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Trials Manager Report

Northwest Working Trials Society recently held our Championship Working Trial with five Stakes, which included one Veteran Stake.  Due to the recent cold dry weather the farmers were out in force disposing of all their muck and slurry, and this led to a few lost fields and quite a busy time running up to and during the trial.  We also lost the PD patrol field on Saturday afternoon; this meant a quick switch of fields. 

This years trial was again sponsored by Skinner’s Pet Food, with Elizabeth Wooltorton in attendance on three days offering plenty of good advice.

Again I had a great team around me both in the fields and at the base.  There are far too many good people to name individually so to everyone that came to help, THANK YOU very much.  We need people like you to run a successful trial and many of you also gave up annual holidays.

As usual at NWWTS all the stakes were on grass, which leads me to say a big thank you to all the land owners for allowing us to use their land. 

Congratulations to all those who qualified and commiserations to those who didn’t.  I look forward to seeing you all again at our next trial 21st - 24th November 2008.

Ray Lea


Stake: CD


Stewards: Sat – Gill Armstrong: Sun – Janet Gillibrand

Thank you to NWWTS for inviting me to judge and to you all for your hard work in running such a successful trial.  Special thanks to Gill and Jan, both first time stewards, but no-one would have known as they both did such an excellent job.  We were well fed and watered by ‘Pam’s Gang’ in the kitchen, and the scores etc were produced efficiently, as ever, by Judith and Sylvia.  Also thanks to Dave Bell for your help with the jumps, and to all the other judges and helpers for the great company – and advice in the Red Lion!

Thank you to competitors for letting me watch your dogs work.  There was a good mix of breeds, with lovely handlers.  All tried very hard.

1st Vicki Royle, MASTER MURPHY, GSD, D, 97.5, CDEx.  Full mark jumps, stays and retrieve.  Lost 1.5 in the square for not picking up articles the first time he found them, and 1 in HOL for the handler letting the lead go tight on about turns.  Otherwise an excellent round.

2nd Derek Short, MADBONNER STAR CHILD, Dobe, D, 94, CDEx.  Lovely working dog (one of two excellent Dobermanns that worked – this handler more experienced than the other).  The dog was like a statue in stays – I don’t think he even blinked!  Well done, Derek.

3rd David Swinburn, CHAKA ZULU, GSD, D, 91, CDEx.  Excellent control, nosework and stays, but only just made it in agility.  This dog is now 7 years old – David did say he might retire him now.  Lovely work.

4th Jackie Nicholas, OWEN JOKER, Kelpie, D, 87, CDEx.  A happy working dog, full mark agility.  Congratulations.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Jackie Hope, CARLSBRO MACH, GSD, 86.5.  Full mark agility and sendaway.  Good team

Dena Swift, TANEAR MASTER, Cocker Spaniel, D, 84.5.  Lovely sendaway.  Real ‘magic’ today.

Linda Clarkson, RIK THICK AS A BRICK, Cross, D, 81.  One of her two ‘Labradoodles’ – certainly not ‘thick’ today.  Lovely work.

Qualifying CD:

Dave Craven, DISCO MISCHIEF MAKER, WSD, D, 79.  Full mark sendaway, but no return over the scale and failed down stay were costly today.  The rest of his work was very good.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Arthur Ball, Jain Douglas

Steward: Jenny Holt

Thanks to NWWTS for the appointment.  Thanks also to all the ladies in the base and kitchen, and to Trials Manager Ray Lea.  I had a brilliant time, and it was a pleasure to watch young dogs just starting off in the lowest tracking stake.

1st Janet Parker and NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, 194.5.  Track – 88.5 + 20, square 33.5.  This was brilliant to watch.  Well done.

2nd Jackie Hope and CARLSBO MACH, GSD, 181.  This young dogs has lots of energy, which just needs controlling.  Well done.

3rd Sarah Royle and POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, Lab, 166.5.  A brilliant track for 89.  Well done.

4th Cath Phillips and TYGUARD CHILLI AT MANPOL, GSD, 170, NQ.  A good track and search – pity about the down stay. 

The track articles were a black cable tie and a piece of car windscreen wiper.  The articles in the square were a plastic spoon, a piece of black rubber, a 3" piece of lino and a 3" piece of yellow cable.

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