CD

Judge: A. TIMLIN

Steward : Tracey Park

Thanks to N.E.C. for the invitation to judge CD.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a happy, well run trial despite the weather.  Thanks to Julia trials manager, Pat for keeping me well fed, Betty and David at the base and everyone else who helped behind the scenes.  My apologies to Tracey my steward as I forgot to mention her in my speech.  Sorry Tracey, you did a great job, put competitors at the ease, were great company and did the test exactly as I asked.  Thanks to the competitors, a very pleasant bunch, many of whom came and found me after we had finished to thank me.  That was very much appreciated.

We had 9 competitors and the standard overall was good but the stays and jumps took their toll and left us with only 2 qualifiers.  The square articles were a cork, a coffee jar lid and a straw in a cellophane packet.  Squares were done very well with most dogs retrieving all 3.

1st           Sue Pickering and SALLY HOBHILL FREE SPIRIT (BORDER TERRIER).  Small dog, big personality.  Excellent round.  Did a lap of honour after each square article.  Q89.5.

2nd         Susan Cable and WHISP MISTY WHISPERS (CROSSBREED).  Very nervous dog but worked well and kept her nerve when three dogs bolted in the down stay.  Q85.5.

3rd          Fran Atkins and BRECON BRONFYNNON BRECON (WSD).  This dog did a re-direct!  Things would have been so different if you had got your down stay.  Excellent marks otherwise.  84.5N/Q.

4th          Vicky Tester with MAGIC ITS GONE THANKS MAGIC (WSD).  Nice control round.  Full mark jumps.  Only dog to get heavy rain during sit stay and suffered the consequences.  Unfortunate 83.5 NQ.

U.D Stake


Tracklayers: Lol Campbell, Joan Miller (Sat) Bill Richardson, Steve Lancashire (Sun)

Stewards: Ann Forrest

Many thanks to N. E. C. W. T. S. for the invitation to judge the U .D. Stake. All the people involved in the running of this trial are a great bunch of folks to be amongst. A very well organized Trials Manager in Julia Findeisen; Betty Orrin as the base steward; and very well fed and watered by Pat Nelson, Carole Hall was, as ever, present with help as and when needed.

I must thank my tracklayers who gave each competitor the best of chances for their nosework and we had two new tracklayers that did brilliantly. My steward, Ann Forrest did a superb job laying the search squares and stewarding the control round. Thank you Ann very much indeed .1 must also give a special mention to the competitors who on the Sunday, at the end of the control round, came back on the field to dismantle the jumps. I have never known this to happen before - give yourselves a pat on the back!

Tracking was on short grass which presented no problems to the dogs. The weather was a different matter - we had sunshine, strong winds, showers, and heavy downpours. Nosework was excellent but the control proved a stumbling block to some. Out of l6entries (2 scratched) we had 6 qualifying with a Certificate of Merit

1st           A. Porter with CANS TYLER WOOD (Golden Ret.) - 196 Good nosework and a superb control round. Hope Charlie keeps doing the scale for you.

2nd         P.Harding with AUDLYNTON GILBERT (G.S.D.) - 192 Full mark track and search - great to watch well done.

3rd          C.Phillips with TRACKMOOR AVENGER (G.S.D.) - 188.5

4th          J.& S. Margreaves with SHADOWQUEST ATTA BOY (G.S.D.) - 188

Other qualifiers

J.Hudson with DENHOLM CHANCER (B.C.) - 185

K.Woolley with TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (G.W.H.P.) - 184

Thanks to everyone for making my first judging appointment such a memorable one.




Tracklayers -. Andrea Lynd (Sat & Sun) Joyce Hudson (Sat) Ian Forrest (Sun)

Criminals Andrea Lynd, Steve Lancashire, Dave Todd And Ian Forrest

Stewards Moira Rogerson

My special thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge the P.D. at one of my favorite trials. Trials Manager Julia Findeisen is a gem who leaves nothing to chance and still has boundless energy to enjoy the trial , to Pat Nelson who kept us fed and watered many thanks too , and to Betty Orrin who did an excellent job back at the base. The Punch Bowl pub at Satley is a fantastic base and Jane in the restaurant is good company and looks after us well. My tracklayers were brilliant; out in all weathers -at times horrendous rainstorms and strong winds. Thank you very much indeed for the time you give up for others. My steward for search squares and the manwork was Moira Rogerson who worked really hard and managed to find a dog or two to do the run through. Thanks Moira - I'm sure the competitors appreciated your efforts. Of course our criminals need a very special mention - they were fantastic. I am so grateful to you all - Steve who helped me set the round up on Friday is so professional ; Ian who could argue the hind leg of a donkey (or a G.S.D. for that matter) Dave who is the best druggie on the field and last but by no means least Andrea my hide criminal who drove all the way from Bristol to be with us.

The nose work on the first day was hampered by terrible weather and unfortunately no one completed the track but used the manwork round to its full advantage. On Sunday the weather was much kinder in the morning and we had success but we did have really bad weather for the manwork, - still this did not deter the dogs.

The manwork round started with our druggie sitting in the park and the handler being asked to bring him in.. There was an argument but eventually he was escorted back with an attack on handler on the way. Meanwhile two criminals were arguing over the ownership of the chair and when challenged they both ran for the chase - once the dog was sent one criminal stopped. I am pleased to say that only one dog hesitated. Then we had the recall, and the quarter. I wanted the dogs to show me that they could actually go out and look for the criminal and did not need a series of re-directs, so we did not have a field full of hides. Our hide criminal was in a lean-to at the fence covered with some camouflage. Last but by no means least came the test of courage - three criminals with a dustbin lid; a rattle; and a water

pistol. The manwork was on the whole well done - each of the handlers, I am sure, now know their strengths and weaknesses , and will in time overcome any problems.

We had 10 entries but unfortunately 2 scratched - we had 4 worthy qualifiers obtaining a Certificate of Merit.

1st           G. Brumpton working JUST WILLIAM (W.S.D.)305.5 a well controlled and enthusiastic dog -congratulations

2nd         J. Gray working HARTWESEN BROUGH Superior (Rott) 287 parts of manwork insecure but excellent nosework.

3rd          H. Kelly working GLENFOOT SHOOTING STAR (G.S.O.) 278 one command for a brilliant quarter - it was just what I wanted to see.

4th          .J. Phillips working JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY ( G.S.I).) 274 a young dog who shows lots of promise.

My thanks again to all.- I thoroughly enjoyed all the work but the manwork made me quite nostalgic.

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