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Trials Manager’s Report

As Trials Manager at NWWTS my job is made easy by the tremendous support that I get from the members of the society.  We were unfortunate to lose one of our main stewards at the last moment due to illness, but we were able to cover the position in time.  This year we were fortunate to gain sponsorship from Skinners Dog Foods, and this was reflected in the very generous prizes that were given in each stake.  We were fortunate with the weather as it was showery on and off, but it was warm as well.  My thanks go to all the tracklayers, stewards and escorts as well as all the back room staff.  My special thanks go to Jenny Holt who gives up a lot of her time in the weeks leading up to the trial to make sure that the Trial runs as smoothly as possible.

Dave Bell


Stake: CD 


Steward: Tanya Whorwood

I really enjoyed judging the CD; thank you North West for the invitation and for the gift, very much appreciated.

To Dave Bell and his friendly helpers, another thank you for a job very well done – also I would belatedly like to thank Anne Cooke for standing in for me last year.  Tanya was a really good Steward and kept me on my toes and on the straight and narrow.

The standard of control had to be seen to be believed and every dog had something to be proud of, so:-

1st           TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, D, 99.5, Handler, Julia Findeisen.  All aspects of the CD well and truly covered, a really super round from Julia and Ziko.

2nd                COCKLEY SPECTACULAR, JRT, 97, Handler, Roseanne Leatham (just 14 yrs old).  Roseanne and Bruno had a full point control round.  Great partnership and an amazing rapport!

3rd                 CONCENN XCALIBUR, GSD,  96, with Dot Boland.  Another excellent round, a slightly unsettled stay but managed to hold on to achieve this place.

4th                 KENMILLTO DANCING LEGEND, GSD, 95.75, belonging to D Williams – handled beautifully by June Reed.   Scooby, a charismatic, confident dog with character – I could have taken him home!!

Also qualifying:-

JOEVANESS WILD ACE AT GLENTRADA, GSD,94.25, with Chris Stubbings.

STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab Ret, D, 93.5, with Judy Meekings

THE LIFE OF RILEY, WSD, 85.75, with Audra Hurst.

Very well done folks!!


Stake:  UD

Judge: RAY LEA

Tracklayers: Terry Austin, Chris Greenhaugh

Steward: Kim Astbury

First of all, a very big thank you to everybody at North West for working so hard to make this yet another successful trial.  Thanks also for the invitation to judge the UD Stake.  To my tracklayers, Terry and Chris, you were both fantastic and good company.  To my search steward, Kim - thank you; I’m pleased you had a good holiday.  And to the competitors, thank you for allowing me to judge you and your dogs. 

We started with the control in the morning.  First the retrieve, then heelwork to the sendaway, which was to a red and white pole, 90 paces away.  Then more heelwork back to the jumps.  We ended with the stays, after which we had the tracking draw.  After lunch it was off to the tracking, which was on rolled grass; we were treated to some very good tracking and searching.  Well done to everybody.

1st           Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCA, BC, D, 195.  Very nice round from this team.  Tracked “on rails”.

2nd          Jackie Dykes with DAISY DOO, XB, B, 193.  Last to run, very well done.

3rd           Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, BC, B, 193.  First to start, and set the pace.  Avoided a run-off by letting the dog go home.  Well done.

4th           Janet Beverley with TRAJAN JAFFA, WSD, D, 192.5.  Good all round performance.

Also Qualifying:

Gill Armstrong, SAPPHIRE TYG, 184

Sue Drake, MISH MASH MISHKA, 182.5

Fiona Williams, HEATONBRIDGE HONEY, 179.5

Robert Shropshire, STYPERSON OLIVER, 166.5

UD, Judith Stamp, SPROLLIE DOLLIE, 157


Stake:    TD


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Alan Fox, Pate Hodgkins

Stewards: Jan Darby, Dave Bell

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge, Jenny for all her organisation and Ricky and Ken Davis for their hospitality and accommodation during the week.  My track layers were Tom Darby, Alan Fox and Pete Hodgkins and my search stewards were Jan Darby and Dave Bell.  Dave also stewarded on Sunday for the Control and Agility.

gilbert TD small

The nosework test started with the gun, followed by the track and concluded with the search.  The weather through the week was variable. Wednesday was the worst with rain and a gusty wind all day until the last hour or so.  On other days we had spells of sunshine and showers.  The track had 21 legs and started with a series of acute angled corners followed by a more open section and ended with a 90 degree box.  Track articles were:  70mm x 15mm green plastic cable clamp, 60mm x 20mm rubber block, 120mm x 10mm twig.  The search was laid by walking the diagonals only, which meant the dogs had no track between the poles to keep them in the square.  One or two teams found this a problem.  Articles were:  piece of brown vet bed, playing card (small), triangle of black matting, 150mm x 25mm piece of thin clear plastic. 

There were several good nosework rounds with 17 teams having 3 and 4. After the nosework we had 33 qualifiers

I decided to use a lovely, large, flat, turf field next to the base for the control and agility round.  It had a pond in the middle of about 70 meters in diameter.  The test started with the sendaway.  The dog had to go 100 paces up the middle of the field to a log, passing to the left of the pond.  The redirect was 120 paces to the right to another log.  This took the dogs around the back of the pond.  The dogs were then redirected right again to a tree in the hedge about 120 paces away.  Normal pace heelwork took us to the clear jump.  The speak followed.  First of all the dog was left on a small mound and the handler went out of sight behind the scale and commanded their dogs to speak. They also got the dog to speak at heel while walking towards the long jump.  Some slow and fast heelwork brought us to the scale as the final exercise.   On the stays 2 dogs moved.

The send out was the part of the test which caused problems for several dogs, resulting in low marks which then made it difficult to qualify overall.   By the end of the day there were 8 qualifiers

1st           Glenys Page, BRIGLEN NUTMEG, 203.5.  The first dog to work and although not in the lead after the nosework held it all together with full mark jumps and a solid control section to come out a winner.

2nd         Suzanne Plumb, COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO, 202.5.  On the same mark as Glenys before the C and A, and just lost odds and ends to make the one point difference.  A win has got to be in there somewhere.

3rd          Shelia Tannert, WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, 200.5.  Sheila produced a really good round which followed one or two failures and showed how straightforward the test was.

4th          Tony Lockyer, DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, 192.5.  A young dog sympathetically handled by Tony to get the best from him.

Qualified Excellent

Maeve Weselby, STYPERSON TAY, 192

Anne Fowler, WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, 190.5

Moira Rogerson, SELDOMSEEN RIO, 189.5

Maeve Weselby, STYPERSON MILLIE, 186

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