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Championship Trial
Venue: Tow Law
Trial Held: 24 October 2004

Trials Manager's Report

Tow Law weather did not let us down, it was cr--- from Tuesday to Saturday, with a dry day on Sunday, for the control in TD and for Veteran.

Once again our farmers came up trumps, letting us have all the grass fields they could.  This meant we held all the stakes on grass, apart from CD nosework which was on stubble.

On behalf of NECWTS I would like to thank the judges.  TD Jean Morley.  Well Jean you did a great job. (A bit different from TD tracklaying).  Thank you so much.

WD was Joyce Hudson.  Apart from being kept awake with someone snoring in the caravan, you coped with everything really well.  The fields for WD were spread out, but you didn't get lose once.  Thanks Joyce.

Norma Ansel.  The UD judge, she came on Thursday night.  The caravan that was planned for her to sleep in had problems with the fire, so friends of NECWTS Iain and Ann Forrest gave up their caravan so Norma could sleep in theirs.  Thank you once again.

Norma was great, I'm sure she enjoyed herself.  Thank you.

The CD judge Harry Arbuckle, well what can one say about a gentleman like Harry but,

THANK YOU for CD and Veteran.

It was nice to see Maggie Smith at the bas after a break away for a while.  The helpers we had at Tow Law do deserve a medal, thank you so much.

The Punch Bowl is one of the nicest venues you could ask for.  Opening up at eight on a morning, they even let us use the Urn to fill flasks, competitors can make themselves a drink.  Jane and Brian do not charge us for the use of the conservatory.  It was such a shame I had to ask some people not to eat their own food in the Foyer.  Please try not to lose your base.



CD and Veteran Stake


Stewards: Ann Forrest and Brian Glasgow

This event was very well run by the NECWTS committee, lead by the vibrant Carole Hall.  I enjoyed being a part of this team.

The weather played its part in restricting qualifications, but we still finished with a healthy crop.  The standard of work in the stake was very high with every competitor producing a performance of quality. There are areas of course that need improving in some of the dogs, mostly stays and agility - not a new phenomenon.

CD Stake

1st           Dave Marchant with WAGGERLAND MURPHY (WSD), 92mks, qual CDex.  This team oozed quality in every section of work.  Dog not fond on sitting on wet ground.

2nd         Sheila Shearer with DREAGANTA DEODUBH (BC). 92 mks qual CDex.  A professional round of work, very much a team performance.

3rd          Gary Tait with INSPECTOR MORSE (GSD) 91 mks. qual CDex.  Coped well with difficult ground conditions in agility section.

4th          Susan Cable with MISTY WHISPERS (X BREED). 91 mks . qual CDex.

Also qualifying CDex

Jennifer Spangler with JD'S COOL HAND LUKE (WSD).  All the way from California for this!


Paula Jenkinson with QUARRYHOUSE SILAS (X BREED)

There were a crop of misfortunes, especially Diane Collie, Jill Carruthers and Rita Evans all failing the last exercise (down stays), snatching away what would have been excellent qualifications.  There were also many triumphs and every competitor should be able to take away happy memories from their work.


Veteran Stake

Tracklayers : Brian Glasgow (retired hurt), Lol Campbell and Rudi Fruzynski

Steward : Ann Forrest

Delighted to be invited by the society to judge this stake, my first effort and a very enjoyable experience.  I cannot overstate how good it was to see these older dogs still tracking and searching with attitude.

Competitors, stewards, tracklayers and judge approached the competition with enjoyment a high priority, and that was exactly how it turned out.  A couple of tracklayers went down with injury and illness but otherwise things ran smoothly.

1st           Moira Rogerson with WT CH XANDOAS BORN FREE 193/200.  Just a delight to watch handler and dog of top quality.

2nd         John Wykes with TIP OF TARNFORCE 177/200.  Full mark track and a handler so cool that he enjoyed a refreshing drunk on the way round the track.

3rd          Rosie Jones with BURNAWAY WAGTAIL 168/200.  A steady working dog, very methodical.

There were no losers in this stake.


UD Stake


Tracklayers : Joan Miller (2 days), Stevie Braithwaite, Geoff Hargreaves

Stewards : Square and Control Kathy McGuckin

Thanks to NEC for the invite and well done to the hard working committed especially Julie Findeisen and Carole Hall.  Thanks also to my tracklayers.  It was cold, windy and wet out there but no complaints, all tracks laid beautifully in the excellent tracking land, lush grass! Thanks also to Kathy who did all my squares in the morning and then turned out again to do control in the afternoon.

Tow law UD track small

Most dogs tracked really well.  One or two were caught out by the angle bad near the end and article recovery was good.  Squares not so good with 4 teams getting 4 out but no one failed the square.  Control in general was excellent with 8 teams getting 8 or above.  Jumps also good and even the stays only claimed a couple of victims, sadly both would have qualified.

One of these was Le Newman with Bay River Antics (GSD) CDex who did a beautiful track andsearch and was awarded the cup for the best nosework.  Finished on 185 not qualifying.  Very hard luck but lovely to watch.  Sort out the stay Le!!

1st           Mr. D. Olley with SMILEY BOY (CROSS) DOG.  This dog is a cross Lab / Rodesian Ridgeback with a style all of his own.  Doesn't do a lot wrong.  Very well handled.  Good luck in the higher stakes.  184 UDex.

2nd         Miss J. Carruthers with JASUETER RED GARNET (GSD).  Well Jill you'll have some fun with this one.  She has a mind of her own.  Lovely track once she settled in to it but mouthing (?) in the square costly.  Skin of the teeth job in the stays. 174.5 UDex.

