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Our championship trial is kindly sponsored by Skinners Pet Foods, who were represented by Elizabeth Woolterton, as always giving sound advice on their great product.

The trial started on Thursday 20th Feb with WD, with John Wykes in charge and his wife, Kate, at his side doing the stewarding. The day got off to a bad start for me, as the farm that we use and which has most of the land, had a fire in a straw barn, which started at 6am with smoke billowing across the fields; five fire tenders were there for twelve hours but it did not interfere with the WD tracking.

Friday started with CD, UD, WD and PD. It was PD that was using the land next to the farm that was on fire, so not wanting to get in anyone’s way we worked the tracks from Strawberry Wood towards the farm; this meant a lot of walking, for which I apologise. When everything was up and running I went to see the farmer to see if everything was ok and to offer any help; he thanked me for going but was more concerned about the smoke going across the fields and spoiling the trial, for which he apologised, but I think he had more worries that me.

Anyway, on with the trial. The weather throughout was very kind to us - dry for all four days but with a cold wind. The land was surprisingly dry, with lush green grass just right for good tracking.

I would like to thank all the judges – PD Mick Tustain, WD John Wykes, UD Richard Musgrave, CD Judy Meekings, Veteran Kate Wykes - all set good tests, all there to be done. To all the stewards - PD Anne Bussey and Allyson Tohme, WD Kate Wykes, UD Sylvia Austin and Teresa Musgrave, CD Sue Ashley and Veteran Beryl Gummo; to the tracklayers, Dave Stretch, Jeff Margreaves and Chris Trevor (PD), Kim Astbury, Chris Greenalgh and Terry Austin (WD), Dave Bell, Martyn Willcock and Kim Astbury (UD) and Dave Bell and Arthur Ball in veterans, a BIG, BIG thank you to you all.

In base were Judith Stamp and Hazel Holt, and in the kitchen, keeping us all fed and watered with some great food yet again, were Pam Wadsworth, Chris, Debbie, Aileen, Mavis, Carroll, Chas, and Diane - always a good team. To the escorts, Jackie and Gill, getting everyone to their tracks on time - thank you. And last, but not least, the "criminals" doing a great job again - Terry, Chris, Mark, Martyn and Howard - thank you, guys, we can’t run PD without you.





Steward: Sue Ashley

 Many thanks to NWWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake – I always enjoy watching young dogs as they start their WT careers, so it was a pleasure to accept this invite. Ray Lea and his team ran a superbly organised trial, with everything running like clockwork. Thanks, Ray, and also thanks to Judith and Hazel at the base, and Pam and her team in the kitchen; you all made me so welcome, and were unbelievably efficient. Fantastic!

Sue was a brilliant steward, laying squares exactly as asked, and guiding the competitors round the C/A rounds with friendly, calm efficiency. Many, many thanks, Sue, and thanks also for the photos.

As is always the case in this stake, some of the dogs were not quite ready to qualify, with the stays and jumps being the usual suspects. Squares were, with a very few exceptions, really well done, and most dogs recovered all three articles, which were a shotgun cartridge, a large lolly stick and a piece of green scourer. Inevitably, the experienced handlers had more overall success, but all dogs and handlers showed promise, and I’m sure will be successful very soon.

 1st Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, 94.5, Q. This was Shadow’s first outing, and what a brilliant display! Full mark search square, and only a minor blip on the hurdle - I’m sure he has a very bright future in front of him. Very well done, Pat.

2nd June Reed with Dr and Mrs Williams’ SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, 94, Q. Another superb performance from a very young dog, with only a few marks lost for various bits and bobs. Arnie is surely another one to keep an eye on for the future.

3rd Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE WISP, Lab, 93.5, Q. Fantastic square – 3 articles out in 34 seconds, for full marks! Again, just a few minor imperfections, but I’m sure Inca also has a brilliant future in front of her.

4th Kim Astbury and CHASING A DREAM, WSD, 83, Q. Another brilliant square from Chase, but a tight squeeze on the jumps! Congratulations, Kim, on getting that elusive CDEx - I hear that you’ve qualified again since, so double well done.

 Thank you to the competitors for competing in a sporting manner, handling your dogs with skill and patience, and accepting my decisions with good grace. You are a credit to our great sport; good luck to you all in your future trials.




Tracklayers: Martyn Willcock (two days), Kim Astbury (first day), David Bell (second day).

Square Steward: Teresa Musgrave

C/A Steward: Sylvia Austin

Trials Manager: Ray Lea

Base: Judith Stamp and Hazel Holt

Catering: Pam and team

 My thanks to North West Working Trials Society for allowing me to judge at this event. It is always a pleasure to be part of such a well-run trial, so special thanks to Ray and his team for being so thorough in their preparation and for then putting on such a good trial. All the people helping in every part of the trial did their part very well and created a very pleasant atmosphere from start to finish. Thank you all for being such good company during the trial.

The nosework was on grass in one very large field. The weather became very windy on the first day but much calmer on the second. I saw various degrees of success during the two days; this included almost perfection from the eventual winner to those who were not quite up to it at this trial and so were not successful on this occasion.

 10 entries: 9 competed, 1 qualifier.

