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Hi all, thank you for all the hard work that you as members put in to help me make this Skinner’s  pet food sponsored open North West Working Trial another success. The trial started on Friday 18th November and we were soon losing tracks due to walkers, but hey, land in hand is always good to have.  The land, as usual, was down to pasture and with it being so mild the big worry was cattle being left out longer than normal, but because of the great and generous land owners that we have they tend to keep land free for us - so a big thank you to all the land owners.  The judges, Tracey Park, PD, Kath Woolley, WD, Laura Bardwell, UD and Jain Douglas, CD - thank you all very much, you all set good tests.  PD was at Welltrough Hall Farm (flowers to us) for all the exercises; the patrol had a huge following, we almost ran out of parking places. 

I think I have one of the best teams in working trials, as every one knows what to do, where to go, and just gets on with it.  We also had one or two members helping for the first time and they did a first class job - well done.  I wish I could thank every one in this report but there are just too many, so THANK YOU all who gave up your time to help.  Well done to all that qualified and commiserations to those that didn’t.  Good luck for the future; hope to see you in February.





Steward: Chris Davis

Gate Steward: Jackie Hope

I would like to thank Ray Lea and the committee of the NWWTS for asking me to judge the CD stake at their open trial.  Thanks also to Judith and Hazel at the base and Pam and her helpers for supplying us with lovely food and drinks throughout the day.  Chris was an excellent steward, putting the competitors at their ease; thanks also to Jackie for keeping the competitors calm before they were due to work.  Lastly, thank you to all the competitors for entering the stake.

10 entered and 9 ran.  The weather was kind all day.  All but one dog qualified on the nosework (failing the retrieve).  The squares were on grass, varying from four to six inches tall.  The articles were a piece of green carpet 4 x 3 inch, large 4 inch wooden peg and 5 inch piece of green hosepipe.   On lead heelwork, recall then heel free; the sendaway was 60 yds to a cone and pole in front of a large oak tree.   We had two qualifiers overall.  Unfortunately the jumps took their toll, mainly I think due to the handlers’ nerves, and two dogs broke stays.  All the dogs were a credit to their handlers and I enjoyed watching them work - they are all capable of qualifying.

1st   MY POETIC JUSTICE, GSD, handled by Sharon Holland, 90.5, Q.  Congratulations, your first trial too.  Only losing the odd point here and there, otherwise a very polished round, a joy to watch.  Good luck for the future.   Also qualified in UD.

2nd GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, handled by Bob Burns, 90, Q.  Another very good round, only half a point behind the winner today.   A nice steady dog, well handled by Bob.  Good luck with him.   Also qualified in UD.

3rd TESSA THE MESSA, ESS, handled by Chris Greenhaugh, 74, NQ.  So near today, qualified in each section but not overall.  I know you have worked hard on this little girl.  I am sure you will get your qualifications soon.  Her hunting nose took over a bit on the search field.  Good luck for the future.

4th POLLGINA DAZZLING DAISY, Lab, handled by Ruth Lucas, 84, NQ.  A second attempt at the scale and no long jump was costly today; all the other work was very good.  Get these jumps sorted out and you will easily qualify.  Good luck for future trials.

Best GSD, not the winner - SCHAISLA MIDNIGHT CHARM, handled by Mark Gardner.  Again, the jumps kept this lovely GSD from qualifying; all his other work was very good, lovely to watch.  Get the jumps sorted and you will be away with him.




Tracklayers: Alan Heatley, June Reed and Arthur Ball

Steward: Dena

Firstly I would like to thank North West for inviting me to judge UD at their November trial.  It really is a fantastic trial to be a part of - they are all so welcoming and friendly.  I would like to say a big thank you Ray Lea for putting up with all the phone calls saying "I’M LOST" (putting his home post code in the SatNav instead of the trial didn’t help), and also for keeping the whole trial ticking along perfectly, even down to asking his daughter to provide us with a beautiful meal on Friday night.  I would also like to thank Dena for all her hard work as steward in control and squares for all three days, doing a great job as well as being lovely company.  A big thank you also to my track layers, Alan Heatley, June Reed and Arthur Ball, who put down tracks to perfection, getting all dogs round apart from one.  Thank you to Judith and Hazel for running the base and Pam and the wonderful ladies in the kitchen for the great food.  Thank you to all the competitors for entering and making it a great weekend.  I must finish by saying if you have never been to the North West please go; with fantastic tracking land, people and food, a home from home.

1st Tom Davis and JOTUNHEIM ALMA,

Malinois, 195.5.  What a lovely dog Ruby is, doing a tidy round with 4 from square in 1min 22sec.

2nd Moira Rogerson and THREENINES KATIE, Malinois, 194.5.  Vito also worked a lovely round.  Who said Mali’s don’t track?

3rd Sharon Holland and MY POETIC JUSTICE, GSD, 191 and best track.  What a beautiful round and a fantastic first trial - 1st in CD, 3rd in UD; if only she’d got the last article.  Well done, Tegan.

4th Marge Williams and BRAKES APPLIED FOR, X-BREED, 186.  What a dog - 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds!  Scooby was a joy to watch, just missing one from the square.

Also qualifying:

Bob Burns and GUNWHARF JACK, 176.  Well done.




Steward: Dianne Higgins

Tracklayers: Dave Bell, Terry Austin, Kim Astbury

Thank you to the committee of North West for asking me to judge, and to Ray Lea, trials manager, and Judith Stamp, base secretary, assisted by Hazel Holt.   Special thanks for the marvellous company of  Dianne, who expertly stewarded nosework and control for three days.  Thanks also to Pam Wadsworth, Catering Supervisor, and her battalion of helpers who kept everyone fed and watered. 

