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Steward: Sylvia Austin

Gate Steward: Jackie Hope

My thanks to NWWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their championship trial.  As always this was a very friendly trial and helping to keep things running smoothly was Trials manager Ray Lea, Judith and Hazel on the desk, and Pam and helpers in the kitchen - a big thank you to you all.  Special thanks go to gate steward, Jackie, who also kept us well supplied with competitors.  Of the 22 entered, 18 competed and we had 5 qualifiers.

1st MY POETIC JUSTICE, GSD, 95, Q, with Sharon Holland. A super round - 3 from the square, just losing the odd mark here and there in the control section.  What a lovely Shepherd, very willing with a brilliant attitude.  Good luck with her.

2nd ROCLAIRE DONNA MARCHESA, Korthals Griffon, 89.5, Q, and Susan Hanson.  A very nice round, heelwork needs a little polishing but full stays and agility.  Well done.

3rd TRACELYN ROXY, GSD, 84.5, Q, with Jain Douglas.  Our fastest square, 75 seconds.  Jain was delighted and surprised to learn she’d qualified – keep going, Jain, and good luck.

4th SACHTASTIC GIRL, GSD, 83.5, Q, with Steph Roll.  No long jump today but otherwise a good round with both stays.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

TESSA THE MESSA, ESS, 82, Q, and Chris Greenhalgh.  Probably received the biggest cheer of the trial – Tessa finally put it altogether for you, Chris - and both stays, too.  Well done.

Just a few observations – with the exception of two or three of the dogs the search squares were not really well performed, but the biggest disappointment was the heelwork – or lack of it.   However on a more positive note, the agility was very good and stays excellent.  I feel it is a privilege to judge, so to the competitors - thank you for entering and accepting my decisions.  You were without exception a brilliant bunch with lovely dogs.  Remember, let your dogs and you enjoy the training but most importantly, you enjoy your dogs.  Good luck.




Tracklayers: First Day, June Reed and Andrea Lynd; Second Day, Arthur Ball and Dave Stretch

Steward: Sue Ashley

Trials Manager: Ray Lea

I was very pleased to be able to step into the breach and judge the UD stake when Sheila Margreaves sustained an injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Sheila.

A special thanks to the team who made sure every competitor had an even chance.  My steward for both squares and control and agility was Sue Ashley, who is fairly new to our side of the sport but did an excellent job and made for a good day for everyone in the stake.  The tracks were exactly as I wanted, so a big thank you to the track laying team.

The UD stake had twelve entries with ten actually competing.

Nine dogs completed enough of the nosework to qualify that section with some very good performances which eventually led to a place and qualification.  Well done to all who competed, it is safe to say if you did not quite make it this time it will not be long before you do.  Keep enjoying the hobby.

1st KINGSPRIDE AURORA,  GSD,  B,  handled by Tony Baverstock, 192, Q.  Also getting the best track trophy.  This was a very competent performance and so good to see the special rapport there is with the dog and handler.

2nd BRAKES APPLIED FOR, X-breed, D, handled by Marg Williams, 187, Q.  Also the highest placed member.

3rd MY POETIC JUSTICE, GSD, B, handled by Sharon Holland, 176.5, Q.

4th KIZZIE WIZZIE OF MOORELANDS, X-breed, B,  handled by Sarah Moore, 176, Q.

Also qualifying UDEx: 

LITTLETHORNE MAESTRO, BC, D, handled by Dave Craven, 166.5

Thank you and well done to the base team,  Judith Stamp and Hazel Holt, and of course, Pam and her team for providing the excellent catering throughout the trial, always essential to any trial and very much appreciated.  I understand the farmers around Withington allow trials to be held twice a year and have been doing for quite some time. A big thank you to them.  Finally, but very important, thank you and well done to Ray for heading up such a good team and providing everyone with an event as good as it gets.




Tracklayers: Cath Woolley and Chris Greenhalgh, Friday; Cath Woolley and Kim Astbury, Saturday

Steward: Barbara Bell

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  We had two very different days weather-wise and therefore two very different days of results.  On the Friday we had heavy drizzly rain for the tracking, got three teams around the track, but ended with no qualifiers.  Saturday was overcast in the morning and sunny during the control so the marks were quite different.  My thanks to Ray for all the organising; I know he had one or two headaches, but everything out in the fields fitted together nicely.  Thanks to my tracklayers, Cath Woolley and Chris Greenhalgh on Friday, and Kim Astbury and Cath on the Saturday.  All tracks were laid exactly as I asked and they were all good company as well.  Special thanks to Barbara for stewarding both days and for giving everybody a fair chance with the squares.

Many thanks to Pam and her team of helpers for the food and drinks.  It wasn’t easy on the Saturday, so well done.

1st Manda McLellan with LITTLE TIGER, CDEx, UDEx, 180, Q.  A very calm and polished performance from Manda got the very best from this young dog.  The dog that the judge wanted to take home.  Full point control round.  Well done.

2nd Tracy Collier with CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, CDEx, UDEx, 176.5, Q.  I know how much this meant to Tracy and it was very well deserved.  Well done.

3rd Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 172.5, Q.  This dog just got on with the job.  Well impressed with his control round.  Well done.

4th Alan Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT LAD, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 170, Q.  This dog had a bad piece of land for his track but he got round it in fine form.  Well done.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Wendy Magyar with GLENALPINE TED, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 162.  Not the easiest of dogs to control, but Wendy got the very best out of him with the way that she handled him in a calm and professional manner.  Well done.

Good luck to everybody in your future trials.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Terry Austin, Kim Astbury, Dave Stewart, Jeff Margreaves

Square Steward: Diane Higgins

C/A Steward: Kim Astbury

Many thanks to Ray Lea and his team - brilliant to work with.  The ladies in the kitchen and the girls at base were brilliant at their job too.  Thank you so much.

My team in the field were brilliant for 7 days – thank you so much.  And Diane Higgins was great company – what a star!

The weather was very cold but dry – very lucky for February.

1st           Tony Lockyer, WTCh LAWINICK COME ‘N’ GET IT AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, 207, Q.  Was joint leader in the nosework, with 160, and managed to stay in front in the C/A.  Well done.

2nd         Dave Olley, WTCh STARDELL ALULA, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 205.5, Q.  Good track and a full mark square put Nell 4 points behind the leaders.  A steady C/A round got her the reserve Ticket.  Well done.

3rd          Gary Haim, WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, TDEx, Q.  Missed article in the square made the difference between 1st and 3rd.  Well done.

4th          Glenys Page, WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 198, Q.  Well done.

Also qualified TDEx:


Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, 197


Jill Carruthers, WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, 194.5

Alan Bexon, FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 194.5

Nick Williams, SUNSHINE ANTIC, 192.5

Diane Turner, STARDELL SUBRA, 191.5

Rod Roberts, LITTLE JEFF, 190.5

Pat Williams, SUNSHINE PIP, 189.5



Qualified TD:

Paul Adams, SHERINGEM GLYNN, 174

Special thanks to Anne Bussey for typing the speak test out for me, to make my job easy on the control field.

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