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Square and C/A Steward: Chris Davis

Gate stewards: Gill Armstrong and Jackie Dykes

Many thanks to the folks at the NWWTS for inviting me to judge.  Thank you to Ray Lea, the trials manager, and his team for putting on the trial.

Thanks to my steward, Chris Davis, who did a sterling job today.  Gill Armstrong and Jackie Dykes ensured that we were not waiting and kept the competitors flowing.  We were looked after very well by Pam and her team in the kitchen and Judith and Hazel on the desk, thank you all again.

11 entries – 10 ran.  Thank you to all the handlers and dogs that entered the CD stake.  I really enjoyed watching everyone work.  Unfortunately the stays and jumps took their toll.  The sendaways, 70 yds to white cross poles, were all good.  For some teams today was their first ever trial, but every dog showed potential to progress in trials. 

We had good weather, bright, dry and not cold.  Square articles were; 4" piece of green hose pipe, 5" x 3" piece of red carpet and a 3" diameter blue plastic jar top.

1st Kate Nicholls and BEVERTON ICE, BC, 96.5, Q.  A polished performance from Kate and Ice, lovely full mark square and retrieve.  Well done and good luck in future trials.

2nd Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT BRIAR, BC, 83.  Briar worked well for Jenny, just a few bits which I am sure Jenny will sort out very soon.

3rd Jenny Holt and BELLAHOLT BRYN, BC, 79.5.  Just pipped by his sister today.  A very strong dog, just hopped over the jumps.  I have no doubt they will both do well in the future for Jenny.

4th John Missin and BEESTING SAMBA, BC, 72.5.  Spirit worked hard for John today, a little dog that is improving nicely - good luck for the future.

Best GSD was HOLDIN OUT FOR A HERO (Dempsy) handled by Jackie Weight.




Tracklayers: Sue Ashley and Kim Astbury

Steward: Chris Davies

Manager:  Ray Lea     

Base:  Judith Stamp and Hazel Holt

Escorts: Jill Armstrong and Jackie Dykes

Catering:  Pam Wadsworth and her team of Eileen, Sylvia and Chris

Evening meal; Cooked by Claire Bailey and assisted by Chris (Davies), Sylvia and Barbara

Farmers:  Grateful thanks to the farmers for their cooperation in moving cattle, etc and allowing the trial to go ahead on their land.

I was happy once again to step in to assist Ray at this trial as the substitute UD judge when Jain Douglas was unable to go ahead.  As always, Ray provided me with a first class team who ran the stake to perfection and were also terrific company for the two days of the stake and the rest of the trial also.  The all-ladies team did exactly what was required in the stake as tracklayers and my square and C/A steward.  Thank you all and to Chris for being there for the whole two days of the stake. All the competitors arrived at the nosework areas on time, thanks to the escorts who guided them to us.  It is very reassuring as a judge that judging is all you need to worry about.  Thanks to you all for being such a great team.

18 entered, 14 Ran, 3 qualifiers.  As tends to be the case in UD open there was great variation in the work which I observed.  There were dogs which appeared to be off the lead for the very first time and found exploring the entire control field far more appealing than doing the control round.  A few dogs gave a good account of themselves and went on to qualify.  Some of the teams were entering a trial for the first time so patience was the order of the day to give every team a chance.  No one qualified out of the five on the first day but three gained certificates on the second.  There was a clear divide between the dogs’ performances on the control field and out on the tracking grounds.  Most dogs acquitted themselves well in the nosework section but for some teams the control was not there at all.  It does make me think that perhaps there should be some "beginners" stake which must be gained before entering a full blown trial for the first time.  Looking at the despair/exasperation on some of the handlers faces during the trial, this would be fairer to them by allowing them to come in at a basic level and gain a certificate/qualification to prove they have reached a decent level of control with their dog.  This would give them some confidence before going on.  However each one of the competitors was very sporting and took part in the spirit we all hope to see. Well done to the qualifiers and best wishes to those who did not have such a successful time on this occasion.

Happy trialling!

1st Valerie Joughin with ROYAL MERLE OF CLAUGHTON, WSD, D, 177.5, Q.   

2nd Rebecca MacGuffie with POLLGINA FERNEND FALCON, Lab, D, 175.5, Q.

3rd Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT BRYN CDEx, BC, D, 169.5, Q.

4th Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT BRIAR, CDEx, BC, D, 179, NQ.  Also gained best Tracking Trophy




Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave, Terry Austin and Dave Stretch

Square Stewards: Richard, Teresa and Diane   

Control and Agility Steward: Wendy Craven

Base: Judith Stamp and Hazel Holt

Escorts: Jackie Dykes

Catering: Pam Wadsworth and her team of Eileen, Sylvia and Chris

Evening meal: Cooked by Claire Bailey and assisted by Chris (Davies), Sylvia and Barbara

Thank you to North West for the invitation to judge the TD stake.  Well done to Ray Lea and his team of helpers at the base and in the kitchen for running an excellent and happy trial.  A big thank you to my tracklayers, especially Terry for laying the early tracks, and my stewards, who all did an excellent job over the four days. 

The grass fields were ideal for tracking and it was a pleasure to see the majority of teams complete the track.  Control let a few teams down, especially on the agility section.  Good luck in the future

29 entered, 23 ran, 11 qualifiers 

1st Margaret Robinson with WSD, JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, 217, Q.  Excellent track and control made Arran a worthy winner.

2nd Carol Grant with BC, DREAGANTA ROB ROY, 212.5, Q.  Another good track from Robbie only losing 1.5 on his nosework; long jump cost him 1st place.

3rd Andy Fox with BC, STARDELL MUSCIDA, 209, Q.  Another excellent track; Kane was a pleasure to watch.

4th Janet Freeman with BC, ASHLINDT ARRAN, 206.5, Q.  Solo is steady but accurate; well done getting 4th place

Also qualifying:

Eleanor Mestraud with GSD, WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, 205.5

Rosemary Smyth with WSD, BEELAHOLT KEZZY BEAST, 205.5

June Reed with S and D Williams’ GSD, SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, 201.5 (Best Track Trophy)

John Currie with WSD, MY BOY JIM, 200

Judith Stamp with X-breed, LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE, 199.5

Glenys Page with BC, LITTLETHORN MORGAN, 195

Malcolm Snowden with BC, STARDELL SIRIUS, 179

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