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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 03 October 2004


Stake:  T.D.


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, Andrea Lynd, Penny Pritchard, Stue Mcqueen, Lol Campbell and Pete Hodgkins

Stewards: Search & Control:  Pete Morley.

56 entries, 52 competed 

My apologies to all concerned at North East, my paper work is always late but I really did think I had sent this in!!

I had a wonderful time at Satley, great company, brilliant food and judging good dogs, what more could one want.

Thank you to North East for the invitation, to all my tracklayers, especially to Sue who, despite her fears over what my pattern might be, laid all the early morning tracks and drew the short straw as regards the weather, to Pete Morley for a six day marathon, all squares were laid as I wanted and of 208 articles placed over the five days of nosework Pete recovered the 57 that the dogs left, he then stewarded for me all day Sunday.

Thanks also to Pat Nelson for the food boxes in the fields, they were very much appreciated, and to her and Dennis for loaning their caravan to a complete novice and sorting out the problems I got myself into, I just hope I did not do too much damage.

Lastly and by no means least thanks to Carol Hall as Trials Manager, everything was well thought out and went without a hitch.

The first two teams to compete really set the standard with Tracy Parks getting 3 & 4 for 150 and then Stan Banks on 161.5 staying out in front all week, several teams pushed hard on the track mark but article recovery was not so good until Friday when Dave Marchant came to within one point.

We went in to the control day with the top ten dogs  from 146 upwards and five of them above 150.

1st           And C.C. Dave Marchant with WAGGERLAND  MISTER JAKE.  T.D. ex. P.D. ex.  209.  1st Ticket for this team, polish up the heelwork Dave.

2nd         And  Res C.C.  Stan Banks with TAG VENTURE. T.D. ex  P.D. ex   207. lost out on the speak and sendaway.

3rd          Linda Newbold and LITTLE BRADLEY  C.D.ex. T.D.ex. 202. third place after nosework and hung on to it.

4th  J Hebdon and JAYBIRD FLEET OF FOOT. 198.5. Pulled up from sixth place with a good control round and best sendaway mark.

Also Qualifying.

Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON TERN.                192

Helen Kelly,    GLENFOOT SHOOTING STAR.      190 

Lorna Cottier, W.T.CH MELNOLA JAZZLAND.  188

Julie Atkins,   W.T.CH GLENALPINE MATT      186.5

Maeve Weselby, STYPERSONM MILLIE           184

Barry Gilbert, LAETARE DAY JAVU                 179.5.

The weather was cold, a bitter wind, some rain and some snow flurries, but in the main it stayed dry.

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