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CD Stake


Steward: Pam Wadsworth

Thank you to North West Working Trials Committee for the invitation to judge the CD stake at this trial. It was the first time that both Pam and I have stewarded and judged and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A lot less frightening than competing! We had 7 entries with 6 competing. I tried to set a test that was straightforward so that a nervous competitor did not have too much to think about and could concentrate on working their dogs. I think everyone went home with some positives and also exercises that need a bit more practice. Everyone is capable of qualifying on their day.

1st           Gillian Hodson WHITEGATES GEORGINA (Cross) - 82.5 Q All exercises well done, I know you were thrilled. This dog got what proved to be the two difficult articles out of the square and not the easy one!

2nd         Monica Cormack CHOXXSTART RAGGED ROBIN (Beardie) 80.5NQ All you needed was one more article! It will definitely happen. All other exercises deserved your qualification.

3rd          Barry Bray BRAMBLE SWEET SOUL LADY (Beardie) 78 NQ Again all that was needed was one more article. I know you were disappointed but it can happen to the best of dogs. I could tell that you have worked hard with Bramble. She worked very well.

4th          Monica Brickell HARTWOOD HILL EMBLEM (Lab) 65 NQ Nearly there, just a bit more practice and experience on certain exercises.


U.D. Stake


Tracklayers - Janet Parker (3 days), June Reed (2 days), Ricky Davies (1 day)

Scribe and Search Square - Sylvia Austin (3 days)

My thanks to NWWTS  for the invitation to judge at this smoothly run trial, thanks also to everyone at the base for the lovely hot food and special thanks to my tracklayers Janet, June and Ricky and scribe and search steward  Sylvia. Because of the number of entries the stake went over three days, and from 25 teams competing we ended with 9 gaining certificates of merit. Those that were ready to qualify did, those that didn't are not far away.

1st             STARDELL ALULA - B.C. Mr D. Olley - 190, Lovely round from the young B.C. just bits and pieces on control, no long jump but super nosework - Track 88.5- 20 - 33 square, 33.5 control, 15 agility. Well done.

2nd           DURSTONE MELODY - WSD  Mrs S. Jones - 188. This dog put her nose down and completed the track as if on rails gaining full marks and winning the best track trophy, three from the square. Good control round, full agility. Well done. Track 90 - 20 -28 square, 30 control, 20 agility.

3rd            SELDOMSEEN RIO CDEX   - WSD  Mrs  M. Rogerson - 188.  Rio unfortunately  left  an article on the track otherwise as you can se from the mark what a super round this was. Track 88 - 10 - 35 square, with full mark control and agility, definitely  one to watch for.

4th          NIKONIS  QUIET RIOT at HOBHILL CDEX - GSD  Mrs  S Pickerin - 186.5. Sue was so pleased with the way her dog worked, lovely track and control. Track - 87.5 - 20 - 27 square, 32 - control, 20 - agility. Well done.

Also gaining certificates  of merit:-

CHANASK VOLGA  CDEX - GSD - Mr T. Green - 185.5, A little more control needed, but Trevor was so pleased . Well done.

NO RESPECT - BSD  Mali. - Miss  C. Wrend - 185 - First ever trial for both dog and handler, super attitude, good luck for the future.

DAISY DOO CDEX - Cross - Mrs J. Dykes - 183


TELL TALE TACO - BSD  Mali - Miss S.Scott - 178.5

It is a privilege  to judge, my thanks to the competitors for entering. Hope you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging. You were a super bunch. Remember we all take the best dog home.


W.D. Stake


Steward:Barbara Bell

Tracklayers:Kim Astbury (3 days)

Ray Lea (1 day)

Many thanks to the society for asking me to judge the WD stake. Thanks to Barbara for stewarding for me for all the 3 days, also many thanks to Kim for tracklaying for 3 days and to Ray for tracklaying on the final day, even if it meant that it led to some unmerciful micky taking on that final day. Seriously, if anybody needs tracklayers, these two are so capable, you just know that the tracks will be done as you want them to be. Many thanks also to the kitchen staff who always keep you well fed and watered at this trial, they do a splendid job.

1st           Dean Woodcock with LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK - BC - 195 Q.

This little collie made the test look really easy, handled well too. Congratulations.

2nd            Polly Thomas with BONZER HONEYSUCKLE BLOOM - Lab - 186 1/2 Q.

A very steady tracking bitch. Well Done, also winner of the best track trophy.

3rd              Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI - BSD Malinois - 175 1/2  NQ.

I had my heart in my mouth several times with this hyperactive little dog, but eventually it sorted out the track.

4th             Dave Holt with CHARLESTOWN JAKE - GSD - 174 1/2  NQ.

An excellent track from the only dog to complete on the first day. Imagine what could be if you trained him Dave!

Just one little moan, Please, when you enter a trial, remember to apply the etiquete of trials.It does mean a lot to the helpers, judges, stewards, tracklayers etc. After all, without these people, there would be no trials.


PD Stake


Steward; Paula Jaques

Helpers; Steve Lancashire And Tom Davis And Team. Pete Yates.

Thanks to NW  for invitation to judge the PD stake.Thanks to Jenny Holt and all her team for a very well run trial.

Thanks to Ricky and Ken Davies for putting myself and Paula up and for their generous hospitality. The weather was very cold but stayed mainly dry with just a few showers on Saturday. Thanks to Steve Lancashire and his brilliant  team for their usual superb job. What would we do without you?

Thanks also to Pete Yates for sitting in the hide.

Thanks to Paula for laying squares , scribing and patrol stewarding.

9 Entered, 7 Ran. 6 Qualified Nosework And 7 Qualified C/A,

Patrol round was straightforward starting with test of courage, search and escort, then a quarter round the perimeter of the field ending with passive person in the hide. Then recall and chase with whole test in full view of observers.

The patrol round was done quite well by most dogs and I ended up with 5 qualifiers.

1st           Richard Cornwall and GRUBER. Q288. Nice steady round. Well done.

2nd         Anne Dent with ELLA. Q277. Well done.

3rd          .Sally Bergh-Roose and JI. Q 263. Well done.

4th          Polly Thomas with STANLEY.q258.5. Well done

Also qualified

Dave Marchant and MURPHY q257.5. Well done

Special thanks to all the ladies and gents in the kitchen for the lovely food, especially lunch on Sunday.

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