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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 25 October 2015


Stakes: CD and Veteran


Many thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge at this really lovely trial, which is extremely well managed by Julz Findeisen and her team of willing and efficient helpers.  We were all very well fed and watered by the gals in the kitchen at the base and the evening meals at the pub were high quality too – as was the company.

I took loads of clothing with me ready to combat foul weather, but amazingly for this area in late October the weather was remarkably kind.  Saturday – the CD day – was the colder day, quite windy with a couple of sharp squalls, which were mercifully short lived.  The weather improved as the day went on and we were treated to some sunshine in the afternoon.  Sunday, Veterans day, dawned cold but sunny; cloud increased as the day went on, but it stayed dry.



CD Stake:

Steward: Diane Ling

14 entries, 13 ran

Many thanks to Diane Ling for her efficient stewarding the CD – a great job, as usual.  We were given an enormous grass and clover mix field, so had masses of space available to us for the squares.  The articles were 2” x 1” carpet, 3” long green hose and 3” x 1.5” piece of brown leather.  Nine dogs retrieved all three articles.

1st           Mrs. Laura Bardwell with MILEBUSH FARM HARRY, Lab, D, 95.5, Q CDEx.  What a great partnership!  Basil works with such joy; he was a joy to watch.  Forgetting to sit at the end of fast pace HW caused the only loss of a point on the control round.  His SA was a “wow”, fast and straight.  One mark went for mouthing one of the square articles.  He needed a second attempt at the clear jump – his enthusiasm made him careless on the first attempt.  Many congratulations, Laura, he could take you all the way.

2nd         Mr. Doug Shearer with DREAGANTA TYPSI, BC, B, 94.5, Q CDEx.  Stumpie really knew her job – excellent full mark square.  Only half a mark dropped on the control round.  Good clear and scale jump, but no long jump made the difference to the final placing.  The qualification is the important bit though.  Very well done, Doug.

3rd          Mr. Tom and Mrs. Elizabeth Mills’ ALLMARK EDUARDO AT TOMSZIL, ASD, D, handled by Tom, 83.5, Q CDEx.  Eddie found two of the square articles, but then seemed to become distracted and the time was up before he found the third.  The control round went fairly well, just off target a bit with the SA and anticipated the return over the scale.  Well done, Tom.

4th          Mrs. Rosemary Smyth with FINN MY COOL COLLIE, BC, D, 80, Q CDEx.  Phew, Rosemary – only just!  Very good work overall except for the SA, which just didn’t happen for them.  Well done on the qualification.

Gail Gwesyn-Price with ZAVI JAVA AT CONCENN, GSD, D, Q CD.

Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me to see you work your dogs and for accepting my decisions.  Even if you didn’t qualify this time, I hope you all enjoyed the round as much as I enjoyed judging it.  Good luck to you all at future trials.


Veteran Stake:

Tracklayers: Lol Campbell, Dave Stewart and Penny Pritchard.

13 entries, 9 ran

My first words must be thank you, thank you, thank you to Lol, Dave and Penny, my three excellent track layers -  perfectly laid tracks and great company.

I believe this was a record high entry for this trial and I had a wonderful time; it was a real treat to see every single one of these older dogs really keen to get on with the job and then looking so proud of themselves when they get the end article. 

We used the pasture fields which the TD competitors had used earlier in the week.  The fields were fabulous, providing excellent tracking conditions – thank you to the farmers for their hospitality.

My track articles were a squashed waxy paper cup with a Halloween design.  With Halloween approaching I used that as my theme so the end article was a life-size, rubber severed hand which caused some laughter – which of course was the whole point.  

The track consisted of 10 legs and was 560 paces long.  Every single dog successfully completed the track with the top four places going to....

1st           Fran Atkin with 13-year-old BRONFYNNON BRECON, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D.  Wow – on rails!  Well done.

