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Trials Manager’s Report

Well, what can I say? Everyone who attended the trial was fantastic - helpers, competitors, judges. Nothing was too much trouble for any of my helpers. You people are the ones who make my job so easy to do. THANKS.

We were using the Village Hall for the first time and it was brilliant. Thanks to Colin for the use of his barn to put the caravans in and the other farmers who gave us plenty of land, some walking distance from the base to compete on!

The weather was just right for the dogs, apart from the small rain shower on Sunday morning. We finished nice and early on the Sunday afternoon, giving us plenty time to leave the base immaculate, just how it was when we arrived. Thanks to the people who stayed back to the end to do this.

Eukanuba kindly sponsored us this year with generous amounts of dog food and prizes.

Wouldn’t it be great if all trials ran as well as this one?!



Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Iain Forrest, John Watts

Steward: Tracey Park

Criminals: Iain Forrest, Steve Lancashire, John Watts

A very enjoyable day was ensured by all the hard work put in by Julia Findeisen and her team. Thanks must go to you all for a very friendly, well-organized trial.

I was assisted by four excellent helpers and thank them for their time, company and expertise.

7 dogs were entered, 5 worked of which 1 unfortunately had to scratch due to injury.

Nosework was on short, cut, extremely dry grass, however it caused few problems for the teams. C&A was on the whole well done, the weakest point being the sendaway, some lacking in confidence with the redirect. Handlers were docked a mark if they used their hand as a permanent command during heelwork. 

All teams were still qualifying when we started the patrol round which took place in the bottom half of a large field. The first exercise was the Quarter, whereby the dog was to search the perimeter until reaching a wooded area, where two criminals (John & Iain) were hidden. On the dog indicating and handler joining it, the criminals were brought out and searched. On the hide then being searched, John chatted to the dog and handler whilst Iain made a break for freedom. All dogs detained him well.

The test of courage followed with Steve appearing from some distance away, threatening the handler and waving a stick. The dog was sent, Steve went quiet and as the dog approached, Steve became Mr Angry. This was done with varying degrees of success.

The handler, taking Iain for company, joined the dog and the escort followed. Both Iain and Steve were escorted, attack on handler was by Iain and on dog detaining him, Steve became violent and dog was to come off Iain and onto Steve.  The chase (Iain) then took place, finishing with the recall (Steve).

Thanks to Tracey for as well as stewarding; letting me relax and just judge the test, also did the run through with Brook.   

1st           John Gray & GRITTONBROOK MECCA (Mali) B.  Qualified with few problems, experience showed throughout. Had to work hard at the track then completed the only full mark square. In the Quarter John had to use quite a few extra commands, but Mouse did respond positively and worked well. Excellent indication and attention to the criminals, but got a bit carried away and bit in the hide. Test of Courage was faultless but then Mouse refused to release the criminal and was penalized accordingly. Full marks escort, recall and chase. Also winner of best nosework & patrol round trophies. 292.5 COM 

2nd         Joan Miller & TRKINDALE ACE (WSD) D.  Excellent track but then Ricky lost a bit of enthusiasm in the search.  Extra commands were needed in the speak, but he had by far the best sendaway of the day. Superb quarter where he covered the area on one command, looking for the criminal, not just running the perimeter; excellent indication and attitude to the criminals. Test of courage okay, good escort and chase, went deaf on the recall.  Not quite as committed to the sleeve as some but he has progressed well in recent months and there is no reason why he can’t be successful at the next level.  260.5 COM

3rd          Bill Richardson & CAPER KALI (Mali) B.  Good track but Kali needs to slow down; her speed caused her to miss the first article.  Heelwork and speak were excellent, however she lacked confidence with the sendaway and redirect.  Good quarter, gave one bark on indication then left the criminals for which she was penalized heavily.  Excellent test of courage, escort and chase (floored Iain) but failed the recall.  Everything’s there, she just needs better overall control and more experience with trial scenarios. Qualified in all sections but unfortunately not enough overall. 246 NQ

4th          Perite Wadham & FURY ANSCHI (Rott) B. Good nosework and C&A, a few extra commands needed in the speak and no redirect despite the good outrun. First time in PD for this team and they handled the patrol round well. More work required for the quarter and location and Tilly needed a bit of reassurance that Steve wasn’t a total nutter, but she then settled and her true potential came through, confident, firm bites on the sleeve and an excellent chase and recall.  236 NQ

Best of luck to all competitors for the future.


