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Trial Manager’s Report

My Thanks go to all the helpers at this popular trial, from the tracklayers, stewards, criminals, to the kitchen staff and backroom staff. Quite often the people who do the scores and certificates are forgotten, but Judith and Hazel are indispensable. Special Thanks also to my Chief Steward, Jenny Holt, her hard work behind the scenes makes my job a lot easier.

The first 2 days, the weather was extremely cold with snow and rain but it didn't seem to bother the dogs at all. The last 2 days the weather was bright, cold, but managed to stay dry. The land was good for tracking, hence some good tracking marks, but as usual, jumps, stays etc took their toll. To anybody who has ever had fears about doing a 3 hour old track, Dave Holt's dog, Jake, found a wallet in the wood that had been lost in our November trial, 3 months ago, and still intact, well done Jake.

On a more serious note, I am sure that everybody will join me in wishing Hilary Morris a speedy recovery and our Best Wishes go out to her, get well soon.

I would also like to echo Judy Meekings words when she said that more people are needed to help out at trials. At the N.W.W.T.S. we are very lucky to have a big pool of helpers, but none of us are getting any younger and we need to encourage youngsters into the sport.

On a last note, I look forward to seeing you all at the K.C.'s in October.



Stake CD


Steward: Barbara Bell

I was asked to step in when Hilary Morris was unable to judge. We all wish you a full and speedy recovery Hilary. Thank you to all at North West Working Trials for a very enjoyable weekend. Special thanks to my steward, Barbara Bell, for her hard work all weekend.

I enjoyed judging such a wide variety of dogs, all of which are capable of qualifying CDEx on the right day. We had the usual hard luck stories especially with stays and jumps.

1st           Mrs Gill Armstrong & SAPPHIRE TYG (Australian Cattle Dog) 96 points CDEx. A very tidy round. Dog and handler worked well as a team. Good luck in the tracking stakes.

2nd         Mr Andy Fox & STARDELL MUSCA (BC) 92.5 points CD Ex. A young dog with a lovely attitude. Just bits and pieces for handler and dog to tidy up.

3rd          Miss Sue Scott & TELL TALE TACO (BSD Malinois) 91.5 points CDEx. A very strong dog, well controlled. I bet you get some offers for him from PD handlers!

4th          Mrs Sue Jones & DURSTONE MELODY (WSD) 90.5 points CDEx. Lovely square. Just a little untidy in heelwork and retrieve.

Also qualified CDex:

Mrs Jenny Holt & HULLATER BROCK (WSD) 89 points - Well deserved qualifier for this hard working handler

Mrs Tanya Whorwood & RUSKIN SEA SHEPHERD (GSD) 88.5 points - Have more faith in him!

Judith Stamp & SPROLLIE DOLLIE (X) 86.5 points - A good round from another hard working handler.

Mrs June Reed & ESSEX GIRL (GSD) 85.5 points - A very young dog with a bright future.

Mr Bob Shropshire & STYPERSON OLIVER (Lab) 84 points - good partnership, work on the sendaway!

Mr David Swinburn & CHAKA ZULU (GSD) 81 points - A fabulous dog, let me know if you don't want him!

Miss J. Townsend's TENVRAS QUEST (Lab) handled by Monica Brickell 80 points - Just tidy things up and work on the sendaway.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Arthur Ball & Terry Austin both days

Steward for C&A & nosework: Kim Astbury

Thanks must go to Kim, Arthur & Terry for giving up their weekend to help at this trial, your time & effort paid off well with 7 dogs gaining UDX. You are all very dedicated members of the society & by now you must know the land like the back of your hand! (or so the saying goes).

Only one dog failed to complete the track, & all qualified in the search. The C&A was a little mixed, with lots of extra commands from some handlers, both verbal & non-verbal (body language does count).

1st           191 DAISY DOO CDX UDX with Jackie Dykes. As the marks show Daisy hardly put a paw out of line, she is lovely, a very happy girl. Keep up the good work Jackie, you will go from strength to strength with her fantastic attitude & ability. Congratulations to you both.

2nd         188 DURSTONE MELODY CDX UDX with Sue Jones. Meg is a star dog, she has “several CDX’s & wins to her credit. This was a double today, gaining another CDX & your UDX too. I am sure she has a wonderful future in trials, congratulations Sue & Meg.

3rd          185.5 STARDELL ALULA CDX UDX with Dave Olley. Dave dwarfs little Nell, but he handles her so well, giving so much confidence when required. A fantastic partnership working the test as a team, a pleasure to judge, congratulations on your UDX

4th          182.5 SELDOMSEEN RIO CDX UDX with Moira Rogerson. Rio is a young dog in very experienced hands of Moira, another one destined for the top, congratulations.

Also qualifying;

178 HULLATER BROCK CDX UDX with Jenny Holt


172.5 TELL TALE TACO UDX with Sue Scott

Final thanks to Judith & Hazel at the base for all your help. Also to the superb gang in the kitchen, lovely grub! Well done Dave Bell on a very enjoyable trial.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Dave Bell, Dave Holt, Jenny Holt (one day)

Steward: Janet Shaw

Many thanks to North West for asking me to judge the WD stake. I thoroughly enjoyed my four days. The weather could have been a little kinder, I think we had everything from snow to rain to high winds to eventual sunshine. Thanks to my tracklayers (the two Davids) and to Jenny. All did a good job laying the tracks exactly to pattern and being excellent company throughout. The ladies in the kitchen kept us well fed and watered, thank you, and Judith and Hazel managed to read my scribbled notes and get the results out quickly. Finally a big thank you to Janet who did an excellent job of stewarding for me.

