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Well this year’s Championship trial is the best one I have run as trials manager, as all the land owners played ball with me and gave me the land I wanted, although one land owner did turn up with a barrel of cow slurry to dump on the fields, but after a short chat he put it somewhere else! The trial started on the Wednesday with the WD stake, with CD and PD starting on the Friday and UD stake on Saturday. The weather throughout the trial was very wintry, with freezing fog and frost most mornings, then waking up to three inches of snow on Sunday morning and PANIC! How is every one going to get to the trial? Safely, as it turned out; we only had a couple of scratches. Thank you, everyone, for making it on the day.

I would like to thank all of my teams: judges, stewards, tracklayers, escorts, kitchen staff, base staff, and, most of all, Tom Davis and his team who worked so hard and who set out from Sheffield in such bad weather. Trials could NOT run without all of you people, so once again thank you so much - you all did a great job. To the land owners, thank you for allowing us to use your land. And to Skinners Pet Food for their continued sponsorship, and for the donation of another embroidered coat for the winner. Thank you to Elizabeth Wooltorton for being on site to give advice on the different types of dog food on show.

I hope everyone got home safely, and thank you for your time. Good luck to every one in the future





Steward: Sheila Tannert

Thanks for North West for the invitation to judge the CD championship at Lower Withington. Thanks go to Ray and his team for running a great trial. Thanks to all in base, a big thank you to everyone who helped in the kitchen.

Thank you to Sheila who was both my square and control steward - great job once again. Also thanks for running me around.

Last but not least I would like to say thank you to all the competitors for entering under me! I hope you enjoyed the test that I set, even with snow in the squares. Judging taught me something this weekend - if it snows, make sure you have a different colour dumbell other than white.

We had 9 CDEx qualifiers and one CD; everyone worked their dogs well. For people who didn’t quite make it - keep at it, you will all get there!

1st Allen Heatley with JOTUNHEIM TRUCKER. What a lovely round by a very talented young dog and handler. He also got the highest placed member trophy too. Q, 96

2nd Rosemary Smyth with BEELAHOLT KEZZY BEAST. Another lovely round. Well done. Q, 96

3rd June Reed with SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, owned by Mr and Mrs Williams. Nice round by a lovely dog. Q, 94

4th Tom Darby with TRIPLE CHAOS. A very nice round from Tom and Rio. Bit of tidying up here and there and you will have a great dog. Well done. Q, 93.5

Also qualifying CDEx:

Martyn Willcock with LUCY THE LAWLESS OF LANCS, 89

Stubbings and Collier (handled by P.T. Collier) with CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, 88

Ken Coleman with SHERINGEM MAC, 87.5

Marge Williams with BRAKES APPLIED FOR, 85.5

Mrs Susan Hanson with ROCLAIRE AURIOLE ATHENA, 83

Qualifying CD:

Mrs Sarah Moore with KIZZIE WIZZIE OF MOORLANDS, 76. Shame about the sendaway and scale - keep going, you will get there.




Tracklayers: Sat - Kath Woolley, Arthur Ball, Sue Yates; Sun - Chris Greenhalgh, Jain Douglas

Steward: Sat - Dave Bell; Sun - Sue Yates

Many thanks to NWWTS for inviting me to judge. Thanks to Ray Lea, Trials Manager, for running another efficient trial. A big thank you to Kath, Arthur, Sue, Chris and Jain for laying all the tracks exactly as I wanted them, and also to Dave and Sue for stewarding. Huge thanks also to Pam and the kitchen staff who always looked after us and kept us fed and watered; also to Judith and Hazel for manning the desk, writing the certificates, scores etc.

The weather on the Saturday was a hard frost, but sunny in the afternoon. Sunday brought snow, which started to melt by middle afternoon but it then turned cold. Tracking was on pasture and all the dogs tracked very well but some dogs found the squares a bit difficult; I think this was due to lack of wind and conditions.

I would like to thank the competitors, whether you qualified or not, for accepting my decisions and Good Luck to you all in the future.

1st Jan Sewell, BRYN OF HARWOOD DALE, WSD, 190.5, Q UDEx. Quietly handled, a very good all round performance. Very impressed with his square, lovely attitude, a well deserved win.

