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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 15 February 2015

Trials Manager’s Report

After our Ashington trial 2014 the farmland which we have used for over 20 years (the trial was first taken here from Ugthorpe by John Watts) was sold off by Alcan, but after a chat to the new Farm Manager he said there shouldn’t be a problem still using the land; that was until I went back in October to see him and he said, “No, sorry don’t want you on the crop anymore!” (I did at this point want to nut him!!)  So after a rescue mission from Jacquie Hall to her farmers up in Alnwick we decided the trial would be switched up there in order to save it. 

Thanks therefore must go to Jacquie for all the work she also put into the trial beforehand, sorting accommodation, sorting a new base, judges, stewards etc.  Great job J.  To Jacquie’s farmer friends who came to our rescue and allowed us the use of their grassland, the wonderful base (The Blink Bonny) who catered for us all weekend as well as letting us traipse thru their pub all weekend.  The four judges, Dave and Jenny Olley, Karen Bexon and of course Jacquie herself judging the TD nosework, all great to work with and so easy going.  Set fab tests for all the competitors.  Also many thanks to everyone who helped at the trial; I will let the judges thank their stewards and tracklayers themselves.  A big thanks to Ann Bedford in the base who just runs such a smooth ship J

This was my last year as Trials Manager of Ashington Trial as we won’t be allowed back at Ashington to run this trial. So we have decided rather than lose another trial we will move it up to Alnwick where there is plenty of land for us during that time of year.  So I hand the reins over to Jacquie and her team.

Happy future trialling, everyone.


Stakes: CD and UD, WD, TD Control and Agility

Tracey Park


Stewards: Fri and Sat, Shirley Windsor; Sun, Dave Olley.

I had a brilliant 3 days at the trial; thank you to NECWTS for the appointment, to Tracey Park and her team, and Jacquie Hall and her team and farmers.  Thanks also to Tracey for all the work she has put into Ashington trial as trials manager over the years and good luck to Jacquie for future years. 

My stewards were great, helpful and clear for all the competitors - thanks to Shirley and Dave.  A super bunch of competitors, with a high standard of C/A, very impressive.

CD Stake:

With an entry of three we only had one team work on the day, and she was a very worthy winner.

1st   Angela Mosslin and COCAINE Z KOVARNY, 87.5, NQ.  This team have come so far and are working well together.  Just missed out on the jumps today, but put in a super performance - well done, Angela and Caine.

UD Stake:

1st   Jenny Beaton and FORGUECROFT DARK KNIGHT, 192, Q

2nd   Mick Fryatt and ASH ASSASSINO, 191, Q, and best nosework

3rd   Denise Curran and MADSWAY ARAMIS, 188.5, Q

4th   Caroline Middleton and RAYCRIS QUITE AMAZING, 185, Q

WD Stake:

1st   Tracey Eaton and CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, 195, Q

2nd   Lol Campbell and CONISTAN DANNY BOY, 194, Q, and best nosework.

3rd   Caroline Wright and DREAGANTA DASH O'DEVILMENT, 192.5, Q

4th   Caroline Martin and GWYNION SOLL, 187, Q

TD Stake:

1st   Ann Bedford and VYTENSA BORDER RIEVER, GSD, 203, Q, and best nosework.

 2nd   Colin Ball and GARRETHALL REBUS, Lab, 193.5, Q

 3rd   Joyce Watson and COLINTON CEIL, X-B, 176.5, Q

 4th   Emily Arch and JASPER THE COWPE CRUSADER, 173, NQ


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Julz Findeisen

Search stewards: Vicky Hunter and Alison Pollard

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge; as always it was a well-run trial, with the usual warm welcome and friendly atmosphere.  Thank you to all the people that made this a very successful trial, especially the WD team, Julz, Andrea, Vicky and Alison.  Finally thank you to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.

1st           Tracey Eaton and CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, GR, 195, Q.  A lovely dog with a very nice attitude, well handled - congratulations on your win.

2nd         Lol Campbell and CONISTAN DANNY BOY, WSD, 194, Q.  A good performance from this team gave this experienced handler with a young dog the best nosework trophy.

3rd          Caroline Wright and DREAGANTA DASH O'DEVILMENT, BC, 192.5, Q.  Positive and patient handling helped this team gain a good qualification.

4th          Caroline Martin and GWYNION SOLL, WSD, 187, Q. Another good performance with a little dog determined to show Caroline the way forward.


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayer: Andrea Lynd

Search Steward: Averil

The weather was AWFUL – wind, rain.  The poor dogs all struggled; they all tried, but sadly the weather was just too bad.  A big thank you to Andrea, who laid 5 tracks and gave all the dogs the best chance she could.  Cheers, Andrea!  And thanks to Averil, who was fab company.

8 entries, 4 ran.

1st           Judith Stamp, LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE, X-Breed, NQ.  She tried hard, but the wind was just too much for her.

2nd         Joyce Watson, COLINTON CEIL, X-Breed, NQ.  The rain just washed the track away.

3rd          Ann Bedford, VYTENSA BORDER REIVER, GSD, NQ.  The wind and rain were just too much.

4th          Jennt Wood, FORGECROFT TOP GUN, GSD, NQ.  Tried hard, but the wind again was too much.

Big thanks to Northumberland Dog Training Club for all their help.  We can set a trial up – good land, good base, but sadly we can’t control the weather.

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