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Open Trial
Venue: Christon bank
Trial Held: 12 February 2017

Trials Manager’s Report

Friday was not too bad weather-wise, but very wet underfoot and a stiff breeze. Saturday was horrendous....full stop!!
Sunday was colder, occasional snow/sleet showers and breezy!
Thank you to all the judges, stewards, tracklayers and helpers! You must have been asking yourself.....' why am I doing this again.....?' The answer is.... we love this sport!!

PD Stake: Judge, Moira Rogerson. 4 entries, 3 ran
1st BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, X-Breed, and Julia Findeisen, 292, Q and best Patrol round
2nd LITTLE DEBEN JOE, X-Breed, and Diane Ling, 285, Q and best nosework.
3rd RANDOLFIELD NEILA, GSD, and Brian Glasgow, 241, NQ

TD Stake: (Fri/Sat/Sun) Judge, Dave Craven. 19 entries, 16 ran.
1st TREGADA TYE, BC, and Rita Kidson, 217, Q
2nd TARNEDGE LEIA, Lab, and Sheila Tannert, 213, Q
3rd DREAGANTA TYPSI, BC, and Doug Shearer, 201, NQ
4th ZINZAN ZOO, X-Breed, and Jackie Dykes, 198, NQ

WD Stake: (Sat only) Judge, Dave Stewart. 13 entries, 7 ran
1st BANDAITH SHIRIN, X-Breed, and Yvonne Walker, 183, NQ
2nd THE CHEKA AT BRACOKELI, GSD, and Mark Lewindon, 158, NQ
3rd FINN MY COOL COLLIE, BC, and Rosemary Smyth, 138.5, NQ
4th BLIMEY LIFE OF RILEY, X-Breed, and Lorraine Wilson, 95.5, NQ

UD Stake: (Sat/Sun) Judge, Sharon Dunn. 12 entries, 11 ran
1st; DEV AT CARFELD, BC, and Yvonne Carpenter, 199, Q
2nd BANDAITCH BLYTH BREA, X-Breed, and Joyce Watson, 180, Q
3rd POLLGINA ROSEND SHANTI, Lab, and Veronica Errington, 186.5, NQ
4th GOOSECREEK DAKOTA, Aus Shep, and Jackie Hilton, 183, NQ

CD Stake: Judge, Shirley Windsor. 2 entries, 2 ran
1st MERGAVEY MINI TOPPER, Golden Ret, and Kevin Comerford, 76, NQ
2nd GLEN VINE, Min. Schnauzer, and Tell Tuttle, 48.5, NQ

Jacquie Hall


Control & Agility

Judge Ray Lea

Stewards Alison Pollard ( Friday )

Vickie Hunter ( Saturday )

Lorraine Wilson ( Sunday)

Many thanks to committee of NECWTS for the invitation to judge the Control and Agility at their Christin Bank Open trial Special thanks to Jacque Hall for the lovely accommodation and the fabulous food and hospitality in her lovely home .Jacquie gave me three great stewards in Alison Pollard , Vickie Hunter and Lorraine Wilson  the three ladies gave the competitors clear and accurate instructions every time brilliant well done and thank you for your great company. The weather didn't help any one it was bitter cold all three days and the rain seemed to come just in time for all the stays and it just felt like some one was throwing grit at you and didn't help with the stays as we lost a few dogs each time we did the stays which was a shame after some very good rounds we also lost some dogs on the jumps . the test started with the speak ( TD) and the retrieve (UD,WD) that done it was onto the heel free starting in fast pace for 15 paces right turn 15 paces about turn into normal pace back to the start pole then into slow pace for 15 paces about turn and 15 paces back then onto sendaway UD was 55paces to a big stock pen fence WDand TD had a out run of 100 paces to a high viz flag and TD right redirect of 120 paces to another high viz flag then onto the jumps clear , long, scale .every one gave it a good go but the weather was always against them thank you every one for entering good luck next time .I would also like to thank Dave Stewart ,Dave Craven and Lol Campbell for being great company and with some great banter


1st Yvonne Carpenter with Dev At Carfeild  BC D on 199 pts com.great round by Yvonne and Dev never put a foot wrong well done

2 nd Joyce Watson with Bandaitch Blyth Brea XB B on 180 pts com. A nice round by this team and quietly handled by Joyce very well done.