2nd         Gail Gwesyn-Price with 9.5-year-old CONCENN XCEL, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D.  Bless him, he really enjoyed himself.  Well done.

3rd          Mrs. Moira Rogerson with 10-year-old SELDOMSEEN TWIST, WSD, B.  If there’d been a prize for the fastest track Twist would have took it - went round like a dose of salts!  Well done.

4th          Ms Ruth Cahill with 7-year-old VOMKYNA DEIKA, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, GSD, B.  Minky looked an absolute picture as she tracked.  Well done.

None of the rest of the field were far behind these four, so very well done to each and every one.  May you have the joy of sharing your lives with these grand old dogs for a long time to come.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Moira Rogerson, Bill Richardson

Control and Search Steward: Yvonne Carpenter.

This was one of the first trials I entered many years ago and has remained one of my favourites, in no small part due to the folk who run it and the location, so a big thank you to NECWTS for the invitation to judge at this excellent, happy trial and to the local landowners for their generosity in providing so much land.  Add to this good food, good ale and accommodation in the annex to the pub makes it a judges dream.

My thanks to the trial manager, Julz Findeisen, and her team for all the hard work which must have been put in to make it run so smoothly, and to Julz for her excellent management on the day.  Thanks to Sheila Margreaves and Tracey Park for an excellent job at the base.  Thank you to Linda, Annie, Liz and Teresa in the kitchen for looking after my dietary requirements (good food and plenty of it).

I had a terrific team of helpers out in the fields, who were all excellent company and helped to make the week very enjoyable.  Thank you to Moira and Bill, who, less than a week after bingeing at the KCC’s, managed to successfully put one foot after the other in the right order and complete each track perfectly.  Thanks to Yvonne for not only doing the search and control stewarding, but also for remembering the things I forgot – gun, articles, track pattern, date of trial etc.   

The stake ran over two days on some very lush grass, the kind of stuff you dream of as a competitor.  Considering the size of the surrounding windfarm the weather was benign.  All teams qualified on nosework but the jumps lost four teams and the stays one, so at the end there were 5 UDEx and 1 UD.  To all the teams, thank you for accepting my decisions and best wishes to all of at your future trials.

12 entered, 11 ran.

1st           Rita Kidson and TEGEDA TYE (Tye), BC, D, 189.5, Q UDEx.  It was a pleasure to hand over the red one to Rita and Tye.  It was thoroughly deserved.  An excellent track with 2 and 4 followed by an equally excellent full mark control round with just a blip in agility.  A very polished overall performance.

2nd         Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT BRYN (Bryn), BC, D, 185.5, Q UDEx.  A good overall effort with 2 and 4 and full point agility.

3rd          Ruth Cahill and RASSAU LERA OF VOMKYNA (Pixie), GSD, B, 185, Q UDEx.  A very impressive performance with 2 and 3, with the missed search article being very costly.

4th          Tony Lockyer and ABBI BLACK AT HARTSHILL (Abi), GSD, B, 180, UDEx.  A competent overall effort with 1 and 4; another team with the missed article being very costly

Also qualifying UDEx:

Polly Thomas and POLLGINA DENNIS SPARKIE (Dennis), Lab, D, 179.5

Qualifying UD:

John Shires and ANTEUSSUCHT JAGER (Jager), GSD, D, 152.5


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby and Andrea Lynd

 Steward: Joan Snowden

Many thanks to North East Counties for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  Thank you Julia and your excellent team of helpers for a well organised, well run trial.  We were looked after superbly by Linda, Annie, Teresa and Liz in the kitchen.

Sue and Andrea, thank you for laying all the tracks and Joan for stewarding for me.

Tracking was on lush grass; it looked good but some dogs found this tricky, and unfortunately we lost quite a few at this stage.  

I set a flowing straight forward round for the control and was rewarded with seeing some nice dogs work.  I finished with 2 qualifying WDEx and 1 WD.

Thank you for entering under me and good luck in your future trials.

