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Trials Manager’s Report

This was my first time as trials manager and I needed a lot of help, and in true North West style the members came up trumps. So it’s a big thank you to everyone who gave up their time. I will try and name everyone so here goes - SPECIAL thanks to Jenny Holt for giving me so much help with her vast knowledge of trial management whenever I needed it; to Kim Astbury for doing loads of typing and printing; to all my judges, PD Graham Reaney, WD Jenny Holt, UD Barbara Bell and CD Janet Parker. All set very good tests and all had great success. To all the helpers - I’m sure the judges will thank their teams in their reports - stewards Lorna Bardwell, Kath Woolley, Cath Phillips, Dave Bell, Dave Holt ; the criminals and escorts Gill Armstrong and Jackie Dykes; and no trial could run without these special people, tracklayers; PD Graham Slack, WD Terry Austin, Chris Greenhalgh, Graham Slack; UD Jill Carruthers, Jain Douglas, Arthur Ball and Chris Greenhalgh. The kitchen was run by Pam Wadsworth and a whole host of helpers and the base run by Hazel Holt and Judith Stamp. Not forgetting the land owners - without them we could not run our sport. Then to our sponsors, Elizabeth Woolerton from Skinners Pet Foods; and you, the competitors - a big thank you to you all. For the first time we had some winter wheat this year so we gave this to PD stake, who found the tracking a bit tough as it was frozen over first thing and then it rained on it making tracking difficult. All the other stakes were on good pasture. The weather was really quite good for the time of year, cold and damp. The entry was quite good too, 9 in PD, 21 in WD, 26 in UD and 10 in CD. Kim Astbury and I went to see the land owners about a month before the trial and all said the same thing, “Yes, we have got plenty of land but not sure where it will be. Because of the mild weather we are leaving the stock out as long as we can.” Two weeks before, another visit and the live stock still out, “Don’t worry we’ll find you something!” Week of the trial, yet another visit and all the livestock has been put away as the weather has turned cold, so the big worry was out of the way, but that meant more land walking.   During the trial things ran smoothly with only some minor hitches. Once again thank you to everyone who helped out, hope to see you all in February, have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ray Lea


Stake: CD


Steward: Dave Holt

Many thanks to the NW Society for the invitation to judge, and congratulations to Ray Lea and all his team on a well run trial, good ground and a warm and welcoming base. I really enjoyed my day, and hope the competitors did too.

For CD I set a very straightforward test to encourage newcomers to our sport, and was looking for dogs which worked with enthusiasm and a good understanding of the exercises. Most dogs did really well, especially stays, sendaway and search, but the jumps took their toll, with only one dog getting full marks in this section.

Many thanks to my steward, Dave Holt, who stepped in at the last minute as Pam Wadsworth had lost her voice, and did a superb job.

1st     Dave Swinburn with CHAKA ZULU, GSD, 93, Q.

2nd   Jeff Allen with VONGRAF LAW, GSD, 90, Q. Also won the trophy for the best GSD not the winner.

3rd   Victoria Royle with MASTER MURPHY, GSD, 89.5, Q.

4th    S Royle with POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, Lab, 84.5, NQ.

Well done all of you. To those who didn’t quite make it - you are so nearly there. I’m sure you will qualify soon.


Stake: UD


Steward: Dave Bell

Tracklayers: Jain Douglas (1 day),  Chris Greenhalgh (1 day),  Arthur Ball (2 days),  Jill Carruthers (2 days)

Many thanks to NWWTS for the judging appointment. Thanks go to Ray Lea for running a successful trial - well done - and also not forgetting Judith and Hazel for running the front desk and the scores and keeping everything in order. Also a great big thank you to Dave, a brilliant steward over the 3 days, and of course many thanks go to the tracklayers, who laid all the tracks exactly as requested. First day there was a slight frost, second day was cold and rainy, third day was dull but mild. Tracking was on grass and produced some excellent tracking, but the jumps and sendaways were the downfall. The competitors were a great bunch of people - it was a pleasure to judge you all. Good luck in future trials.

1st     Cath Phillips with TYGUARD CHILLI AT MANPOL, (GSD), 190.5. Steady young dog who worked hard on the track. Very good control round, handled well. 

2nd   Chris Stubbings with JOEVANESS WILD ACE AT GLENTRADA, (GSD), 189.5. Good track, brilliant redirect.

3rd   Sarah Royle with POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, (Lab), 183.5. First time in UD. Handled well, good track and square. Good luck in future trials.

4th    Dot Boland with CONCENN XCALIBUR, (GSD), 183.5. Well done, I know you were well pleased with his track, I hope this gives you more confidence, Dot.

Also Qualifying:

Jackie Hope with CARLBRO MACH, (GSD), 181. Nice strong tracking dog, handled well.

Dennis Nelson with SELDOMSEEN HOBBSONS CHOICE, (WSD), 177. Lovely attitude, handled well, a good team.

Avril Bryson with TOGSTON TOODLE PIP, (Lakeland Terrier), 166.5.  Well handled, super track from this little dog, just bits and bobs need tidying up on the control, well done.

Best Track goes to Dena Jones with TANEAR MASTER, (Cocker Spaniel), NQ. This little dog certainly likes his nosework; tail never stopped wagging all the way round. Brilliant track and square, shame his jumps let him down today.  


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Chris Greenhaugh, Terry Austin

Stewards: Cath Phillips, Diane Higgins

Many thanks to Ray Lea and the Society members, who all contribute to making the trial a success. Special thanks to my team who made my task very easy and enjoyable.

1st     John Turtill with BISCUIT TORRA, WSD, 180.5, Q. A clear winner; a very professional team. Good luck in the higher stakes.

2nd   Rachel Young with SELDOMSEE JUST MAYBE AT JARYMYSTIC, WSD, 170.5, Q. Well done.

3rd   Sylvia Austin with ShCh GHYLLBECK ANTHEMIS OF ISHEERA, Large Munsterlander, 168, Q. Proving he is not just a pretty face. Won the run-off for this place.

4th    Jain Douglas with ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, 168, Q. Just squeaked in on the control, otherwise nice work.

Also qualified:

Gill Armstrong with SAPPHIRE TYG, ACD, 164, Q. Needs work on the sendaway, otherwise a nice steady round.

Best WD track: Eleanor Mestraud with WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD.

It was nice to see a good variety of breeds in the placings. I hope you all enjoyed the test.

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