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Championship Trial
Venue: Alnwick
Trial Held: 11 September 2016

Stake: CD

Steward: Adele

Thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge, and to Jacquie Hall, trials manager, for all her hard work, even managing to provide lovely weather for the trial! A special mention to my steward, Adele, for keeping me under control and ensuring everything went smoothly.
Lastly, thanks to the competing teams, small in number but not in quality.

1st Mike Wilson with THE MELV MIX (Melvin), X-Breed, 97, Q. An almost perfect round. Great partnership which will go far.
2nd Veronica Errington with POLLGINA ROSEND SHANTI (Ziggy), Lab, 81.5, NQ. A lovely round, only let down by the jumps.
3rd Lorraine Wilson with BLIMEY LIFE OF RILEY (Riley), X Breed, 81, NQ. A faultless control round until the jumps.
4th Joyce Watson with BANDAITCH BLYTH BREA (Breagha), X-Breed, 68, NQ. Good round, was unlucky with the stays


Stake: UD

Steward: Sharon Dunn
Tracklayer: Heather Patrick

Many thanks to NECWTS for inviting me to judge UD. Thanks also to Sharon, who agreed to be my steward and was good company. Thank you also to Jacquie, trials manager, and her team, who did a sterling job. To Heather, my tracklayer, who did a great job, thank you. To Sue, who produced some amazing food and kept us going, a big thank you.
Many thanks to my two competitors who took my decisions and both were a pleasure to judge.

1st Rosemary Smyth, FINN MY COOL COLLIE, BC, D, 173, Q. What a lovely partnership this was. Dropped 2 marks on the control - what amazing heelwork. Shame about the long jump, but no doubt that will be sorted. Great track, 88, which was lovely to watch. Well done and a pleasure to judge.
2nd Sharon Brown, TARNEDGE ECLIPSE, Labrador, D, 80, NQ. What a great team. A lovely control round with a very happy dog. The track started very positively but ended abruptly as dog and handler got lost. They did work very hard but unfortunately took the wrong path. What a happy dog, his tail never stopped and hopefully we will see more of this team. A pleasure to watch and judge.

Thank you again to all who made my day very pleasurable, and well done to both competitors.



PD Stake

Judge – Lorna Cottier

My thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge and especially to Jacquie Hall for all her hard work as Trials manager. She was very ably assisted by the many supporters of Northumberland Canine Centre as well as some NEC stalwarts.
Thanks must also go to Adele doing the scores and cutting the grass, Sue for the catering as well as my very splendid helpers – thank you for everything.
The Base was a fabulous set up allowing us a C&A/Patrol field at the back and huge stubble tracking fields at the front.
Those splendid PD helpers were Julz Findeisen (search and C&A steward, patrol scribe), Tracey Park (tracklayer, patrol steward), Penny Pritchard (tracklayer) and the protected stewards Mike Wilson, Brian Glasgow and Gary Martin – the latter three having also qualified their own dogs at Rufforth trial the day before - well done! Thanks also to Heather Patrick for lending us Chuck for the run through and being the hay gatherer to give us guidance on specific points in the patrol field, much better than poles.
6 entered and ran – all work was done on the one day without any problem. The weather was dry and breezy. We started with C&A which highlighted definite weaknesses (sendaway) in some competitors – there’s little point in having great patrol and being let down by other exercises. The nosework followed and after the track there was slow pace heelwork, the speak then the search.
Patrol started with part of the escort at a slow pace. This took the team into the field for the recall then the escort continued with the attack on handler. The chase followed this and when the handler was ¾ of the way to where the dog had detained , the dog was called off and sent back down the field to the test of courage which was an angry man shaking a metal bin with stones in it. The quarter finished the round with a slope off during the search of the hide.

1st Alan Bexon & WT Ch Fly By Night, WSD, D. Fabulous performance throughout the whole day. No weakness, even when Fly found the track difficult, Alan’s quiet but positive handling assisted. In the search square Fly never stopped working and was rewarded with the last 2 articles in the final 15 seconds. Very polished throughout the patrol and a real pleasure to watch; very well done.
Control- 33.5/35; Ag – 20/20; N/W – 107/115; Patrol 145/150 305.5/320 PDex

2nd Diane Ling & WT Ch Deben Little Tom, X –breed, D. Always full of enthusiasm, sometimes Tom let it take control in the patrol and it proves costly. But otherwise he is undoubtedly amongst the best PD dogs for a long time and makes everything look such fun. Well done.
Control – 31; Ag- 15; N/W – 107.5; Patrol – 135 288.5 PDex

3rd Bill Richardson & Kenocto Octobers Delight, Mali, D. Hard work pays off and Eck really did excel in the patrol. A missed article on ironically the best track was expensive but he really can impress with his work and is always such a character to watch. Well done.
Control – 27.5; Ag – 15; N/W – 96.5; Patrol – 143 282 PDex

4th. Vic Snook & Little Mica, X Breed, D. Mica was a bit too naughty in the control round and even a brilliant sendaway couldn’t give her enough marks. However she worked hard and well throughout the rest of the test; Vic -good to see you working a dog so well in PD after all the time wearing the sleeve you’ve given the sport.
Control – 24.5; Ag – 15; N/W – 94; Patrol – 131 264.5 NQ

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