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Championship Trial
Venue: Sedgefield
Trial Held: 11 September 2005

Trials Manager Report

This was an exciting trial from start to finish.  We had no land when I went up to lauder trial to help out.  Six days later, when I came back to the North East, there it was, all done, grass cut, corn in.  Our farmers are really good.

The PD land was on stubble which was cut about two weeks before, and the bales removed.  With it being so dry, when the rain came it made the tracking so hard.  We had rain starting on Thursday evening before the trial, then continuing all day Friday and starting to dry up a little on Saturday pm, then sunny weather on Sunday.  No PD tracking qualifiers on Friday, and only two PD dogs got round the track on Saturday, but losing one on control.  The PD patrol round took the last qualifier out.  Well, unfortunately, we now had no TICKET WINNER because of the atrocious weather (HELP).

The WD went really well, again considering the weather.  This was our first year to alternate WD with UD.  We actually had one WDEx qualifier on Friday (a Lab, bless him), and as the weather got progressively drier on Saturday, then Sunday, we had another three WDEx qualifiers and two WD only qualifiers.

We also had lots of successes in the CD stake - 11 qualifiers out of 19 - I applaud every competitor who had the guts to go out there and face that weather.

I would also like to thank all the judges, stewards, and tracklayers, who gave their all - plus the people who helped out in any capacity - at the base, with the paperwork, with the trophies, and the team (you know who you are!) who helped out in any capacity with the catering, morning, non, and into the night.  Thank you all.



CD Stake


Steward: John Weselby

24 entries - 19 worked

First I would like to thank North East for inviting me to judge CD Stake at Sedgefield.  I would also like to thank Carol Hall, Trials Manager, for her hospitality and all her helpers for running a super trial.  Nearly forgot, a big thanks to my husband John for laying the squares and stewarding the C and A and putting the competitors as ease.  The search squares and sendaways were excellent but the jumps took their toll.

1st           Vicky Jenkins and PRAGNELL DAISY (X breed)  97  It was lovely to see this little rescue dog work.  She was really enthusiastic in everything she did.  Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd         Graham  Reaney and TREGELBERG QUEST (GSD)  95.5  An experienced handler and a very promising young dog produced an excellent round.  I am sure this dog will do well in the future.

3rd          Laura Bardwell and TSAR PRINCE AMARUKA  (ROTT)  94  Another super team.  Took just 59 seconds to complete her square.  Well done

4th          Linda Cooper and JOSS COQUET BORDERER  (BC)  90.5  A good round but needs a little tightening on the control.    Well done.

Also qualifying

Mark Adams and PORTALUTRA KYLES DREAM  -  90

Janet Butterfield and TYLER TEE BONE REX  -  90

Keith Butterfield and PLAS MAJOR KYLE  -  89

Jenny Pritchard and GRACORN HOME BREWED  -  87.5

Joyce Hudson and STEELEVE SAM  -  84

Judith Stamp and SPROLLIE DOLLIE  -  83.5

Sue Pickering and NIKONIS QUITE RIOT AT HOBHILL  -  81


WD Stake


Tracklayers; Lol Campbell 3 days, Andrea Lynd 2 days & Penny Prichard 1 day.

Search & C&A steward Dennis Nelson

I would like to thank NECWTS for this judging appointment, also Carole Hall & Julia Findeison for all their help prior & during the trial. The base & scores were very well manned/woman by Margaret Smith, Penny Prichard & Julz, thank you girls, & not forgetting the "press gang" at Carole's home making all the lunches, it was like a conveyor belt of food! The superb lasagne on Friday night & massive portion of fruit pie & custard kept me going, it was wonderful, thanks Carole (she is an Earth Mother)!

necwts sedgfield ch sept2005 WD small

To the brave & generous souls giving up their valuable time, expertise & energy, Lol, Andrea, Penny & Dennis who were out in the wind, rain & mud MANY THANKS TEAM you were wonderful.

Friday was appalling weather, Saturday improving & Sunday was glorious sunshine.

1st           181.5 COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO WSD with Suzanne Plumb. Bandit worked on Sunday & put in a brilliant round. He indicated the    first track article (to us)! Suzanne missed it. Congratulations on your second WDX & 2nd win in as many weeks, look out ticket they are on their way.

2nd         177.5 LANCELOT VON SWARTZ GSD with Walter Evans. Jack worked on Sunday, a super track with both articles & 4 from the search, poor Walter got his feet wet, otherwise a very comfortable WDX, congratulations to you both.

3rd            175.5 LITTLE JODE GSD with June Reed. Jode worked a lovely round on Saturday, (June was hoping to track on stubble). You must be delighted with her first go in WD champ & qualifying, congratulations.

4th          170.5 BLACK HIPPOCRATS Lab with Heather Caird. Merlot worked on Friday, & did he work! Bless his cotton socks, he never gave up in the wind & driving rain, recovering one track article & four from the search, with very good C&A, congratulations

Also qualifying WD 


146.5 SHADOWQUEST ATTA BOY GSD with Sheila Margreaves

Thank you to the competitors who took their disappointment in a very sportsperson like manner, especially so on Friday. Your day will come & when it does enjoy!

Finally thanks again to Lol, Andrea, Penny & Dennis, very best of luck with your own dogs when you get the opportunity to compete.


PD Stake


Tracklayers : Lorraine Wilson and Linda Newbold

Square steward : Joyce Hudston

Control and PD steward : Linda Newbold

Criminals : Steve Lancashire, Iain Forrest, Julia Findeison

Thank you to the North East Counties WTS for the invitation to judge (I think!).  Unfortunately the weather took its toll on the two tracking days so only 2 dogs qualified on the nosework.  These were Wendy Beasley's LIBBY (winning best nosework trophy) and Tracy Parks' BROOK.  Unfortunately Libby failed the agility and Brook failed the patrol section, therefore the "ticket" could not be awarded.

Only Tracy and Brook presented themselves for the patrol round on the Sunday.  I am grateful to Paul Morling who stayed over to do the run-through, after Basil had given a splendid indication of the presence of a skein of geese flying over the tracking field!

sedgefield PD track sept 2005 small

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way.  Joyce had plenty of success with the squares, but it was soul-destroying for the two tracklayers when dog after dog failed to complete the track.  The three "criminals" managed to do all the tasks required of them, starting as hidden persons, then changing to test of courage criminals before finally being chased, and then being chased again as Brook failed to recall.

Special thanks must go to Carole Hall and her husband for their hospitality over the three days.

In spite of the disappointing end to the trial, I enjoyed my three days in the North East, though I would have wished for a more favourable outcome.


1st           Tracy Parks with WAGGERLAND BROOK, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx PDEx NQ.

Best nosework : Wendy Beasley with WTCH BRIDGEALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL CDEx - TDEx, PDEx

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