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Trials Manager's Report

Being the Trials Manager at NWWTS is made relatively easy because of the fantastic team of people that Jenny Holt has put together over the years. People like tracklayers Dave Holt, Arthur Ball and Chris Greenhalgh. You just give them a track pattern and some articles, and you know that the track will go down when needed, regardless of the stake involved. And people like the kitchen team. You just know that there will be a hot meal for the judges and stewards when they need it. Many thanks to all tracklayers, kitchen staff, base staff and the farmers who allowed us to use their land. Thanks also to Jenny Holt herself for being there with answers to questions that cropped up.

There was snow and ice on the ground most days, but once it had melted it led to bright sunny conditions and the conditions did not seem to bother the dogs out on the tracks. The main problem was that there were heavy snowfalls over much of the Eastern parts of the country and this led to some people having to withdraw.

We also had our club's 25th anniversary celebrations on the Saturday. Many thanks to Eric Roberts for keeping us all amused with his tales of days gone by. The celebration cake that was made by Ray Lea's daughter was beautiful. It was a shame to have to spoil it by eating it!



C.D. Stake


Steward: Anne Cook

The C.D. stake ran over 3 days with 37 entries.

Thank you to NWWTS for the invitation to judge this stake and both my steward Anne, and myself, were fed and watered really well and a BIG thank you must go to the people in the kitchen, you always seem to do a brill job at keeping everything in order no matter what time of the day meals are required at and also thanks to ALL the helpers at this trial who give up their time so freely, Anne my steward, also a BIG thanks not only for the good company but also ensured that the competitors felt relaxed and enjoyed their dogs.

I set a straight forward test and saw some excellent rounds, thank you to the competitors for accepting my decisions on the day, it was a pleasure to judge you all.

1st           Paula Wright with FLYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL (WSD) 99.5 marks. Excellent round, the marks say it all.

2nd         June Reed with LITTLE JODE (GSD) 96.5 marks. What a great weekend - 1st in UD as well. A good solid performance.

3rd          Fiona Williams with HEATON BRIDGE HONEY (Lab) 96 marks Keen dog, handled well.

4th          Pauline Hewson with JANALLAN ZAPATEADO (BSD) 94.5 marks. A good all round performance.

John Watts - JAYESS ROUGH N TUMBLE (GSD) 94 marks

Carla Morris - AZI AZA KITE (CROSS) 92.5 marks

Sue Drake - TIMBER OF HARDY VICTORY (Cross) 88.5 marks


Trevor Green - CHANASK VOLGA (GSD) 84.5 marks

Kelly Burns - LITTLE KANGA LEW (Cross) 83 marks

Pam Hargreaves - BALARHUM NATASHA (GSD) 82 marks

Sue Pickering - HOBHILL FREE SPIRIT (Border Terrier) 81.5 marks

Kath Woolley - TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP) 81.5marks




Tracklayers Terry Austin, Arthur Ball, Chris Greenhaigh, Dave Holt

Search and Control Steward Janet Shaw

Many thanks to the NWWTS for the invitation to judge the UD stake at this well-run trial. Dave Bell and his team ensured everything ran like clockwork with no hiccups. Many thanks to the ladies in the food department and to Judith and Hazel for keeping the scores and writing the certificates. And many thanks to Janet for the search squares and stewarding the control rounds, making all the competitors feel at ease.

We saw some excellent tracking over the two days, Terry, Dave, Arthur and Chris making sure that the tracks were laid to plan, thank you. The control needed a little more work by some teams.

1st           Mrs J L Reed with LITTLE JODE GSD 194. Worked together as a team. A joy to watch.

2nd         Rita Evans with LANCELOT VON SWARTZ GSD 192 5. Well done. This dog was handled by Walter, who must remember to follow his clog on the track.

3rd          Mr and Mrs J Atkin with BRONFYNNON BRECON (WSD) CDEX 190.5 Well done.

4th          Judith Stamp with RESERVOIR RESCUE (X BREED) CDEX UDEX 189 5. Another very good round.

Also qualifying UDEX:-


Jill Carruthers with JASUETER RED GARNET (GSD) CDEX UDEX 186 5

E Y Carpenter with CARFELD GRIFF (BC) CDEX 184

Miss Kath Woolley with TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP) 183 5

A C Currie with VOMHAUSNYE PUNK (GSD) 182.5

Mrs S Ashby with THE ECHO (WSD) CDEX UDEX 170 5

Thank you to all competitors for entering, and good luck in your future trials. Finally, this was the NWWTS 25th anniversary, and it was a great pleasure to meet so many members and former members again at the celebration dinner on the Saturday evening, especially Eric Roberts whose original idea it was to form the Society in 1980.


Stake:   T.D.


Tracklayers:   Dave Bell, Alan Fox And Graham Slack.

Stewards:  Rikki Davies And Kim Astlebury.

Many thanks to the committee of North West for the invitation to judge, to all the kitchen staff for the lunches and refreshments on the field to all my tracklayers and stewards especially to Rikki Davies-what an indefatigable worker she is for the society. Not only did she and Ken put me and other people up over the week, but she search stewarded for me for four days and then judged U.D for two days. Thank you also Ken for having me to stay and making me so welcome.

46 Entries, 35 competed, 8 failed the track, 6 only recovered 1article from the track, and of these, three, Jane Webb, Ray Lea & Dave Marchant achieved over 90 for their track.

20 teams came back for control but only three dogs retained more than half marks on what was a pretty straightforward send away  ( for me) the best of these was Julie Atkins  9/10 followed by Barry Gilbert 8/10.

1st           & C.C. Ann Fowler with: W.T.Ch. Waggerland Floss. 204.5.  Tracked in a field where most others had failed. Lost most marks in the first quarter of the track and then settled to a great demonstration of teamwork, all seven articles recovered. 28.5 for control. She is getting quieter, Floss that is!!!!

2nd         & Res C.C. Barry Gilbert with: W.T.Ch Laetare Day Javu. 204. Best nosework  & control marks but an uncharacteristic failure of the clear jump lost the Ticket today.

3rd          Glenys Page: with Briglen Nutmeg.  194.5

4th          Sheila Tannert: W.T.Ch Styperson Tern.   188.5

Also Qualifying  T.D. ex



Sheila Tannert: W.T.Ch STYPERSON BRIAR 185

Paul Adams: MOONBEAM SHADOW  184.5

Garry Atkins: CAFCOLL RON   184

Linda Newbold: LITTLE BRADLEY   179


John Robinson: JUST BRADY AT TRENTVALLEY  169.5 

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