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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 22 February 2004


Stake CD

Judge: MISS A.M. COOK,

Steward: Barbara Bell

Thank you to all at North West Working Trials for a very enjoyable weekend. Special thanks to my steward, Barbara Bell.

I enjoyed judging such a wide variety of dogs, all of which are capable of qualifying CD Ex on the right day, we had the usual hard luck stories especially with stays, jumps and sendaway. I would, however, like to remind the competitors that a word of thanks to your steward would go a long way to reward her for her time that is given up freely so you can enjoy your hobby. Some remembered, many didn’t.

1st           Mrs Jain Douglas & SHADOWQUEST AREBA (GSD) A lovely keen young dog with a bright future. Dog and handler worked well as a team. Good luck in the tracking stakes. 89 points CD Ex

2nd         Mr D. Waite & DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN (WSD) Another young dog with a lovely attitude. A missed square article cost most of the points lost. Will be a good prospect when he settles a little. 84.5 points CD Ex.

3rd          Mrs Yvonne Carpenter & CARFELD GRIFF (BC) Some lovely work from this team. Just a little more confidence required on the jumps. 88.5 points NQ.

4th          Mrs Rose Bayston & ROSEDALES MAD JACK (WSD) Just the sendaway to sort out and I am sure you will qualify soon. 85.5 points NQ.


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Arthur Ball, Dave Holt.

Steward: Christine Stubbings

My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge at this trial and to Jenny Holt and all her team for the efficient running of it. Tracking was mainly on green turf and we were lucky with the weather enjoying winter sunshine on both days but the wind was very cold on Sunday. Christine Stubbings stepped in at the last moment to steward for me on both days and put the competitors at their ease.

1st           Margaret Edge with TIGER LILLY WSD A good overall performance -just a blip on the sendaway.191

2nd         Lee Payne with SWEET ASSASSIN WSD A lovely track to watch - failure on the long jump cost you first place. 189

3rd          Terry Austin with GYILBECK NIMBOSTRATUS Large Munsterlander A very impressive search.181

4th Dave Olley with BLACK NEWBOROUGH Labrador A few inaccuracies on the track, but got there in the end! 180

Also qualifying:

Margaret Bryan with WAGGERLAND JASPER at Brynbourne WSD 179

Angela Seddon with SONGLADE ROSIE POSIE WSD 163


WD Stake


Tracklayers; Chris Greenhalgh 3 days, Dave Bell 2 days, Terry Austin 1 day & Ricki Davies 1 day.

Search & C&A Stewards Cath Phillips 1 day & Brenda Ball 2days

Thank you to the NWWTS for the invitation to judge the WD at this trial. We were very fortunate with the weather, bitterly cold but fine & sunshine. Friday also had very strong winds, but it did not put the dogs off.

The Parish hall is an ideal venue, lovely & warm to thaw out at lunch time, many thanks to Jenny & the team in the kitchen for providing us all with lots to eat & drink.

On behalf of myself & the competitors our thanks go to Chris, Dave, Terry & Ricki for laying the tracks. Also to Kath & Brenda not only doing the searches but stewarding the C&A rounds, you all did a brilliant job, we could not run trials without efficient & contentious trialists like you giving up your free time to help.

1st           TONYIA RUNNING WILD with Ray Lea. This partnership worked on Friday in very strong winds, a very confident track recovering both track articles, followed by a full point search, lovely to watch Ray. Good C&A & full agility. Another WD Ex congratulations, stick at it Ray! 184.5

2nd         MISS OTIS with Hilary Morris. Otis won the best nosework trophy with 87 track, recovered both track articles & four from the search, just lost marks for dropped articles.Good control & comfortable agility. WD EX again! 183.5

3rd          LATCHETS VISION with Janet Parker. Jazz enjoyed her nosework, missed one article but recovered four from the search, & made it look easy. I hope you are feeling much better after your stay in hospital Janet. Best wishes in Ticket. 169

4th          WINDSTOCK HERCULES with Pat Hodgkins. Ali had a good track but missed one article, & recovered four from the search, with full agility & the highest control marks in this stake. Brilliant result Pat, congratulations, keep up the good work.

MORGANNA MOJALLA with Phillipa Fearns. Almost there Philipa, she will do it for you.150 WD only

To everyone who helped make this trial a success, thank you once again.


Veteran Stake

Judge : W. Evans

Steward : Rita Evans

Thank you to Jenny and the committee for giving me the pleasure of judging this stake.

