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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 09 October 2016

 WD Stake


Judge: Nigel Hines

Tracklayers:   Sue Ashby, Tracey Park, Diane Ling

Steward:          June Hines

Many thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this trial. It’s always a pleasure to judge here, with Julz and her team of helpers, who are a very friendly crowd and cannot do enough for their judges and helpers. They’re also very good company in the evenings!

Thanks to the competitors for entering and working my tests. Conditions were good, both weather-wise and with the tracking fields. Everyone had excellent tracking ground and we were treated to some impressive nosework, including one full mark track!

Thanks to my tracklayers for giving up their time – Sue laid on both days, with Tracey and Diane doing one day each. June laid the squares and stewarded control.

As always, sincere thanks to the farmers for allowing us on the land. Also, Linda, Annie and Liz in the kitchen at the base for keeping us well fed and watered.

After two days’ work, we ended up with 8 qualifiers.


1st       Rita Kidson with Tregada Tye CDEx – WDEx BC D 197 marks Q Ex

Well done! With 89 for the track, a full point search and only losing 2 in the control, Tye was a very worthy winner.

2nd        Andrea Lynd with Seldomseen Jet Lab B 191.5 marks Q Ex

A very competent and steady round and a well-deserved second place. Well done.

3rd        John Wykes with Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce CDEx – WDEx BC D 189 marks Q Ex

Another impressive round, just losing a few marks in the control.

4th         Doug Shearer with Dreaganta Typsi BC B 187.5 marks Q Ex

Stumpy put in an excellent nosework round, just losing odd marks in the control but the long jump was costly.

Also qualifying:

Fran Atkin with Waggerland Cappuccino WDS D 184.5 marks Q Ex

John Phillips with Hundeschafer Caden CDEx – UDEx GSD D 184 marks Q Ex

Jenny Holt with Beelaholt Bryn CDEx – WDEx BC D 178 marks Q Ex

Moira Rogerson with Xandoas Isa CDEx – UDEx Malinois D 178 marks Q Ex


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Colin Wilson, Dave Stewart, Andrea Lynd and Gary Martin

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

I would like to thank the society and committee for asking me to judge here again; I have lots of very fond memories of working my dogs at Tow Law.

Many thanks must go to Julz; she is an ace trials manager, nothing is left to chance, everything organised for the smooth running of this trial. Thanks must also go to Dave Smith (the farmer), Julz`s partner; he organised his stock so we could work nine tracks on one of his farms, then just a short drive for the next two and the spare track.

The helpers are second to none - very efficient ladies at the base, Tracey, Fran, Caroline and Heather; fantastic team in the kitchen, Linda, Annie and Liz, you work wonders throughout the trial and I know how hard the catering is. Bless you for all the food at the base and in the field - it was very, very welcome and oh, so scummy.

TD Tracklayers were Colin Wilson, 3 days, Dave Stewart, 4 days, Andrea Lynd, 2 days, and Gary Martin, 2 days. Thank you one and all for giving up your free time to help provide the competitors with very accurately laid tracks and well scented articles. On Saturday Dave and Gary laid six tracks each, which was an extremely generous gesture, to help us out, thanks, guys, you’re great. Thank you, Lol, for escorting the competitors to the tracking farm.

Lorraine Wilson, search steward and C/A steward extraordinaire. I was chuffed to bits when Julz said Lorraine would steward for me. She is one of the top stewards in the country. Very efficient squares, giving everyone's dog the best possible chance to succeed, equally so as the C/A steward; many thanks, Lorraine, you are brilliant. Thanks for all your help with "you know who" as well - a very patient lady indeed.

1st           WAGGERLAND TYNE, WSD, D, with Tracey Park, 212, Q TDEx. Tyne was the first dog to work and wow! 3 and 4, 97 track, he made the whole test look so easy; produced a very good control round and full jumps to secure this win. Congratulations, Tracey, he certainly came up trumps after his long spell off recovering from the injury.

2nd         GLENALPINE NIKKI, BC, B, with Charlie Taylor, 209.5, Q TDEx. Nikki is such a petite girl and Charlie obviously loves her to bits! Another 3 and 4, 96 track. I feel sure with Charlie's vast experience we shall see Nikki at the top for a very long time to come. Congratulations on this reserve CC.

3rd          RODWELLS BLACK PRINCE Lab, D, with Chris Trevor, 209, Q TDEx. Oscar recovered 3 and 4 with 96.5 track, nice control with a good sendaway, just lost two marks on the down stay. Full jumps – congratulations, Chris.

4th          WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, D, with Pat Parkinson, 204, Q TDEx. Shadow worked a very nice track, 97.5 recovering 2 and 4; another very good control round and full agility. Ouch, the missed track article was expensive, but it won’t be long before he gets his next ticket, Pat. Congratulations to you both.

Also qualified TDEx:

5th after run off, STARDELL PISCES, BC, D, with Dave Marchant, 204

WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, BC, D, with Gary Atkins, 201

WTCh JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, D, with Margaret Robinson, 201

QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, WSD, D, with Dave Craven, 200.5

MARINA BEN'S PAL, Cross, B, with Mike Williams, 197.5

KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, D, with Bill Richardson, 188

STARDELL TYL, BC, D, with Jim Sewell, 177.5

Best nosework trophy was won by Sarah Burroughes Lab, B, TARNEDGE VELVET, who unfortunately was one of the eleven victims of the rain shower during the down stay, drat!

Final thanks to the competitors, who took the results, success or other, with such good grace - you all went home with the best dog. Good luck at your next event.


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