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Championship Trial
Venue: Sedgefield
Trial Held: 10 September 2006

Trials Manager’s Report

Thanks to all my helpers – you were brilliant to work with.  Thanks to Carole Hall for all her help, making my job so easy.  It’s brilliant to see her up and about again.  Welcome back, Carole.

Thanks to the staff at The Golden Lion Pub for making NECWTS so welcome.  To our farmers, you came up trumps again with the land – thank you.

Judges:  PD, John Watts, first Ticket judging – brill job, John.  UD, Dave Todd and CD, Wendy Magyar – it was a pleasure to work with you both.



Stake: CD


Steward: Kath McGuckin

Many thanks to NECWTS for asking me to judge the CD Stake.  It’s some time since I’ve done a judging appointment, due to study, so I had my doubts about doing this appointment, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It was an absolutely super weekend.  What with good weather, good company, a well organised trial, a great bunch of competitors and a lot of laughs, what more can one ask for?

I would like to thank Lol Campbell, Trials Manager, for a very well organised trial, with the help of Penny Pritchard in base and doing scores.  Thanks to my steward, Kath, who did an excellent job.  (That pup is gorgeous, and I wish you every success with him.)  Special thanks to Carole and Alan Hall, who kindly allowed us to park our caravan on their land, gave us the use of a field to exercise the dogs in, and generally made us feel very welcome, allowing us to use the facilities in their lovely home.  Thanks also to Penelope, Carole and Alan’s daughter, who made us a lovely meal on Friday evening – it was a pleasure to meet you.  Also thanks to Steve Lancashire, my “partner in crime”, for the “private lessons”.  All in all, a very entertaining weekend.

I had 10 entries, 6 of which worked, with 3 qualifying.  The standard of work was excellent.

1st           Avril Salisbury, handling DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN.  Dazzle worked extremely well today, only dropping 3 marks.  A well deserved win, well done.  Q, 97.

2nd         Jenny Holt, handling BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG.  Your experience shine sthrough, Jenny, a very nice round.  Q, 96.

3rd          Rosemary Turner, handling KHAMYSKER KWIK KRACKER.  Q, 92.5.

4th          Brian Glasgow, handling NORSHEP ROCCO.  Keep working at the jumps, Brian, you’ll get there, it won’t be long.  NQ, 82. 


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Jeff Poole, Judith Owens

Steward: Julia Findeisen

Interesting point – 8 dogs competed, all different breeds.

We were favoured with lovely weather and I had a brilliant team around me.  Two first class, very experienced tracklayers, Jeff Poole and Judith Owens, and Julia Findeisen, who ran the stake for me as steward.  Julia’s advice was invaluable, and she put the competitors at ease, aiding their enjoyment of the tests.

A basic track pattern – a box within a box – was well done, with 6 qualifying on the nosework.  Squares were made to look easy, with 7 dogs getting all articles.  The C/A was straightforward, with a good standard produced.  All dogs qualified in the down stay.

1st           Rita Shields with SHAY, WSD, Q, 194.5.  An excellent overall performance.

2nd         Gillian Armstrong with TYG, ASD, Q, 194.5.  After a run-off for first place with Rita.  I chose a retrieve for the decider and, interestingly, Rita’s dog this time produced a better retrieve than previously, to take first place.

3rd          Young handler Katy Whittemore with retriever DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, Q, 170.  Missed the last leg out, and consequently lost 23 marks on the track.  Very impressive overall from a good handler.

4th          Roy Drummer with SAM, FCR, NQ, 189.5.  Failure on the scale cost dearly on an otherwise excellent performance.

The competitors and helpers made this an enjoyable experience for me.  Thank you all again.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Linda Newbold and Andy Magyar

Steward:  Moira Rogerson

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Iain Forrest, Tom Davis, Linda Newbold

Thank you to NECWTS for the invitation to judge my first PD Ticket Stake.  Thank you to Trials Manager Lol Campbell, together with Carole Hall, for the tracking fields.  The farmers came up trumps this year – lush grass to track on was greatly appreciated by the competitors, who all successfully completed their tracks.  Thank you to Carole for the catering, and Julia with Penny at the base, who had everything running like clockwork.  Thanks Moira for your company and professionalism over the three days of stewarding.  Thank you also to my three tracklayers, Andrea, Linda and Andy – you were spot on.

The weather was warm and sunny for the three days, which made everything perfect.

19 entries, with 2 scratches, left me with 17, which ensured I still had a busy three days.  The track pattern had 12 legs; the articles were a cable tie and a piece of rubber.  Two failures on the nosework section left me with 15 going into the control round.  Unfortunately, 7 fell by the wayside in the control, mainly due to the jumps, which left me with 8 competitors going into the Patrol round on the Sunday.

I kept the PD round straightforward, but I wanted to see committed dogs with good control, and good team work between dog and handler to tackle the various tests.

We started with a female on her way to the bank, who was attacked, knocked to the ground, and robbed of her bag of money.  The two criminals made off with the bag; the Chase then ensued.  The dog was expected to pass the injured female and chase the two fleeing criminals, one of whom stood still as the dog closed in, and finally apprehend the running criminal.  The handler was expected to then take control and tidy everything up.  This was followed by the Quarter – five hides and a vehicle location, with the criminal hiding under the vehicle.  I wanted to see the handlers move their dogs around the field and quarter the area.  Next was the test of Courage, a lady in distress; her vehicle had a flat tyre and she requested help.  Whilst the handler gave assistance, the dog was attacked from behind by three criminals shouting, and carrying a large tarpaulin in front of them.  Search and Escorts were carried out after each exercise, and during the last one, an attack on handler was made.  Finally, the Recall, which was the same routine as the Chase.  We had a mixed response from the 8 teams, but finished with 5 qualifiers.

Well done!  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and, hopefully, I gave you some “Food for Thought” for your future training.  I really enjoyed my three days, and witnessed some top PD dogs performing to a high standard.  Thank you all for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner, and remember we all have our “Off days / hard luck Stories”, but that’s what makes success all the sweeter when it comes.  Good luck to you all competing at this year’s KCC.

1st           Mrs W Beasley with WTCh BRIDGEALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL, BC.  First class display from Wendy and Libby, cool, calm and very professional throughout all the tests.  What about next year’s KCC now, Wendy?  Q, 301.

2nd         Mrs W Beasley with GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, BC.  Another first class display; I think Phoebe is ready to step into Libby’s shoes.  Well done, Wendy, this was your day.  Q, 296.

3rd          Mr G Brumpton with WTCh JUST WILLIAM, WSD. Best I have seen Billy work for a while, Graham; just one or two little things, otherwise very good.  Q, 283.

4th          Miss C Bourne with WTCh KIA’S KINDRED SPIRIT, WSD.  No location was costly, Celia, but you must have been pleased with Kia’s overall performance.  Well done.  Q, 269.

5th          Mr P Beasley with GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL, BC.  Congratulations, Paul, on your PDEx.  Leo performed very well; he is still learning his trade.  Sort out the Recall and Wendy might be looking over her shoulder!  Q, 258.

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