Stake: UD


Thanks to the NEWCTS for the invitation to judge UD open. Thanks to Julie Findeisen, the Trials Manager who provided me with experienced, excellent track layers, Tracie, Rachel, Lol and Steve, which made everything so easy, and were excellent company -thanks you lot. The base, which was new and really 5 star, was smoothly managed by Penny, the food was organised by Carole (good to see you looking so well), Linda, Steve (multitasking!!), Pat and Dennis (also multitasking), Lol (a lot of multitasking!)  —an excellent team all working well together. Pat was also my steward, who put fabulous smelly squares out, and had me laughing for all three days, putting everyone at their ease, so thank you very much. Dennis also managed to organise the trophies in his spare time! The fields were quite dry, but we did see some fabulous nosework, we also saw impressive control and agility rounds, but not many were able to put all of it together, but all were really close. I was privileged to watch some exciting dogs work, and to meet some canny people, thanks to everyone who entered.

There were 22 entries, 17 ran.

1st           Gerry Emerson with DHERRINGTON ROY, BC. 138 n/w, 34 control, 20 agility, total 192. COM.  Gerry is better known for obedience, so it is good to see him and Pam in Trials. “Roy” was fascinating to watch, he has real talent and really worked for Gerry. Well done and good luck.

2nd         Judith Stamp with SPROLLIE DOLLIE, Cross. 140, 33, 16.5. total 189.5 COM. Jess worked well with Judith, who understands her dog very well, and patiently let her work it out. Well done and good luck.

3rd          Anne Bedford with ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, Cross. 142.5 , 331/2, 12.5 total 188.5  NQ. Abi was so close today and this was her first attempt, so the future looks bright for her and Anne, who brought out the best in her. Well done and good luck.

4th          Sylvia Austin with SH CH GHYLLBECK ATTHEMIS OF ISHEERA, L/Munsterlander. 142, 24.5, 20 total 186.5, NQ. Gunner was another dog who was so close today. He will soon do it, and with style. Well done and good luck.

 The UD Novice Handler Trophy was won by R.Drummer with MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE.

The Merlock Trophy for Junior Handler was won by Katy Whitmore with Monty.


Stake: CD


Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge the CD stake.  A well run trial with not only the trials manager Julia working her socks off but also nearly all the committee.  A real team effort.   The village hall was an ideal replacement for the Punch Bowl as base, with Penny keeping everyone in the right place at the right time and doing the scores, and Linda,Carole, Steve, Lol and Pat in the kitchen making sure we were fed well.

The weather was the only thing that deteriorated unfortunately through the weekend.  By Sunday morning the shorts had been put away and the waterproofs looked out, but luckily the rain kept off while the vast number of rounds were completed.  With 4 dogs entered only 2 worked.  Dennis, my steward, did a great job.  It was the first CD competition for both competitors.  The squares went well and the sit stay too.  A rogue spaniel jumped into the field during the downs but both competing dogs held their ground and watched as Dennis managed to evict it.  Their owners should be very proud of them for that alone.  I promise I had not organised that as a distraction.  Both dogs had very reasonable rounds with only the jumps needing a bit of work.  Congratulations to you both.

1st           Mrs Denise Clayton with GRANGE CHAZ, GSD   

A good round, just needing a bit of tidying up, but well deserving the qualification.    Denise worked Chaz very well and the nerves didn’t show too much.

2nd         Ms Eleanor Francis and ROCKY OF NINE, Lab

A lovely black lab, Joe did a great round and looked after Eleanor well.  Eleanor has her arm in plaster, which must have been awkward for her and the dog.  Only the scale let her down, but a lovely round she should be proud of.

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