To the catering department as always, first class, and also the same applies to the tracklayers and square steward.

To the teams who entered I hope you enjoyed the test as much as we admired your work, considering the average age of the dogs the handlers have to be congratulated on the obvious quality training these dogs had received.  The weather was cold and windy, tracking was on stock pasture.  Nine teams entered, we witnessed some great work, the cross track bothered the handlers more than the dogs and every team went away with the end article, well done.  Squares were done well by the majority.  The overall winner was ZENA GSD, handled by Carol Hall, with a display of precision tracking in high winds, followed by a full square.  Many congratulations.  Well done to everyone. Thank you


PD Stake


Track layers: Graham Slack and Malcolm Byrom

Search, C&A and patrol steward:  Ellie Rushton

Criminals: : Steve and Danny Lancashire, Simon Bainbridge and Cath Phillips

I would like to thank NWWTS and trials manager Jenny Holt for the invitation to judge the PD stake as usual, it was a well run friendly trial although there was a cold wind the weather remained dry for the three days of judging.  All the teams tracked well on the lush grass, but the squares proved a little more difficult.  The C&A was of a good standard.  We went into the patrol round with seven qualifiers.  The round started with the chase, and my criminals / helpers were standing in the centre of the field by a hide.  One criminal (Danny) snatched a bag from another helper (Steve) and ran off.  Steve started shouting for help, as soon as the dog was sent, Steve became silent and still. The chase criminal was escorted back to the centre.  Next came the test of courage which was performed by a very noisy Steve, who was instructed to keep the dogs out with a dustbin lid.   The second escort started with Simon acting very drunk.  This "girlfriend" Cath distracted the dog just before the attack on handler occurred.  The recall followed - same set up as the chase (Steve was the recall criminal).  Finally came the quarter.  Dogs were sent straight out to a hide 50 yards away.  In the hide was a "friendly dog lover".  Cath was told to star talking to the dog as soon as the dog came into sight and then on my signal offer him food.  The second part of the quarter was around the perimeter of the field and at a certain point the dog was brought back into the field to check the second hide.  The dog was then sent back out to the perimeter to locate the second person (Simon) lying down, motionless, by the hedge.  At the end of the test we finished with four qualifiers. 

1st           and CC winner : Mrs.M.C. Watt’s with WTCH STARLIGHT BLUE WSD (D) handled by John Watts.  The only team to recover all four articles from the square.  They followed with a good control round.  The actual quartering was very good, but Blue enjoyed the food and bit the second hide criminal.  However, the rest of Blue's work was near perfect and as usual the way John controlled the various exercises was very workman like. The best patrol round and clear winner. Well done. NW109.5  CON 32  AG 15  PATROL 136  Total : 292.5

2nd         and Res. CC : Miss Tracey Park with TOP OF THE LEAGUE CDex TDex PDex WSD (D).  A very good all round performance.  In the patrol round Terry Mack worked the best quarter.  I was so pleased that a few weeks later was made into a working trials champion.  Congratulations. NW 98.5  CON 30  AG 20 PATROL 128  Total : 276.5

3rd          Mrs. Moyra Rogerson with XANDOA'S TORNADO CDex TDex PDex  WSD (D).  Moyra does well to control this keen dog, he reminds me of my dog, Fizz (especially the heel work).  The only dog to gain full marks on the first hide location.  NW 104, CON 28, AG 14, PATROL 125  Total : 271

4th          Mrs. Amanda McAllen with JET FIRE JAKE OF ASHLINDT  Cdex  TDex TDex  WSD (D).  A good track but didn't work the square very well this time.   The best C&A round and just lost bits and pieces in the control round.  Very committed on the test of courage. NW 96 CON 32.5 AG 20 PATROL 118  Total 266.5

I had an excellent team of helpers both out on the nosework fields and the patrol day.  Ellie made all my search squares and stewarded the C&A and the patrol round.  It was great to have her by my side once again.  I had two very experienced tracklayers in Graham and Malcolm and much to their delight they didn't have to go back and find a single article.  The patrol team worked well together and afforded each competitor an equal chance of success, they followed my instructions to the letter and were great company throughout the day.

Special thanks to the "background" boys and girls : David and Hazel Holt - jumps. Judith Stamp - scoreboard, the ladies in the kitchen who provided such tasty lunches and last but not least Ken and Ricky Davis for sharing their lovely home with us during the trial.

Finally, thank you to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions with good grace.  I enjoyed judging you all.  I look forward to judging some of you again at the KCCs in October.

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