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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 20 February 2005

CD Stake


Steward - Betty Orrin

A special thank you to NECWTS for asking me to judge the CD Stake held at Ashington, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Also a very special thank you to my Steward Betty Orrin who very kindly kept me right and as always was extremely good company. The dogs and handlers were a pleasure to judge.

1st           Vicki Jenkins and PRAGNELL DAISY (Daisy) X Breed B - you make a wonderful team, it was a thoroughly deserved win. Well done. CD CoM.

2nd         Carole Hall handling ALICE WITTY'S ANPO GABY (GSD B) NQ.

3rd          Mrs. J. Rae and NIXTEV GLENSADAM (GSD D) NQ.

4th          Mrs. T. Whorwood and RUSKIN SEA SHEPHERD (GSD D) NQ.

Although I only had one qualifier, I was impressed with all the dogs and I am sure that it will not be long before they reward their handlers with a qualification.


UD Nosework


Steward: Kathy McGuckin

Tracklayers: Julia Findeisen and Dennis Nelson

Thank you to NECWTS for the invitation to judge the UD Stake, to Lol Campbell and his band of merry helpers (I don't know how you keep all those dominant females in check Lol?)  To Pat Nelson for the food and hot drinks, to Margaret Smith at the base (just like old times Margaret, you ran the base on the very first trial here).  All in all, a great team effort, well done.

The tracks were all on a good growth of winter corn, the weather played its usual tricks at this time of year as we had sunshine, rain, snow, sleet and wind all mixed in over the two days.

My Track Layers, Julia and Dennis, were spot on and good company, thank you, and to Kath who looked after all of the squares (keeping the articles nice and warm in her gloves) thank you also.  We had some tremendous nose work in some pretty terrible conditions but only two dogs failed the track, so well done to you all. There were a lot of young dogs, some in their first crack at UD, and they did their handlers proud. Must mention Doug Shearer and his BC Donn, who won Best Track - Excellent (143).

1st           Debbie Mead & HEATHERMARK VIXEN (GSP) 179.5 COM Well done Debbie, well deserved qualification in windy conditions. Flick did you proud.

2nd         Susan Cable & MISTY WHISPERS (X Breed) 167.5 COM Nice steady track, pity about the first article, but you stuck to your guns and safely got round to the end article. Well done, a good team effort.

3rd          Penny Pritchard & GRACORN HOME BREWED (GSD) 175 NQ. Impressed with Teivi in the blizzard Penny, you must be over the moon with that performance, well done.

4th.         Hilary Hirst & TRIJEM ALL AMERCIA (Aus.Sh) 171 NQ. Very polished nosework. I liked Quincy's attitude Hilary. Should go far, good luck.


WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Tracy Park, Stevie Braithwaite & Rob Dobson

Steward: Val Cummins

I would like to thank NECWTS for the invitation to judge this WD stake. The trial was well run by Lol Campbell and his helpers at the base. Lol left nothing to chance and the trial ran very smoothly. Val my excellent steward and I were very well looked after by Pat Nelson- slaving in the kitchen!

My three tracklayers were very experienced and are highly recommended to anyone!

The weather was the only hiccup and varied between bouts of high winds, snow blizzards and sunshine.

The competitors all had a good stab at the test and all were very capable of doing a WD track - those that did not complete the track were only beaten by the conditions.

Highlights of the nosework were:-

Outstanding square: J. Douglas with her GSD SHADOWQUEST AREBA

Best nosework: - F. Atkin with BC BRECON - a very nice track + 4 from the square

Best gundog: - J. Hall with GR MERCURY SKYLARK - winning the Judith Simpson Memorial Trophy

1st           Q. Mr Barry James with BC TYTRI KAY. Barry and his collie worked a steady accurate track and collected three from the square. Well done Barry!

2nd         Q. Mrs S Margreaves with GSD D SHADOWQUEST ATTA BOY. Good track with two from the square.

3rd          NQ. Mrs F Atkin with BRECON an accurate track + 4 from the square.

4th          NQ. Ms J Hall with GR MERCURY SKYLARK - qualified the nosework.

A very enjoyable weekend.


TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Dave Todd Andrea Lynd, Pete Hodgkins, Penny Pritchard

Steward: Pat Parkinson

My thanks to everyone who assisted at this trial, especially Lol Campbell as trials manager, John Watts for arranging the land and Pat and Dennis Nelson for the catering.

We had first class helpers, your good company and consideration for the competitors was much appreciated. Thank you for spending your spare time standing out in the cold and wet!

The ground, short grass, was very wet on Friday, by Saturday it had dried out a little and then on Sunday was covered in snow. There was always a strong bitter wind and the teams did very well to cope with the conditions. Some were more ready than others and a confident dog was needed to get round. Saying that, not even Rin Tin Tin would have got far on the first four tracks on Sunday, they were well covered in snow.

33 entered, 25 worked, 9 qualified the nosework. All dogs qualified the square and gun.