3rd          Mrs. S. Hargreaves with SHADOWQUEST ATTA BOY (GSD).  Lovely attitude from this handsome shepherd but only 2 out the square last one just in time!  Handler delighted with his control round.  Well done.  169.5 UDex.

4th          Mr. I. Forrest with ARGONNW ALI (GSD).  Another shepherd with attitude and (??) some!  Handler needs to find a way to overcome the dog's obsession with his articles.  Thanks for the caravan!  167 UDex.

Best novice in UD A Seddon with SONGLADE ROSIE POSIE. Just lost the last leg of the track but the rest was good enough.  Well done 163 UDex.

Best nosework Le Newman with BAYRIVER ANTICS (GSD).


WD Stake


Tracklayers : Andrea Lynd, Moira Rogerson, Tracy Park, Dave Todd, Dave Marchant

Steward : Pat Hodkins

We had good grass fields and some lousy weather.  High winds and heavy rain.  However there was some really nice nosework.  My tracklayers were brilliant, always trying to make sure the competitors had the best chance.  Thank you all for your time and effort.  The hospitality provided by Jane and the crown at the Punch Bowl is amazing, thanks must go to them and also to the farmers for all their help and assistance.  Pat Hodgkins stewarded for all 4 days.  Great steward and good company too.  Thanks Pat.  NECWTS have a tremendous committee at present.  They all pull together and everything seems to go so smoothly, well done.

There was a good entry (35) in WD and I watched some great nosework and some good C/A too.  The sendaway was to the fence.  As the first day was a pea souper, I tied a strip of carrier bag around the post.  Some dogs veered well away but most coped reasonably ok.

1st           Margaret Robinson with LACE. Qex. Tremendous nosework and good control.  197.5.

2nd         John Currie with DREAGANTA SAMH. Qex.  Good all round, nice to watch. 194.5.

3rd          Joan Snowden with TAG. Qex. Superb nosework dropping 1 point.  Brilliant work. 192.5.

4th          Damian Chadwick with ROSS.  Qex.  Well handled, lovely square and track.  188.5.

Joan Snowden and TAG also had Best Nosework.

Also qualifying WDex were :-

Betty Calderwood with ISLA 167.5

Mick Cammidge with GILL. 168.5

Ann Sent with ELLA. WD only 159

Mary Hardacre with TAG 174.5

Nigel Hines with KES 174

Kath McGuckin with AVVEY 178

Mrs. P. McGrane with CLASSY 166.5

Malc Snowden with JAY 177.5

C. Stubbings with ZANDER 179.5

Mrs. S. Yates with BYR 178


TD Stake


Tracklayers : Pete Hodgkins, Harry Arbuckle, Ian Forrest, Lol Campbell

Steward: Peter Morley

My thanks to North East Counties for the invitation to judge.  To Carol Hall trials manager, for all the organisation and to Julia Fineisen who was also there with back up and help and advice, my very special thanks to you both.  We were well fed and watered by Dennis and Pet Nelson during the day and at The Punch Bowl in the evening.  My tracklayers did a superb job in all weathers and for Pete laying the earlies all week and making sure that I did not have to walk up 'Angina Hill' too many times - my sincere thanks to you all.  To my husband Peter who worked so hard making sure each and every dog has the same chance out in the field and the handler is put at ease on the control field.  Tracking was on grass of varying length and 'cleanliness'.  To those who complained about the state of their field - we did have success in that particular field.  My track pattern had 25 legs and was designed to allow the handlers to trust their dog from the beginning and to give them a lovely long leg early on - it is surprising how many dogs feel the need to cast many times on a long leg. 

Tow law TD track small

My articles were 1) a piece of green pan scrub, 2) black belting and 3) a piece of carpeting.  The search articles were 1) red tape 2) red plastic canvas 3) green rubber canvas and 4) a six inch nail (with the point ground off) and just gently pushed half an inch into the ground.

The weather on control day was kind to us, lovely warm sunshine by mid morning - we needed it as we had 29 competitors qualifying on the nosework.  We started with a speak with the handlers back to their dog, then onto the sendaway - approximately 80 yards in line with a large tree, then for the re-direct across the field to a gate at the end of a wall.  Jumps and heelwork finished the C/A.

1st and gaining the Kennel Club Working Trial Certificate was Doug Shearer working NORSHEP DIGGER (GSD) 213.  Well done.

2nd and gaining the Kennel Club Reserve Working Trial Certificate was Ann Fowler with WT CH WAGGERLAND FLOSS (WSD) 211.5 (so close).

3rd          Sheila Tanner with W.T. STYPERSON TERN (LAB) 209

4th          Suzanne Plumb with W.T. CH. MELNOLA SWINGTIME (CROSS) 208.  May he have a long and happy retirement.

Also qualifying


Lorna Cottier with W.T. CH MELNOLA JAZZLAND 202

John Watts with W.T. CH. STARLIGHT BLUE 202.5

Sheila Tannert with W.T. CH. STYPERSON BRIAR 200.5

Mave Wesselby with STYPERSON TAY 197.5


Jean Cooke with DUNNSLAYNE MAC 196

Linda Newbold with LITTLE BRADLEY 195.5

Mave Wesselby with STYPERSON MILLIE 190.5

Rita Evans with CARFIELD GYPSY 182

Lindsey Errington with WOODHEADS BLACK ANGUS 179

Glynis Page with GETAWAY BACK TESS 176.5

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me - I did enjoy judging you and good luck in the future.

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