Thank you to Gill Armstrong and Jackie Dykes (and anyone I didn’t see) for getting competitors to their tracks on time.  Unlike a lot of societies, North West always offer an escort to the tracking ground; there is nothing worse than getting lost on the way to your track.  In fact nothing is a problem or too much trouble for the workers at North West.  We had three expert tracklayers in Kim, Terry and Dave, the ground was lush pasture, the weather cool and dry with light breezes, totally different to last years sub-zero temperatures.

Seventeen dogs entered and thirteen worked the nosework.  Articles on the track, a piece of carpet and a piece of wood, did not cause any problems to the dogs that tracked, but it was a different story in the square.  The articles were a clay pigeon, a piece of rubber, a piece of green scourer and a green plastic milk bottle top, which I wrongly thought would be the tester.  Dianne (who always follows instructions) had been instructed not to bath for a week and all articles were well scented but no dogs got four articles and only two got three. 

Ten dogs worked the control round of which six were on qualifying marks after the nosework.  Sadly we lost two of these on the Agility Section.

1st Dave Craven, LITTLETHORN MAESTRO, BC, 185, Q.  Frosty did an excellent track, wonderful corners!  Three articles out of the square clinched first place.  Slight blip on the sendaway but otherwise excellent control and agility rounds.

2nd Mr E T Noel (Handler Anne Bussey) VONGRAF NAOMI,

Malinois, 180, Q.  Nuschka had us worried at the start of the track but was expertly handled by Anne to complete it; only two article out of the square but another excellent control and agility.

3rd Jenny Henton, BLACKBERRY FEN, Labrador, 179.5, Q.  Best track, but Dougie unfortunately only got two out of the square.   Despite Jenny’s nerves a good control round.  The dog the judge would like to take home.

4th Sarah Naylor, FLICKFLACK BLAKE,

BC, 178, Q.  Another very good track, but again only two out of the square proved costly.

The above results just go to show how important articles are - places could have changed very easily.




Steward: Julz Findeisen

Tracklayers: Terry Austin and Chris Greenhalgh

criminals: Tom Davis, Vic and Anthony Snook and Terry Austin

Firstly many thanks to NWWTS for the invitation to judge the PD Stake at their Open Trial.  Thank you also to the Trials Manager, Ray Lea, who did a sterling job and is always a pleasure to work with, ladies in the base and kitchen, my 2 track-layers - Terry and Chris.  Thanks also to Tom, Vic, Anthony and Terry for running/acting criminal and without whom our PD sport would be looking sick!!  Their input when going through your test was invaluable - many thanks.  And a special thanks to Julz for doing the squares, stewarding the C/A and also stewarding the manwork; was much appreciated, Julz, you did a brilliant job and your company, as always, was first class.  Julz was also highly entertaining when walking young Harry Chops in one of the fields we had tracked in earlier, only for the farmer to let the bull in at the same time - she ran like the clappers, ha ha, only to be met at the other end by the electric fence!!  Think you should enter the high jump at this year’s Olympics!!

Tracking was on pasture and looked very nice.  14 legs on the track!!  Speak was done before the track; handler sat down in a chair and dog left with steward approx 20 yds away.  Everyone got through their nosework and there wasn’t anything in it going into the C/A.   Very straight forward C/A, with a sendaway out to a fence and then a left re-direct along towards a trough.   We lost one on the jumps so were left with 4 still qualifying going into the manwork.  We started the manwork with the chase (2 criminals running away), dog was to bite either of them, handler to follow up, do a quick search then escort these 2 back to a central pole from which the quarter took place.  Quarter was straight out to a hedged boundary, then left along the hedge to a corner gate and then left down another hedge to where 2 criminals were standing next to a tree.  Once handler had everything under control and was searching the hide area then one of the criminals did a bit of a slope off.  Once this was complete then a very long escort back across the field towards the central pole again where the 2 chase criminals made a bit of a distraction whilst one of the ones being escorted did the attack on handler.  Then all 4 were escorted for a further few yards.  Next was test of courage with all 4 criminals involved, 3 in the front and Vic at the back who was instructed to fire the gun twice; the gun was large one and made a decent noise.  Last was the recall which was carried out as per the chase. 

I thought all the dogs that entered gave a good account of themselves and all of them seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, which is what PD should be all about.  I had a great day judging and watching all your dogs work, thank you.

1st Mrs Glenys Page and BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, D, 285, Q.  Very good nosework and a decent C/A, with a good account of himself in the manwork.  This dog just loves to work and am sure will do very well in ticket.  Well done, Glenys.

2nd Mr David Waite and EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, B, 278.5, Q.  Unfortunately Rula was completely committed for that recall, David, but I have to say every single bit of her other work was simply first class, I was impressed.  Get that recall going again and she will be up there with the best in PD ticket!  Well done.

3rd Ms Ruth Cahill and VOMKYNA DEIKA, GSD, B, 264.5, Q.  Mink gave a very good account of herself for a young dog and thoroughly deserved her qualification today.  Just get that quarter a bit stronger and she will be a real contender.   Well done.

4th Mr Allan Heatley and JOTUNHEIM TRUCKER, Mali, D, NQ.  The basics are there, Allan, only really the quarter proving to be a bit difficult today.  Just remember you need a decent criminal to help with the quartering and once Driver has mastered that, the rest is already there.  Good luck for the future.

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