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Open Trial
Venue: Embleton
Trial Held: 19 July 2015


Stake: CD


Steward: Roy Drummer

Many thanks to all the following:- NECWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake, Jacquie Hall for being fab trials manager, my steward Roy, (who is great company as well as great steward and has a wicked sense of humour especially when the conversation leads to discussions of me pole dancing!!  I DONT!! Haha, but Roy was happy having those images in his head!!), Lesley Drummer at the base for being so efficient and organised and the owners at the Blink Bonny for the lovely food.  Last but not least, thanks to the great competitors and their lush dogs, who were really brave to enter under me; I really enjoyed your company and thanks for letting me judge your lovely dogs.

I haven't judged a CD open for a number of years and I thoroughly enjoyed watching some young dogs start off on their trials career.  We started off with a sit stay whilst Roy put the square poles out, giving the dogs something to focus on, then onto the retrieve before going onto the square.  The square articles were a generous piece of carpet, a good size bit of leather and a clear plastic top from a Pringles tube.  This completed the first part of my test by all handlers and dogs, then we started the next bit with heel on lead, followed immediately by heel off lead, then a sendaway to cross black and white poles in a boundary, approx 35 paces, then the recall and finally on to the agility.  Last exercise was the down stay.  

We had 4 entries and 4 worked (none put off by the bossy Geordie judge then!) and we ended up with 2 qualifiers.

1st           Jayne Lewis and RHYNATON RHYS, WSD, 100, Q.  Fab weekend for this pair, as they won UD the previous day, and thoroughly deserved too, Jayne.  Well done on winning CD; you did a cracking round from start to finish.  Good luck for the future.

2nd         Yvonne Walker and BANDAITCH SHIRIN, X-Breed, 85, Q.  Well done Yvonne and mad Meera; lovely happy dog, just losing marks here and there but still good enough to qualify.

3rd          Sue McCabe and EINHALLOWS PINT O'BLACK STUFF, BC, 80, NQ.  Only the jumps being the stumbling block today, rest was great.  Keep at it!

4th          Rosemary Smyth and FINN MY COOL COLLIE, BC, 72, NQ.  Young and inexperienced, that's all, Rosemary.  It's all there otherwise.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Julz Findeisen and Lol Campbell

Steward: Alison Pollard

Thank you to NECWTS for asking me to judge WD and to Jacquie Hall, the trials manager, for all her hard work before, during and after the trial and also for looking after me in her beautiful home.

Alison Pollard was a superb steward; always in the right place, telling the competitors the right things at the right times – huge thanks, Alison.   My tracklayers for both days were Julz Findeisen and Lol Campbell, who laid every track with precision and confidence – thank you for giving up your time to lay my tracks.  Thank you to Adele who kept us all topped up with food and drink, to Lesley for keeping the base running smoothly and writing the certificates out beautifully, to Roy for sorting out my gun and to Avril for collecting the scores.  Of course, thanks also to the proprietors of the Blink Bonny for the venue and to the farmers for allowing us to use their land for our hobby.  If I have forgotten anyone, my apologies.

WD worked over two days.  The first day saw strong winds and no rain; winds dropped considerably on day two, which was a little rainy but cleared later.  The conditions beat all but one of the fifteen dogs that ran.  Twelve teams didn’t get past the second leg, despite working their socks off every inch of the way.

The control round was straightforward, starting with the retrieve, then heelwork to the sendaway which was 120 paces to a plain orange cone.  I gave second attempts at all the jumps.

1st           Chris Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, Golden Retriever, B, 189.5, Q.  This team ran on day one in gusty winds.  They gave a superb display of the handler’s ability to read her dog and the dog’s tenacious refusal to never, ever give up.  As Dilly and Chris fought their way further and further round the track, a small crowd gathered to watch, and willed them on with every footstep they took in the right direction.  When Dilly eventually indicated the last article and Chris waved it triumphantly in the air, I think the applause and cheers could be heard back at the base.  After that marathon of concentration, Dilly could be forgiven for being exhausted but miraculously went on to nail a full mark square.  Chris kept a cool head and negotiated a neat and tidy C/A, to ensure the qualification they deserved. 

2nd         Cheryl Savage with DREAGANTA KYP, BC, B, 109, NQ.    Cheryl and Kyp also worked hard in the wind on the first day, and made it to the fourth leg.  Unfortunately the conditions got the best of them there, just before they were rewarded with the first article.  A nice control round followed, but lost marks at the scale and long jump. 

3rd          John Phillips with HUNDENSCHAFER CADEN, GSD, D, 104, NQ.  Worked on the second day and did well to get to the end of the first leg where they overshot with a stiff wind behind them, and were unable to recover.  Full mark square.  This striking GSD didn’t drop a mark in the control and was a pleasure to watch. 

4th          Michelle Biddle with JACKANORY WHAT A STORY, Lab, D, 101, NQ.  This dog worked his socks off to get to the end of the first leg - took the corner and got half way along the second before he hit a wall.  They went on to get four out of the square.  Tidy control round and 2nd attempt at the long jump.  Well done.

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