2nd Wendy Beasley, STARDELL LUNA, BC, 185, Q UDEx. An impressive track, only losing half a mark. Well done.

3rd Brenda Nevard, REDFOR SPIN, WSD, 184.5, Q UDEx. Well done, 2 off the track, 4 out the square.

4th Jill Carruthers, Vomkyna Darca, GSD, 180.5, Q UDEx. An excellent track, Darca tracked like she was on rails. Well Done.

Also qualified UDEx:


June Reed handling Mr and Mrs Williams’ SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, GSD, 168

Paul Beasley, STARDELL SPICA, BC, 162

Qualified UD:

Donna Walker, ASTRA JAY, BC, 149.5




Tracklayers: Kim Astbury, Jane Douglas, June Reed, Chris Greenhaugh.

Steward: Diane Yeatman

I’d like to thank North West for the opportunity to judge the WD stake at such a great trial.  Thank you to Ray Lea and his brilliant team of helpers for doing such a fantastic job organising the trial during and prior to the event….they even arranged for lots of lovely snow!!  Pam Wadsworth did her usual fab job in the kitchen with her band of helpers, who instead of ‘fast food’ supplied ‘non-stop food’……..if you let her you could be a stone heavier by the end of the week!!  One more day and my will power would have vanished!  Thank you for looking after Di and myself so well.  Didn’t get their names, but thank you also to Ray’s daughter and friend for the lovely food on Friday evening.   Thank you to Judith and Hazel for manning the base and sorting all the scores and certificates.  Thanks also to Gill, Diane and Chris Davis for escorting the competitors to their tracks - everyone was on time and no one was lost, which helped make things run smoothly.  Thank you to my tracklayers for doing a brilliant job, with 24 out of 30 teams completing the track, so well done.  And special thanks to Di for keeping me company and putting down all the squares and stewarding the control; even though she was a nervous wreck on the first day she did a fantastic job.  A very big thank you to the farmers for the use of their land and for holding off spraying the fields until we had finished, and to Dawn and Dave at Holly Tree Farm for making us feel so welcome.  And last but not least, a big thank you to all the competitors who entered and travelled through some horrid weather to enable me to watch their dogs work - they were all brilliant.   Congratulations to everyone who qualified and commiserations to those who didn’t………it was just bad luck on the day as they were all very capable.

Tracking was on grass, which was either covered in thick frost or snow first thing in the morning, which showed every footprint, or wet and muddy later in the day, making the conditions in the afternoon more difficult, but all the dogs coped really well.

1st Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, 189.5, Q.  Teal tracked later in the day when it was wet and muddy but did a lovely track and the fastest square of the week – 59 seconds!  Also awarded the best nosework trophy. Track 86.5/20, Sq 33, Control 29, Agility 20.  Congratulations.

2nd Moira Rogerson and XANDOAS CHANCE, 189, Q.  Another lovely track and square followed by a nice control round, but then a slight blip on the agility cost a higher qualification.  86/20, 32, 33.5, 17.5.  Very well done.

3rd Lee Payne and LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, 186, Q.  Nice track on very frosty ground, a missed square article was costly today.  Super control round.  89.5/20, 25, 31.5, 20.  Well done.

4th  Andy Fox and STARDELL MUSCA, 184.5, Q.  A super track, followed by a very tidy and accurate square; would have had the best nosework but for Andy finding one of the track articles!  Lovely control round, marks lost were just a blip with the gun test.  89/15, 34, 31.5, 15.  Well done.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Rod Roberts with LITTLE JEFF, 87/20, 26, 32, 19, Total: 184

Dave Marchant with MISTER BEAMISH, 85/20, 32, 26.5, 20, Total: 183.5

Gill Armstrong with SAPPHIRE TYG, 87/20, 25, 34, 17.5, Total: 183.5

Tracey-Lee Sinfield and TRACY’S LITTLE JEZABEL, 84/20, 25, 31, 20, Total: 180

Sheila Margreaves with SHADOWQUEST KANE, 84.5/15, 32, 32.5, 14, Total: 178

Sheila Williams and WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, 85.5/20, 25, 33, 14.5, Total: 178

