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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 19 February 2006

Trial Manager, Report

Firstly, I would like to thank the staff at the Woodhorn Grange for the use of the room for the Base. It was brilliant. Close to everything, with very little travelling.

To ALL my helpers, thank you all so very much. You made my job as Trials Manager so easy, it was a pleasure to work with you all. From Betty Orrin for the catering to Ann Bedford coping beautifully with the base.

To our Judges and their Stewards and Tracklayers, thank you all for your time and patience. Hope you liked the weather, cold but dry. And again, to Jim our Farmer, thank you for all your help. Finally, many, many thanks to John Watts for not only his usual help with the land, but also for his help with finding our new Base at Woodhorn Grange. Special thanks to Pat and Dennis and Betty Orrin for the accommodation.





Steward: Sue Brewer and Dennis Nelson

First of all I would like to thank the Society for the invitation to judge the CD and the C&A. Also, Lol Campbell for the efficient way he ran the trial. My two stewards, Sue (2 days) and Dennis (1 day). They did a fab job, everything was perfect. Many thanks.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I just like being in control. (I have come to the conclusion that I am a Control freak!). The weather was extremely kind to us, which is unusual for Ashington.

The competitors were a lovely bunch of people who accepted my decisions whatever the outcome. I thought I was extremely fair with everyone and gave everyone a fair chance of qualifying should they be up to it, so to those that qualified, well done and to those that didn't, never mind, keep on trying.

CD Stake

1st           Q.93.5 Mrs J. Holt & HULLATER BROCK - WSD - D. Jenny & Brock's marks say it all. Nicely handled in all sections. Well done.

2nd         Q.91 Mrs W. Strang & VIKTOR AT BALKELLO - WSD - D. Nice steady round Wendy. Just that long jump costing you 1st place today, but well done anyway.

3rd          Q.86.5 Ms Katy WHITTEMORE & DEVILSBECK MUSTANG - Retr - D. A very young, very quiet girl who was a real pleasure to judge & deserved to do well. Well done Katy, Monty looks quite a handful.

4th          NQ.72 Mr Bill Norman & ADAIRWAY BRIGAND - GSD - D. Never mind Bill, there's always the next time. Just needs a little more work & you'll be there.


1st           Q.198.5 Mrs P. Parkinson & CARISHILL HYACINTH - G/R - B. The mark says it all. Nicely handled as one would expect from Pat. Poppy worked brilliantly for you Pat, and I love the way she checks the ground below her, when perched on top of the scale. A very worthy winning team. Well done.

2nd         Q.193.5 Mrs E. Roberts & CALLANWAY HARRIS - GSD - D. Only dropped 1 mark on the C&A. A real pleasure to watch and judge. Liz, you & Tiree looked good on the field and deserved to qualify and be placed. Well done.

3rd          Q.193 Mrs J. Holt & HULLATER BROCK - WSD - D. 1st in CD and now 3rd in UD. Wow, what a weekend you had. Not easy doing 2 Stakes in one day. Takes a lot out of the dog, but he done you proud, giving 2 good rounds. Well done.

4th          Q.192.5 Mrs Shuna Stewart & SELDOMSEEN LIBBY - WSD - B. Shuna was extremely nervous, but really there was no need, you & Libby put in a good performance. Well done.

Also qualifying;

Mrs W. Strang & VIKTOR AT BALKELLO - WSD - D. Well Done. 182.

Mrs Heather Patrick & SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY - WSD - B. Well Done. 179.


1st           Q.191.5 Mrs M. Rogerson & SELDOMSEEN RIO - WSD - D. You are right Moira, Rio is so laid back. He even went to sleep in the down stays. Lovely control & agility. Well done on your win.

2nd         Q.185.5 Mrs P. Pritchard & GRACORN HOME BREWED - GSD - D. I think you are doing a lovely job with young Teifi, and you were a lovely team to watch even if the dog is bigger than you Penny. Well done.

3rd          Q.183 Mrs D. Wait & PRINCESS VALLONTHORPE - BC - B. Doreen, I know you were nervous coming on, but you handled Jazz really well & I was so proud of you. Well done, you deserved it.

4th          Q.183 Laura Bardwell & TSAR PRINCE AMARUKA - Rott - D. Jack's down stay nearly proved costly, but luckily he managed to hang on in there for you. The rest of his work was first class & you certainly looked good out on the field. He looked every inch a Tsar Prince. Well done.


1st           Q.211.5 Mrs C. Currie & VOMHAUSNYE PUNK - GSD - D. Handled by Rob Currie. Punk is very keen isn't he?! You just now need to make the transition from open to Championship & I have every confidence you will. Just relax and enjoy. Well done.

2nd         Q.209.5 Mrs D. Meade & HEATHERMARK LING - GSP - B. Debbie, you & Georgie put in a very nice steady round & thoroughly deserved to qualify. Well done.

3rd          Q.209 Mrs Y. Carpenter & CARFELD GRIFF - BC - D. Griff gave a very good performance and he certainly impressed me (I do love the Border Collie). Well done Yvonne.

4th          Q.203 Mr Gary Martin & TYTRI ROY - BC - D. A very courageous dog for returning over the scale from the position he was in. I would be very pleased & proud of him Gary. Well done.

Also qualifying;

Dr. L. Errington & CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET - Lab - D. Well Done Lindsay he is lush. 202.5

Mrs B. Orring & VASHIKA XASKIA ON MERLOCK - GSD - B. Well Done Betts my pal. 201.5

Miss Jacquie Hall & MERCURY SKYLARK - G/R - B.  Well done Jacquie. 191.5

Mrs S. Braithwaite & NORSHEP SHULA - GSD - B.  Yes Stevie, you do make me laugh. Well done. 183

The standard in the control & agility section all weekend was on the whole extremely good.