3rd Veronica Errington with Pollgina Rosend Shanti LAB B on 186.5pts NQ very good try one of the dogs that the weather beat well done

4 th Jackie Hilton with Goosecreek Dakota  Aus  B on 183 pts well done


1st Yvonne Walker with Bandaitch Shirin XB B on 183 pts NQ good try but jumps taking there toll today

2 nd Mark Lewindon with The Cheka AT Bracokeli GSD D on 158 pts NQ nice round Mark but it was all a bit tight come off the nose work 3rd Rosemary Smyth with Finn My Cool CollieBC D on 138.5 pts NQ good try just not your day 4th Lorraine Wilson with Blimey Life Of Riley XB D on 95.5 pts NQ it was tough going out there today


1st Rita Kidson with Tregada Tye BC D on 217 pts com great round Rita the marks say it all good luck in ticket

2nd Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Leila Lab B on 213 pts com another team that beat the weather well done Sheila and Leila nice round

3rd Doug Shearer with Dreaganta Typsi BC B on 201 pts NQ a good try Doug the jumps and weather beat you to day

4th Jackie Dykes with Zinzan Zoo XB B on 198pts NQ again jumps taking there toll

Good luck every for the future 


WD Nosework

Judge: Dave Stewart
Many thanks to North East Counties Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the WD Nosework. It is always a pleasure to come here whether Judging or working. Such a friendly and well organised trial. Thanks to Jacquie Hall, Trails Manager for an another very well run trial, you did a brilliant job. On the desk was Adele who was excellent. Kept me up to date on any changes made and made a difficult job look easy. My tracklayers Ann Bedford and Lol Campbell did a fantastic job as you would expect from two very experienced people. Lovely to see you back Lol. My square steward was Veronica who was doing it for the first time. You needn't have been worried Veronica, like duck to water, you were wonderful. You were all a pleasure to be with and be such lovely company. Thank you everyone.
Finally thank you competitors for actually showing up on that awful day and accepting my decisions. It was a privilege to be able to judge you and your dogs.
Tracking was done on grass which looked lovely, unfortunately the wind got stronger and stronger and played havoc with the tracking.
1st Yvonne Walker - BANDAITCH SHIRIN X Breed 183nq.
The only team to complete the track. A fabulous effort in awful conditions. Meera did you proud Yvonne, such a pity on the jumps. All that effort deserved better. A pleasure to watch and judge. All the very best for you future trials.
2nd Mark Lewindon - THE CHEKA AT BRACOKELI GSD 158nq
A fabulous effort Mark, Cheka couldn't quite manage to wind but for a very young dog he never gave up and did brilliantly and well handled. Won't be long before you go into the higher stakes.
3rd Rosemary Smyth - FINN MY COOL COLLIE BC 138.5nq
What a shame Rosemary the track was going so well. It was lovely to watch and surprised us all went Finn went wrong even in those conditions. On a better day you shouldn't have any problem at all. Good luck in your next trial.
4th Lorraine Wilson - BLIMEY LIFE OF RILEY X BREED 95.5nq
The wind did you no favours at all Lorraine, I'm surprised you could stand up. You won't get many worse days. Very best of luck in your future trials.


T.D  Nosework

Judge: David Craven

Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd. Dave Stewart & Tracey Park

Many thanks to NEWTS for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework. Thank you to Jacquie Hall and her team for running an excellent Trial and providing excellent food and accommodation.

I had 3 experienced tracklayers Andrea, Dave & Tracey. Sharon & Avril laying the Search squares, thank you for giving up your time and being such great company throughout the trial

The weather was cold, wet and windy at times and proved costly although everyone competed in good spirits.    

Well done and good look to all the competitors in the future.

1st  Rita Kitson with Tredaga Tye. BC 217 Q  Tye did an excellent track and full mark search square. A pleasure to watch and a well worthy winner

2nd Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Leia. Lab 213 Q   A nice track from Leia and full mark square well handled by Sheila  

3rd Doug Shearer with Dreaganta Typsi BC 201 NQ

4th Jackie Dykes with Zinzan Zoo XB 198 NQ


Stake: PD

Judge: Moira Rogerson

Square, C&A and Patrol Steward: Bill Richardson

Tracklayer: Tracey Park

Criminals: Tracey Park, Alan Bexon & Karen Bexon

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge and to Jacqui Hall for running and organising the trial. Thankfully we worked on the Sunday as Saturdays weather was horrendous and although it was cold was much improved.

Thank you to Tracey for tracklaying and being a criminal and to Karen & Alan Bexon for being criminals and to Bill for stewarding.

I set a straightforward test for an open and the dogs worked well with two of the three dogs that worked qualifying.

4 entered 3 ran.

1st Julia Findeisen with Bandaitch Dirty Harry, X breed Dog 292 Q

Won trophy for best Patrol Round. Most of the marks lost were for missing the last leg of the track and article, other than that Harry was brilliant, nice to see Julz back. Hope this spurs you on. Well done.

2nd Diane Ling with Little Deben Joe, X breed Dog 285 Q

Won trophy for best Nosework. Control was good except for heelwork. Lots of commands on the quarter and an extra command on the recall. All in all a well deserved qualification. Well done.

3rd Brian Glasgow with Randolfield Neila GSD Botch 241 NQ

Was qualifying till the manwork but a bite in the hide and no recall were costly. Hard Luck


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