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Championship Trial
Venue: Tow Law
Trial Held: 29 October 1989
WD Stake




Tracklayers: Andrea  Lynd, Harry Abbott Control & Agility  Steward: Moira  Rogerson

Many apologies for the lateness of this report, I offer apologies to the Society and the competitors   - I honestly thought! had completed  it before Christmas  but obviously had a serious case of  brain death to contend with.  42 Entries Most Ran I set a straightforward track pattern, taking into consideration the inclement weather often  experienced and variable tracking ground, size of fields etc. In the event, I was pleased as the  winds were phenomenal, it was the coldest weekend we have experienced this winter to date. We also  had constant driving rain and fog and it was B. cold!

As always there were hard luck stories but  most teams made a good anempt at the nosework and there were 15 qualifiers at the end of the trial. 

1st.  Dennis Morris  LORD  DENAN  (GSD) 191 Working standard was excellent throughout. The handler  (at the time) was inexperienced,  but the dog was brilliant and helped him through the nosework.  CIA was excellent.

2nd.Jean Cooke WAGGERLAND JAZZ (WSD) 191 This is the dog  Jean  has  been  waiting  for and  she deserves  it, the teamwork was super. A well deserved  place - Jazz made it all look so easy - just a linle polish for a ticket Jean!

3rd. Carol Hall DRINGHOE  ISLA (GSD) 190 (Training with Moira my steward caused consternation when the dog presented the dumbellto Moira rather than Carol)  but, this is a super bitch who has done so well since her C.D.ex. at Lincoln earlier that year. The  dog works very well inspite of the handlers nerves. 

Also qualified:

Fred Boulton NENEVALE UTA (GT. Schnauzer) 165'12.
Damien   Chadwick   TORLOCK   BRIGAND   CHIEF   (WSD) 18211112.
P.C. Shotton (C.C. Northumbria) AXLE OF NORTHUMBRIA 171.
Alan Grace VIKKAS OCTAVIA 174 11112. Pete Hodgkins KARL OF KILLERBY (LAB) 172'12. In spite of considerable   interference  from  the  farm  terrier  on  the nosework. Well done.
Pauline Jefferey BONZER BOBBY 163. Helen Kelly ALLANKEE HIGH VELOCITY (GSD) 171 (I nearly bought this dog home with me!)
Jim Luke MAJOR FORCE (GSD) 149 W.O. J. Macgregor  AVONTOUNS DILYS (GSD) 1781/2.
J. McQueen ALEXANDER OF JAMELLE 175 Another WSD (Man/dog relationship  to be envied). George Trudt HERR SILBER OF DRYFE (WEIM) 1661/2.
P. TurnerWINTERBURN GLEN (BC) 176. Worked in the most difficult of tracking conditions -  wind/rain/fog/on a hill - but the dog never stopped working a really impressive attitude.

Best Nosework  to Tony Orchard and BURNAWAY UPLOW (GSD) after a run off, on an unusual search  square consisting of.a piece of rope, a piece of chain, a metal food bowl and a tracking pole.  Tony's dog got them all in 4 minutes. Well done. 

Thanks to everyone involved, particularly those who pulled the judges car out of a ditch on Sunday  afternoon. See you allĀ· around the trials. 

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