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Open Trial
Venue: Alnwick
Trial Held: 14 February 2016


Trials Manager's Report

3 weeks ago I feared we would go the same way as Leamington and have to cancel the trial, as the rig and furrow fields we use were full of water!!  Thankfully, they dried enough to run the trial but the conditions were really difficult underfoot on both days, not helped by somewhat inclement weather (an understatement!!!).
Anyone who judges, tracklays, stewards in these winter trials deserves a huge medal for going out in such horrid conditions..... but the best we could do was warm food and drinks and some good crack..... and there was certainly plenty of the latter!!!!!

Thanks to one and all who contributed (outdoors and indoors) to a great trial!!  It was shame that the PD didn't run, but hopefully we will have plenty at our Championship trial in September.

Jacquie Hall


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Lol and Penny

Steward: Avril

Thank you to NECWTS for the invitation to judge UD nosework at this warm and friendly trial – apart from the weather; this was wintry showers, which did make conditions cold and miserable for tracklayers and stewards (Lol, Penny and Avril), who all did a sterling job. 

NEC UD track pattern 600x548

The track was over undulating grass with water-filled dips at very regular intervals.  Despite these deep areas of water all of the dogs made a creditable attempt at the track, with four of five gaining a qualifying nosework mark, and three completing the track with both articles.  The undulations and water also made the search exercise more difficult than I had anticipated, but all of the dogs worked very well and all found and retrieved all the articles.  The articles were: wooden dolly peg, 3’’ x 2’’ green scourer, 1.5’’ square piece of carpet, 1’’ x 3’’ cloth tape.  Well done to all of the competitors, a number of whom had dogs at their first or second ever trial. 

1st           Mark Craven and CODIE CANNY JACK, WSD, 182.5, NQ

2nd         Sue McCabe and EINHALLOW'S PINT O' BLACK STUFF, BC, 179.5, NQ

3rd          Sally Rose and RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Lab, 165, NQ

4th          Adele Whittemore and TUGHALL ELLIE FLIER, BC, 156.5, NQ 

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