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Open Trial
Trial Held: 06 July 2003


This was the first Trial I have managed  and if wasn't  for  the  help  of  the  N.E.C.W.T.S.

Committee  and  friends   it  would   not  have gone so well. Thanks  to all who helped and advised.  This, I believe, is the first trial to be judged  by a family.  Looking forward  to Eric judging  our PD Championship at Sedgefield. The weather  was very kind to us, bright sun­ shine  . .. and  yes,  the  trial  was  held  at Tow Law!!

The base was great as usual , the Punch Bowl, nothing   is  too  much  trouble  for  them.  The fanners  provided   us  with   superb   tracking land , thanks  to  them . Also  thanks  to  Royal Canin  for sponsoring the trial  and  providing us  with  many  raffle  prizes.  Congratulations to all the qualifiers and Ihope  to see  every­ one again  next year.





Steward: Cainan Roberts

I would  like to thank  NECWTS for inviting me to judge for the first time. Also, thanks  to my steward  and to the competitors.

1st           F Mitchell - RENDALE ROBIN , 87.5 CoM.

2nd          H Watson  - KNECHT CELESTI N E, 83 NQ.

3rd           T Hobin  - 0WLCASTLE ROSCOFF, 78 NQ.

4th         S Dobson, BARRYS RASLEY LAD, 54 NQ.




Tracklayers: June Hines & Joan Snowden

Steward: Heather Patrick

1st          J  Freeman,  SUNSHINE   BLUE BOY, CoM  193.

2nd          C Hall , JESS OF SELDOMSEEN,  CoM 184.

3rd           J Hudson, DENHOLM CHANCER, NQ 177.

4th         K   Hutchinson,  NORRAYSHA   BAD BOY BRADLEY, NQ 166.

Thank   you  NECWTS for   the  invitation  to judge.  The  organisation of the trial  was excellent. The  weather  was  kind  to  us, the fields  were good and tracklayers and steward were superb.

The  competitors were  all  good  sports  and I am  sure  that  the  ones  who  did  not  qualify today  will all do so very soon.  Good  luck to you all for the future.




Tracklayers:  Nigel    Hines  &   Malcolm Snowden

Criminals: Nigel Hines Malcolm Snowden & Danny Roberts

Many  thanks  to the Society for the  invite  to judge.  Thanks  also  to tracklayers and  crimi­ nals for their excellent input  into the event.

Six  teams  entered  the stake  and  all qualified the nosework, control  and agility; main prob­ lems  in  patrol  work  being  in the  recall  and courage test.

1st           Bryan   Pole  with  JEP (WS)   Nose­ work  110: control  27:  patrol  137.  Excellent quarter,   chase,  recall ,   search   and   escort. More commitment in courage  test required. CoM.

2nd          Pete   Carroll   with   FLOYD (GSD) CoM. N/w 110: control 31: patrol 107. Excellent quarter,  chase, search  and  escort.  Failed  the recall and  more  commitment in courage test required .

3rd           Helen  Kelly   with   TIKKA (GSD) N/w  108:  control  33:  agility  20:  patrol  100 NQ.

4th           John Gray with THOMAS (Rott)  N /w 95:   control   31.5:  agility   14.5:   patrol   114. Failed the recall, otherwise a very strong and committed dog.  NQ.

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