Laura Bardwell and POLLIGINA JACKSON MCBRIDE, 87/20, 20, 31.5, 19.5, Total: 178

Jackie Hope and CARLSBRO MACH, 89/20, 17, 33.5 18, Total: 177.5

Fran Atkin and BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, 76/15, 33, 32, 20, Total: 176

Heather Donnelly and MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER, 81/10, 34, 30.5, 18, Total: 173.5

Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, 78/20, 24, 31.5, 15, Total: 168.5

Qualifying WD:

Bob Shropshire and STYPERSON OLIVER, 71/10, 24, 32, 15, Total: 152




Tracklayers: Terry Austin and Jenny Holt

Search and C/A Steward: Sylvia Austin

Patrol Steward: Linda Newbold

Patrol Round Scribe: Kim Astbury

Patrol Competitors’ Steward: Diane Yeatman

Criminals: Tom, Steve, Vic, Anthony and Richard

A big thank you to Ray Lea and everyone at North West for all their terrific teamwork that ensured the trial ran so smoothly.

My helpers were super – all were great company and did their job to perfection. I, along with I am sure the competitors, really appreciated your time and efforts.

Nosework was on grass; the fields varied in quality but not to any great extent. Weather conditions on Friday and Saturday caused no problems with tracking but the sendaway had to be changed at the last minute on Friday morning as my planned outrun wasn’t visible due to dense fog. So Saturday’s dogs had it a bit easier there.

On Sunday we were greeted by a few inches of snow. I shortened the chase slightly but otherwise it didn’t cause any problems with the patrol test. We owe huge thanks to all the criminals who drove through very wintry weather to get to the trial on the Sunday morning.

13 teams entered, 12 worked, and after the nosework and C/A we had 7 still on qualifying marks for the patrol.

The patrol test was a lock out and commenced with the test of courage, followed by a short escort. The recall came during the escort, with the handler given little chance to ‘set their dog up’ and the escort then continued with the attack on handler. The chase then followed immediately at the end of the escort and, as with the recall, it was quick, with good responsive control by the dog required for the handler to be able to work the situation well.

That part of the test was then finished and the quarter commenced. The field was split into two sections with the handlers told they had to be sure the first section was cleared of anyone before commencing the second section. There were two tents and a wood within one half of the field and just a boundary to be run in the second half. One criminal was in the first half in a tent, another in the second half, up a tree.

At the end of the day we had three worthy qualifiers; most of the other teams needed work on mainly the control aspect and some on the hidden persons.

Thank you to NWWTS for the invitation to judge and thanks also to the competitors for entering and their good sportsmanship. There are some very promising dogs out there that bode well for the future.

1st Wendy Beasley and WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, BC. As is often the case, this team went into the patrol round having lost very few marks en route. Superb control in the patrol meant that Phoebe could afford to lose the few that she did in the chase and quarter, where, like so many others, she wasn’t convinced there was anyone in the tent. An enjoyable team to judge and at the end of the day, a worthy winner. Best of luck at the KCCs later in the year. (N/w 109.5, Con 34, Ag 20, Patrol 124) Total: 287.5, PDEx

2nd Andy Baker and SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC. This team had to work hard to get round their track but otherwise worked well throughout the rest of the nosework and C/A. Great commitment from Sid in the patrol and he had sussed out the guy in the tent way before anyone else. Really well handled by Andy – it won’t be long before Sid has his well deserved title. (N/w 102, Con 28.5, Ag 19, Patrol 135) Total: 284.5, PDEx

3rd Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, BC. Terrific nosework and good C/A from this team, meaning they went into the patrol just behind Wendy’s mark. In the patrol, though, control was the issue on the escort, and Murphy also needed a bit of convincing that there was someone up the tree. However, as usual, Murphy’s enthusiasm throughout ensured a worthy qualification. (N/w 113, Con 29, Ag 19, Patrol 115) Total: 275, PDEx

4th John Wykes and WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC. Jaff produced the best nosework but age caught up with him in the agility. He has always been a good, consistent patrol dog and this was again the case with a qualifying patrol round. Happy retirement by the fireside, Jaff. (N/w 113.5, Con 24, Ag 9, Patrol 130) Total: 276.5, NQ

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