1st           Ray Lea & TONAYIA RUNNING WILD (WSD) B. worked Saturday and despite the high winds, was confident, precise and a real pleasure to watch. Well done, best of luck in ticket. (98/100 30/30 34/35 5/5gun) 206.5/220 CoM also winner of best nosework trophy.

2nd         Dave Waite & DUNSLAYNNE BLUE OMEN (WSD) D. worked Saturday, a good steady confident round by a young dog. Merlin missed the second article but Dave had good vision. (94, 25 34, 5) 205 CoM

3rd          Carole Hall & JESS OF SELDOM SEEN (WSD) B. worked Friday, despite the wet ground, a nice methodical track and all articles well indicated. (94, 30, 33, 5) 204 CoM Also winner of best NECWTS member trophy.

4th          John Currie & DREAGANTA SAMH (BC) D. worked Saturday, fast keen young dog, worked his way round the track though missed the first article, as did quite a few dogs. Good Square, once Samh decided to bring the articles out! (92, 20, 31.5, 5) 196 CoM

Also qualifying CoM

Colin Harrison & SHINEHILL NINA BC (91, 20, 33, 5) 193

Dave Craven & STILLMORE STORM ON STRIDING EDGE BC (94.5, 25, 26, 5) 189.5

Alistair Fruzynski & XANDOAS SPLASH WSD (despite the snow storm, 94, 20, 23, 5) 189. Also best junior handler

Julia Findeisen & GEFNI YELLOW MELLOW FOR GARCON GSD (89, 20, 25, 5) 179.5


Control and Agility


Steward - Heather Patrick

I would like to thank North East Counties for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility. Thank you to Lol and all of his helpers for the organization. To Heather, for making an excellent job of stewarding. Thank you to Pat for keeping us well fed at the Trial and to Betty Orrin for her hospitality, we had an enjoyable few days.

Sunday's weather conditions made qualifying very difficult on that day. Well done to all qualifiers and better luck next time to those who failed.

TD Stake

1st           and Best Nosework. Mr. R. Leas, WSD Bitch. TONAYIA RUNNING WILD CDEx, UDEx, WDEx. 206.5 points. I know Rae was delighted with his sendaway, after having a big problem with it, and five of the points lost were for the long jump. Get that sorted and there will be no stopping you. Well done.

2nd         Mr. D. Waites, WSD Dog. DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN CDEx, UDEx. 205 points.

A very nice control round, only losing 3 points. Well done.

3rd          Mrs. C. Hall, WSD Bitch. JESS OF SELDOMSEEN, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx. 203 points. Jess is improving steadily. Her confidence is growing all the time. Well done, and winning Trophy for Highest Percentage by a Member.

4th          Mr. J. Currie, BC Dog. DREAGANTA SAMH, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx. 196.5 points.

Only losing 2.5 points on control. Well done.

Also qualifying.

Mr. C. Harrison's BC Bitch, SHINEHILL NINA. 193 points.

Mr. Cravem's BC Dog, STILLMORE STORM ON STRIDING EDGE. 189 points.

Mr. R. Fruzynski's WSD Dog, XANDOAS SPLASH, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx. 189 points. Handled very well by Alistair - worked on Sunday - also received a trophy for the best young handler. Well done.

Mrs. J. Findeisen's GSD Bitch, GENI YELLOW MELLOW FOR GRACORN, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx. 179.5 points.

WD Stake

1st           Mr. B. James, BC Bitch. TYTRI KAY, CDEx, UDEx. 166 points. A gentle dog quietly handled by Barry. Well done.

2nd         Mrs. S. Margreaves, GSD Dog. SHADOWQUEST ATTA BOY, CDEx, UDEx. 164 points. Control on the sendaway the main problem. Other than that a very nice round. Well done.

3rd          NQ Mrs. F. Atkins, WSD Dog. BRONFYNNON BRECON, CDEx. Get your down stay sorted and you have got a winner. Won the trophy for the best nosework.

4th          NQ Miss J. Hall, Gold.Ret. Bitch. MERCURY SKYLARK. Refusal of the scale jump cost her the qualification. Hard Lines. Got trophy for Best Gundog.

UD Stake

1st           Mrs. D. Meades, GSP Bitch. HEATHERMARK VIXEN. 179.5 points.

Only losing 1.5 points on control and 1 point on the agility. Beautiful control with enthusiasm. Very well done.

2nd         Susan Cables, X Breed Bitch. MISTY WHISPERS, CDEx. 167.5 points. Heelwork could have been better but all in all a qualifying performance.  Well done.

3rd          NQ Mrs. P. Pritchard, GSD Dog. GRACORN HOME BREWED. A lovely young dog just missing out by 1 point on the agility.

4th          NQ Mr. D. Shearer, BC Dog. DREAGANTA DEODUBH. He didn't mind tracking in bad conditions, but wasn't too keen on control. Hard lines. Got the Trophy for the best nosework.

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