 1st JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx, WSD, D, handled by Margaret Robinson, 195.5, Q. A superb round and a privilege to judge such an accomplished performance. An immaculate nosework round which gained the trophy for best track.

2nd HAUSBAILEY KALAB, CDEx, GSD, D, handled by Irene Seymour, 182, NQ. A good round, but came out of the down.

3rd G RONIMO BATES, WSD, D, handled by Graham Taylor, 169, NQ. A solid round of nosework and a particularly nice track. The jumps were the problem on this occasion.

4th LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE, CDEx, X-Breed, B, handled by Judith Stamp, 158.5, NQ. All elements are in place but not enough marks gained on this occasion. Judith wins the trophy for best placed member.

 My thanks to all the competitors for entering the trial and competing in the right spirit.




Tracklayers: Kim Astbury (Thursday), Terry Austin (Friday and Saturday) and Chris Greenhalgh

Square Steward and Scribe: Kate Wykes

 Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge. Thank you to Ray, the Trials Manager for a well-run trial, to Judith for running the base, and to Pam and the ladies and gentlemen in the kitchen for feeding and watering me.

Thank you to Kim, Terry and Chris for laying the tracks, and lastly, thank you to the farmers, without whose land we wouldn’t be able to run trials.

 1st Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCIDA, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, 196, Q and best nosework trophy

2nd Suzanne Plumb with DREAGANTA TRAFFID TANZI, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, 192.5, Q

3rd Sally Toynbee with HUNDWITH DUTIFUL, Weim, D, 187, Q and best gundog trophy

4th Kevin Johnson with VOMKYNA ECHO, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, B, 181, Q

 Also qualifying WDEx:

Janet Freeman with ASHLINDT ARRAN, BC, D, 180

Qualifying WD:

Philip Talbot with TRACELYN NEIL DIAMOND, GSD, D, 158.5

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions. To those who qualified well done, to those who didn’t better luck next time.




Stewards: Anne Bussey (Search and C/A), Allyson Tohme (Patrol Round)

Tracklayers: Dave Stretch, Jeff Margreaves, Chris Trevor, Mark Gardner, Martyn Wilcocks, Howard Green

Helpers: Terry Austin, Chris Trevor, Mark Gardner, Martyn Willcock, Howard Green.

 My thanks to NWWTS for inviting me to judge this stake, for looking after me and organising everything so well in a relaxed but efficient manner. Thank you to the tracklayers, stewards and PD helpers, who all did a great job, making everything run smoothly. I would also like to thank all the non-qualifiers who came back to run my PD round.

14 entered, 13 ran. Tracking was on grass.

The PD round was in a large field devoid of hedges, with only one tree and one bush within it, so these and 3 hides were used for the quarter. The first exercise was the recall; handlers had been told it could be either a chase or a recall, depending on the judge’s signal. From there, the quarter started, the handlers having been instructed to cover the area in a particular order. A search and escort of two helpers followed; one helper broke away while the other attacked the handler.

The chase was on two helpers, one of whom was carrying a holdall. When the dog was about 20 paces from the helpers the helper carrying the holdall dropped it and carried on running for 5 paces before stopping. The second helper continued to run until stopped by the dog.

The last exercise was the test of courage: a helper was in a taped-off area about the size of a search square. The helper was holding a bunch of streamers attached to a stick with 2 rattle bottles. The dogs were attracted towards the helper who picked up the streamers and menaced the dogs aggressively as they neared.

 1st Dave Olley with WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, X/B, D, 282, Q. Dave obviously pays attention to detail and trains for all eventualities. Excellent work and handling, congratulations on another WT Certificate.

2nd Alan Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT LAD, CDEx - TDEx, WSD, D, 269.75, Q. Congratulations on your first PDEx and Reserve Ticket. I understand you train with Dave - and it shows.

3rd Lee Payne with WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, X/B, D, 268.75. Diesel continues to shine in PD, well done.

 Best Track: Moira Rogerson, with her Malinois bitch - really nice to watch.

Best PD round: Manda McLellan with Tiger, X/B, D. This dog hardly put a paw wrong, an excellent round.




Tracklayers: Arthur Ball and Dave Bell

Square Steward: Beryl Gammon

 Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge, and thank you to Ray, the Trials Manager, for a well-run trial. Thank you to Pam and the ladies and gentlemen in the kitchen for feeding and watering me out in the fields. Lastly, thank you to the farmers without whose land we wouldn’t be able to run trials.

It was a pleasure to judge the "older" dogs work and they all did very well. Thank you to Beryl for laying the squares; this was Beryl’s debut laying competitive squares and she did a great job and had no problem remembering where the articles were if she had to retrieve them herself. Thank you to Arthur and Dave for laying the tracks as they should be, and also thank you to Gill and Jackie for bringing the competitors to their tracks safely.

 1st Judith Stamp with SPROLLIE DOLLIE, CDEx - WDEx, X, B, 164.

2nd Jain Douglas with ROTHIEVALE CIARA, CDEx - TDEx, Lab, B, 163.5.

3rd Allyson Tohme with JAKE AT JOTUNHEIM, SchH3, CDEx - WDEx, GSD, D, 163. Arrow obviously thought he was doing manwork as he took a fancy to my gloves before he started!

4th Chris Greenhalgh with TESSA THE MESSA, ESS, B, 162.

 Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions.


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