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Championship Trial
Venue: Sedgefield
Trial Held: 05 September 2004

Trials Manager's Report

The Sedgefield trial was one of the best trials NECWTS has held.

We could not have asked for more, CONFIDENT, HELPFUL, PLEASANT, JUDGES.

The helpers, well the trial showed how they all did their jobs to the letter.  We had the weather to go with everything else.  This trial was just magic.  Not forgetting the farmers, the weather before the trial was rain, rain and more rain.  I was holding my breath, when competitors were asking what they were tracking on, we had no land three weeks before the trial.  Thank God the weather changed.

I on behalf of NECWTS would like to thank EVERYONE for all their (voluntary) help that made this trial so magic.

Thank you so much.



Stake : CD


Steward : Pete Morley

Thank you to NECWTS for inviting me to judge the CD stake.  Thank you also to Carol and Alan Hall for putting me up, and looking after me so well. 

Thank you to my steward, Pete for looking after me for two days, his company was great. 

The weather was great both days, there were 26 entries of which 20 worked, and we had 6 qualifiers.


1st           Patricia Harking with BADGER (GSD). 98 Well done.  A nice round.  Good luck in the future.

2nd         Suzanne Plumb with BANDIT (WSD) 95.5.  Well done.  Just your jumps.  Good luck in the future.

3rd          Fran Atkins with BRACON (WSD).  95.  Well done.

4th          Rita Shield with SHAY (WSD) 95.  Well done.

Also qualifying CDex

Dave Todd with GINNY (GSD) 93.

Joyce Hudson with HARRIS (BC) 86.

Thank you to all competitors and to those who did not make it this time will in the near future.


Stake : UD


I would like to thank NECWTS for the invitation to judge their UD stake.  A big thank you must go to Carole Hall for not only managing the trial but accommodating everyone and making them feel at home.  To my helpers Tracklayers Alan Bolton, Bill Norman, Sue Ashby and Lorna Cottier, to my square stewards Pat Nelson and Moira Rogerson, Control Stewards Andrea Lyn and Moira Rogerson, without your help there would be no trials so thank you all for giving up your time.

Tracking was on stubble.  All the dogs entered ran and we saw some very good tracks and searches.  Please do not forget the control round because no matter how well you do in the nosework section you still have to qualify in all sections.  Well done to all those who qualified and good luck in WD.  To those who didn't quite do it, keep trying.


1st           M. Robinson with TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY CDex (BC).

Lace did a lovely track and square on a difficult piece of land and then went on to produce a faultless control round.  Margaret didn't do badly either.  Very well handled as you would expect.  197Q.

2nd         D. Wait with DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN CDex (WSD).

Merlin found the track quite difficult to start with but after the first leg he sailed round and also did a nice square.  A very tidy control round gave this pair a well deserved place.  193.5Q.

3rd          M. Padgett with JESS THE SUPERBLADE (WSD).

A very good track and square gave this pair the Abelard trophy for the Best Nose Work.  Control needs tidying up a little but very well done. 189.5Q.

4th          Mrs. J. Douglas with SHADOWQUEST AREBA CDex (GSD).

A dog with a super attitude to work.  The only dog to qualify on the first day.  Well done.  162.5Q.

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