1st           Dave Marchant with STARDELL PISCES, BC, 186.5, Q WDEx.  Well handled by a slightly nervous handler!!  A lovely round.  Well done, I'm sure you'll do well with him.

2nd         Dave Olley with ELMHAUS PORTER, GSD, 182.5, Q WDEx.  Scary moments on the first leg of the track but went well after that.  Well done, Dave.

3rd          Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, X-breed, 154.5, Q WD.  Lovely track with a hiccup on the last couple of legs.

4th          Bridget Montague with CRISELLA DELTA DUFFY. Lab, 175.5, NQ.  Tracked beautifully gaining best nosework


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Colin Wilson (first 3 days), Dave Stewart (4 days), Jeff Margreaves (3 days) and Lol Campbell (earlies on Saturday)

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Catering: Linda, Liz, Annie and Teresa

Base: Sheila Margreaves, Tracey Park and Penny

Trials Manager: Julia Findeisen

39 entries, 37 ran

My sincere thanks to Julz for leading her team to create such a wonderful trial.  It is very hard work to put on a trial and make it run as well as this one did.  Everything I hoped for as a judge was catered for, making it the most enjoyable experience –THANK YOU.  My thanks also to NECWTS committee for allowing me to judge the Ticket at this long established trial.

I was given the A-Team of tracklayers, Colin, Dave, Jeff and Lol, who ensured every competitor had the best chance to do their tracks.  Each day the tracks were re-plotted in the given area so all dogs had a completely fresh start.  The accuracy and conscientiousness of these tracklayers was reflected in the success rate of the dogs.

Tow Law TD Track Pattern 2015 3

My icing on the cake of helpers came in the person of Lorraine, who laid superb squares all week and topped it off by stewarding the control round on Sunday.   I cannot thank Lorraine enough for making such a significant contribution to the trial.

Big thanks to the base, Sheila, Tracey and Penny.  The base is an important part of our sport, as it there where most people make first contact with the trial.  Then the base team look after the scoring and normally the certificates.  This was done extremely well, for which we are all grateful.  

Well done to all the competitors and their dogs, who proved just how good they are and what good sports they are too.  A special mention and thank you to the farmers who allow the trial on their land.  Julz told me how co-operative they are in moving sheep out of fields for us in good time to let the ground recover.  The fields for this stake were as even as I have ever seen.

Finally, congratulations to all the qualifiers and to our worthy winner, Margaret Robinson with Arran.  Also a big well done also to Pat Parkinson with Shadow on gaining her first TDEx with this dog and being placed second in the Reserve Ticket position - wow.

1st           and KCWTC, Margaret Robinson with JUST ARRAN AT TRENT VALLEY, WSD, D, 215.5. 

2nd         and Reserve KCWTC, Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, BC. D, 213.5

3rd          Barry Gilbert with WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, D, 212.5

4th          Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Cross, D, 210

Also qualifying TDEx:

Antony Snook’s LITTLE MICA, Cross, D, 209.5 (handled by Vic Snook)

Les Allen with TADMARTON ENZO, Lab, D, 209

Tony Lockyer with WTCh TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, 209

Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, GSD, D, 207.5

Glenys Page with WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, D, 205

Tracy Park with WAGGERLAND TYNE, BC, D, 204

Jacquie Hall with LITTLE ASHAN, Cross, B, 201.5

Sue Ashby with WTCh THE TITAN, WSD, D, 200.5

Sarah Burroughes with TARNEDGE VELVET, Lab, B, 199.5

Andrea Lynd with REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, B, 196

Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, D, 196

Val Thomson’s TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, B, 196 (Handled by Gavin Thomson)

Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross, B, 196

Dave Olley with WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, Cross, D, 190

Moira Rogerson with XANDOAS CHANCE, BC, D, 189.5

Gary Martin with MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab, D, 186

S. Williams’ SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, D, 183.5 (Handled by June Reed)

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