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Open Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 10 July 2005


Well, we had glorious weather for the three days of the trial.  Perhaps too hot for the dogs, but great for the spectators!

The Punch Bowl again was great, as the base and Jane her staff do a great job of making us fell very welcome.  Colin Harrison came up trumps by letting us all keep our caravans in his shed and using his land to exercise our dogs.  All the farmers in the Satley area provided me with more than enough land to use, eve when a hot air balloon landed on one of our PD FIELDS!

Thank you to everyone who came to judge and help at the trial, in whatever capacity, you were all great.  Everything, which needed to be done, was done, which made my job of Trials Manager so easy.

Well done to all the qualifiers and good luck in your future trials.



Stake: CD


Steward: David Matear

Thanks to N.E.C.W.T.S. for the inviting me to judge.  It was a great weekend, great weather and great company.  Thanks to Julia Findeisen, a first class Trials Manager - everything I needed was provided before I even knew I needed it!  I must also thank my steward, my husband Davie, who gave up part of his summer holiday to take up his first stewarding post - he did an excellent job.

Thanks to all the competitors who worked in extremely hot conditions and accepted my decisions without complaint.  Some dogs worked very well, others just weren't quite ready on the day and as usual in CD it was the jumps and stays which took their toll.

1st           Linda Cooper & JOSS COQUET BORDERER (BC)

A lovely partnership with great potential and will do well in the future. A full mark square followed by an excellent control round ensured the qualification and first place.  95.5 Q. COM

2nd         Vicky Jenkins & PRAGNELL DAISY (X Breed)

Another good partnership just pipped at the post by Linda's square. 95.5 Q. COM

3rd          Sue Pickerin & CH HABHILL SMART ENOUGH (B. Terrier)

A nice round by a great little dog.  Shows the oldies can still do it.. 86 Q. COM

4th          Carol Ashworth & TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY (F.C.R.)

Carol's quiet manner keeps Holly's mind on the job, no easy task with a Flat-Coat. 83.5 Q. COM


Stake : WD


Steward : Walter Evans

Tracklayers : Lorraine, Sheila and Lol

Thank you to the Society for inviting me to judge this stake.  As usual with this team everything ran smoothly and efficiently.  Every consideration was given to the competitors and judges alike.  The team, Julie, Carole, Pat and Dennis, Betty, Penny who all contributed : base, food etc. thank you.

satley wd track rita evans small

To my tracklayers Lorraine and Sheila on Saturday and Lorraine with Lol on Sunday who gave everyone a fair chance.  Thank you.

Tracking was on short grass, very dry underneath.  Weather hot.

14 entries - 11 ran.

1st           Susan Cable with MISTY WHISPERS (XB) 186.5.  Grew in confidence as she progressed round the track.  Keen dog on the control field.  Congratulations.

2nd         Mr. J. Sewell with DRESBURY ESTELL (GSD) 175.  Sensitive bitch on track.  Handled so considerately by Jim.  Well done.

3rd          Miss K. Woolley with TYNSILTIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP) 165.5.  Good luck in the future.

4th          Mrs. Joyce Hudson with DENHOLM CHANCER (BC).  Everything going great until the scale.  Hard luck.

Finally, to all qualifiers, well done and good luck to everyone in the future.


Stake : PD


Steward : Anne Forrest

Tracklayers : Ian Forrest, Bill Richardson, Lol Campbell

Criminals : Ian Forrest, Bill Richardson, Steve Lancashire

I would like to thank the NECWTS for this judging appointment.  Thank you to all my tracklayers and criminals (Ian, Bill, Steve and Lol) you did a great job lads.  Anne Forrest was my steward for both days (great).

Tracking was on lovely lush grass fields.  All dogs tracked extremely well (4 dogs 100%). Control was performed to a super high standard.  A. Timlin was only competitor not qualifying going into the manwork.  Her dog was sick in the stays.  Very bad luck.  Patrol was designed that competitors could complete the round without the steward's help.  This did not work well as all competitors still looked to the steward for their instructions.  I allotted most points to the straight forward parts of the test and only few points to the more difficulties exercises.  This gave young dogs the experience but still gave a good chance of qualifying.

1st           J. Poole with LATCHETS BOSS (GSD)(D).  Super young dog, good experienced handler.  You have to do well with that combination.  Well done Jeff.

2nd         L. Payne with SWEET ASSASSIN (WSD)(D).   A very controlled round.  Lots of thought go into this dog's training.  Well done, "experience".

3rd          J. Poole with MANPOL ROBYN (GSD)(B).  Lovely round.  What can you say "two out of two" I was impressed.

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