U D Nosework


Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey, Penny Pritchard, Dennis Nelson

Search Steward: Cath McGuckin

Thank you to North East Counties for the invitation to judge and to Lol and his team for all the work that goes into organising a trial. Also to the ladies who prepared the food bags, we ended up with three on Saturday, wonder who did not get one!!

Last year at this trial we had atrocious weather with blizzard conditions, this year the although not too warm, the sun shone and it remained dry most of time. The tracking was on young rape and as I have little experience of dogs working on this type of ground I set a simple track pattern with good sized articles.  The dogs all seemed to find the ground conditions good and as a result nine out of ten dogs qualified in the nosework section. The fact that many of the handlers were very experienced and starting young dogs may also have contributed to this, plus the fact I had a team of wonderful (and smelly) tracklayers in Jim, Penny and Dennis. Thank you also to Cath for the squares, she only had to find one article, the dogs got the rest, with two dogs completing the search in under 1minute 20 seconds.

1st           Mrs P Parkinson OARISHILL HYACINTH 198.5 C of M. You know that you are watching a good dog track when the only time you put your pencil to the paper is to write 90 and then follow that with 35 for the square. Beautiful work from this young retriever and a joy to watch. Well done Pat.

2nd         Mrs E Roberts CALLANWAY HARRIS 193.5 C of M. Tiree is a young GSD who stopped and thought a few times but was determined to take Liz round the track. Watch out for this boy maturing.

3rd          Mrs J Holt HULLATER BROCK 193 C of M. Another experienced handler with a young dog, tracked through the only shower of rain all weekend and lost two points for dropping articles in the square. Another one to watch.

4th          Mrs S Stewart SELDOMSEEN LIBBY 192.5 C of M. Libby tracked steadily and accurately, taking Shuna along with her and then completed a full point square. Nice work from a novice handler.

Also Qualifying;


Mrs H Patrick SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY 179. C of M


Stake: WD


Steward: Amy Parkinson

Tracklayers: John Watts, Stevie Braithwaite

Thank you NECWTS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework at your open trial. Your new base Woodhorn Grange is perfect with all tracking land and the control field close by. Well done John Watts for getting this.

Trials Manager Lol Campbell and his team made sure the trial ran smoothly. Thank you all very much.

I had 12 entries (10 ran). Weather was good. Tracking fields were sparse rape. John and Stevie laid all the tracks and Amy was laying squares for the first time. Many thanks to each of you for a job well done. All dogs recovered 3 or 4 articles from the square. Only 4 dogs completed the track.

1st           Moira Rogerson with SELDOMSEEN RIO (WSD). Did not find the track easy but your experience got you round with two articles and a good square. 84.5 - 20 - 34. congratulations on this win. 191.5 Q Moira also won Best Nosework trophy.

2nd         Penny Pritchard with GRACORN HOME BREWED (GSD). Tracked steadily and accurately - made it look easy. Square needs a little more motivation. 89 - 20 - 24. I was so pleased you qualified. 185.5 Q.

3rd          Doreen Waite with PRINCESS VALLONTHORPE (BC) - same marks as fourth placed dog - awarded 3rd place due to higher track mark. It was good to watch. 88 - 10 - 32. very well done. 183 Q.

4th          Laura Bardwell with TSAR PRINCE AMARUKA (Rott). I was impressed with the way Laura handled her dog on the track. Good to see different breeds doing well. 85 - 20 - 26. Congratulations on your qualification. 183 Q.

Finally to all my competitors, thank you for accepting my decisions and I hope you enjoyed your day.


Stake: TD nosework


Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Tracklayers: Dave Todd, Andrea Lynd

It was a pleasure to judge the nosework for TD at Ashington. Thanks to the committee of N.E. Counties for the appointment and to Lol Campbell and his helpers who made sure we were well looked after. The food bags were very welcome - thanks to Betty and Co. and thanks Ann for keeping things in order at base. We were blessed with good weather for the 3 days out on the fields. Lorraine was a great search steward (where was it you kept the articles?). All dogs recovered 2 or more articles. Thanks Lorraine for all your help and for being such good company.

Tracking was on grass and conditions were good - wet in places, but this did not seem to affect the dogs. We saw some excellent tracks. These were laid by Andrea and Dave, two very experienced tracklayers. A huge thank you from myself and competitors.

1st           Rob Currie with VOMHAUSNYE PUNK (GSD) tracked on the 3rd day. A very keen dog, well handled. The fastest search square. Track 97/30 search 34. A well deserved 1st place. 211.5 Q.

2nd         Debbie. Meade with HEATHERMARK LING (GSP). Georgie did a good solid nosework round. One of only 2 dogs to get round the track on the 2nd day. Track 93.5/30 search 33. Well done.209.5

3rd          Yvonne Carpenter & CARFELD GRIFF (BC). This was a real team effort on the track. I know you were thrilled with this qualification. Good Luck in the future. Track 92/30 search 34. 209 Q.

4th          Gary Martin & TYTRI ROY (BC) A good track and search track 94.5/30 search 34. 203 Q

Congratulations to the following qualifiers;

Lindsey Errington & CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET (Lab). 202.5


Jacquie Hall & MERCURY SKYLARK (G/R) 191.5

Stevie Braithwaite & NORSHEP SHULA (GSD) 183.

Best nosework trophy went to Kath Woolley with TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP). Finally I would like to thank the society for my birthday present - a lovely surprise.

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