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Championship Trial
Venue: Tow Law
Trial Held: 29 October 2005


Stake : UD


I would like to thank NECWTS for the invitation to judge the UD stake.  Thank you to Carol and Julia at the base, and for the refreshments we received.  Thank you to Moira and Heather for laying the tracks, they did a marvellous job, and thank you to Samantha Ashton who was my steward for the control round, and laid the search squares.  It was the first time she had done either job at a trial, and she did exactly what was wanted.

necwts ch tow law 0ct 2005 UD small

The competitors were, without exception, very sporting and good company.  All the dogs completed the track and did good search squares, but the control round took its toll.

1st           Lindsey Errington with CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET (Sgian) (LAB) 192.5.  An enthusiastic young dog who dragged Lindsey round the track, and gave her a heart stopping moment with the scale jump.  Very well done.

2nd         Mrs. V. Jenkins with PRAGNELL DAISY (Daisy) (XB) 190.5.  A lovely dog with attitude and a real character.  Throwing the search articles at the handler cost her first place.  Very well done.

3rd          Mr. Mark Adams with PORTALUTRA KYLES DREAM (Tyson) (GSD) 189.

A steady control round and a beautiful track.  Well done.

4th          Mrs. Irene Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR (Issey) (GSD) 188.5.  A good control round, just a few minor hiccups on the track.  Well done.

Also qualifying

Mrs. D.E. Waite with PRINCESS VALLONTHORPE (Jazz) (BC) 179.5

It gave me the greatest pleasure to see Doreen and Jazz qualify, as I know all the problems there has been with Jazz's stays and Doreen has stuck to her task and is now getting the rewards.  Well done.


WD stake


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby (three days) Andrea Lynd (two days) and Geoff Poole (1 day)

Search steward: Dennis Nelson

C&A Steward: Andrea

After a hectic few weeks, I was really looking forward to this appointment.  Tracking on grass, weather: well, I think this part of the world has its own eco system!  We had rain, fog, mist, warm wind, cold wind, sunshine …

Thank you to my tracklayers Sue Ashby (three days), Andrea Lynd (two days) and Geoff Poole (1 day) and Dennis Nelson as search steward.  Andrea, being a glutton for punishment, then stewarded the C&A for me on all three days.  You were brilliant, thank you.

necwts ch tow law 0ct 2005 WD small

Of the 33 entries, over half achieved qualifying marks on the nosework, and as always we lost a few in control, ending up with 11 qualifiers overall.

1st           Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY (BC).  A sound performance from a keen, fast dog.  Congratulations 187.5.

2nd         June Reed with LITTLE JODE (GSD) (B).  The dog I most wanted to take home.  An excellent round.  182.5

3rd          Ruth Cahill with RAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE.  Excellent handling as always, Ruth.  Well done.  182

Qualifying Excellent :

Walter Evans handling RITA'S LANCELOT VON SWARTZ (GSD) (D).  Jack just went out there and did it.  What a super dog he is.  Walter's calm handling ensured Jack didn't take over.  Excellent performance. 180

Christine Stewart with BELDORM DUNCAN (STD POODLE) (D).  Well done 180

Ann Dent with GERTY'S DARK SECRET (XB)(B).  A good performance from this 8 year old.  Well done. 176

John Gray with GRITTONBROOK MECCA (MALI)(B).  What drive!  Excellent handling John. 171.5

Fran Atkins with BRONFYNNON BRECON (WELSH SD)(D).  These Welsh dogs always have to have the last word don't they?!  He was naughty on the heelwork, but the rest of his round ensured a good qualification.  Well done.  171.

John Watts with JAYESS ROUGH N TUMBLE (GSD)(D).  Johns says Timba is still learning his job.  I'm sure he'll be a force to be reckoned with.  Well handled as always.  169.

Kath Woolley with TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP).  Laid and run in thick fog, Moss worked well.  165.

And just on the button, Susan Cable with MISTY WHISPERS (XB)(B).  A very delighted Sue at the end of the stays.  Well done. 160.

Best nosework awarded to Dave Todd with ANJODA CLARA (GSD)(B).  Excellent handling.

6 different breeds qualified WDX.  Thank you competitors for entering and best wishes for the future.

Finally, thanks to NEC for inviting me to judge and Carole Hall and Julia Findeison for running the trial so well.


Stake : TD


A wind swept and interesting week in the north of England, where the conditions dictated the success rate of the competitors.  On the days that were calm, the test proved very straight forward to these top class dogs and handlers.  On the other days, every one was cold and wet for no apparent purpose.  That I suppose is working trials!

necwts ch tow law 0ct 2005 TD small

The nosework at this event I found well up to expectation, but was surprised to lose some qualifiers in the control section on stays and jumps.

My thanks to the society for the honour of judging this stake, it was most enjoyable.

The following team prepared the tests and we are all very much obliged to them for giving their time for the society.

Jeff Margreaves, DaveTodd, Penny Pritchard, Dave Ollney, Joyce Hudson, Lorraine Wilson and Ann Bedford (tracklayers).

Search and control steward Karen Warner, (first class lady with mean sense of humour).

The background team, marshalled by Carole Hall our trials manager ensured that things ran smoothly, dealing with any crisis without too much fuss.  Thank you guys.

1st           Margaret Robinson with JUST BRADLEY AT TRENTVALLEY, ticket winner and best nosework.  A worthy winning team, an outstanding track in not the best of weather.

2nd         Stevie Boyall with STYPERSON LOMOND.  This young lady has many triumphs ahead of her.  Handled her dog with a calmness that I have seldom seen at this level.

3rd          Lynsey Errington with WOODHEADS BLACK AGNES.   Very accomplished round of work, particularly strong in the control section.

4th          (after run off) Ann Fowler with WAGGERLAND FLOSS.  Very sound work in every department again working in one of the more difficult days.

Also qualifying TDX

Glynis Page with BRIGLEN NUTMEG

Elizabeth de Unger with BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY

John Currie with DREAGANTA SAMH

Barry Gilbert with LAETARE DAY JAVU

Pat Herbert with JOLLY JILL



Joan Parker with LATCHETS VISION




To all the competitors, thank you for bringing your work along to try my test.  I enjoyed watching skilful handlers and top grade dogs at work.  Best of luck to you all in the future.

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