I had 28 entries in this stake and the overall standard was impressive. Only the severe weather prevented more teams from qualifying.

1st           John Watts with JAYESS ROUGH'N TUMBLE (GSD) 189 Q. Worked in a very strong wind but made the test look easy. A well deserved win. Congratulations.

2nd         Sue Scott with LUCA'T THAT (BSD) 187 Q. Another team that worked well together just the odd half mark lost here and there. Congratulations.

3rd          Mrs Carla Morris with AZA AZA KITE (Welsh Sheepdog) 179 Q. Had to work hard at one point during the track but handler and dog worked it out together. Very well done.

4th          J. & S. Margreaves with SHADOWQUEST ATTA BOY (GSD) 178 Q. Another team that had to work hard on the track, but worked it out well.

Also qualifying excellent:

Mrs J. Douglas with SHADOWQUEST AREBA (GSD) 173.5

Mrs Perite Wadham with FURY ANSCHI (Rott) 168

Once again thanks go to the Society and the competitors for an enjoyable four days.


Stake: PD


Thank you for the invitation to judge the P.D. stake at the North West Championship Working Trial. There are so many people from the North West Society who I would like to thank for their friendship and support but if I started naming names I would miss someone out so suffice to say a big thank you for making Lorna, my steward, and I so welcome.

To the trials manager Dave Bell you ran an excellent trial, we wanted for nothing. Also thanks to the catering staff who kept us fed and watered and to Ricky and Ken Davies thank you for your kind hospitality and not forgetting the delights of Ken's culinary skills. To my tracklayers Chris, Ray and Ron you all did a fantastic job, thank you. My criminals were Tom, Steve, Chris and Ron as always they were brilliant. I tell them what I want and I don't need to worry about it - they do it in a professional manner. The thing about these men, apart from Ron, is that they don't work a dog, many thanks you were brilliant.

My steward from start to finish was Lorna Cottier who not only did a first class job during the trial she was also excellent company. The only down side was when Scotland fluked a win over England at rugby I had to listen to her bleating on about it.

All dogs qualified in the nose work.

The dog's first exercise was steadiness to gun followed by the track. During the track Lorna put four poles out for the square, no articles were put in at this time. On completion of the track the competitor was required to impress me with heel work in the square for 1 minute, on completion of which the competitor was required to leave the square, put the dog in any position they required with its back to the square, walk 10 paces away from the dog keeping their back to the dog and looking straight ahead get the dog to bark. As this was being done Lorna was placing the articles which were a cotton bud, blue bottle top, piece of leather and a 1" piece of green welly in the square. Apart from the heelwork which was disappointing overall, the other exercises were done quite well.

This left the sendaway to do & the control. The outrun was 120yards to a bluepole with a 150yards redirect to the left. Two competitors got maximum marks. This was followed by the agility - all teams qualified in this section. There were ten qualifiers going into the Patrol round and it started with the Quarter.

I required the handler to send the dog around a field to a large oak tree to locate a criminal who was hiding there, this was the only exercise where I required a search to be carried out. An axe was stuck in the tree along with a Stanley knife concealed on the criminal. Once this incident was dealt with I required the handler to send the dog further around the field to where another criminal was hiding. The handler was required to take the first criminal to where the second criminal was. Only one dog completely failed this exercise and I saw some very good quarters. The escort with the attack on handler which followed this was the poorest exercise overall. During this exercise the handler was attacked twice, the first being approx 100yds into the escort. As the handler was calling the dog off the second criminal was attacking. Handlers were finding it difficult get their dogs to walk to heel and to get them off the first criminal and direct onto the second, however there were a couple of good ones. The chase followed, two criminals running away with one stopping en route while the other kept running. Handlers were instructed to ignore the stationary criminal and go to the criminal the dog had detained. Immediately the handler got to the dog the stationary criminal ran back towards the starting point. I awarded a maximum 10 points for the 1st criminal and 20points for the 2nd, 4 got maximum marks only 2 got 10.

The recall was set up exactly the same. The recall off the first criminal was done very well with only one competitor getting no points.

The second criminal was running directly at the handler so it was necessary for the dog to pass the running criminal to get to the handler, one handler got maximum marks and she was heard to say when on her command her dog turned away from the 2nd criminal" OH S...T I DIDN'T EXPECT HIM TO DO THAT"

I judged the same as the chase and detention 10 for 1st and 20 for the 2nd. The Test of Courage had 2 men standing 30yds away with dustbin lids & another with a length of polystyrene. All 3 approached the dogs in aggressive manner. I wasn't looking for the dog to go through the bin lids to bite the sleeve rather a dog that wouldn't back off and I wasn't disappointed. I think overall this was the best exercise.

My thanks to all competitors for accepting my decisions, well done to you all and good luck in the future.

1st           Rod Roberts with x breed W.T.Ch. LITTLE BART. Consistent throughout all the exercises, a thoroughly professional round. Well done and good luck at the K.C.C's. 295/320

2nd         Graham Brumpton with his W.S.D. W.T.Ch. JUST WILLIAM Another good consistent round the second recall costing this team dearly. Well done. 287/320

3rd          Mick Tustain with his Malinois JOTUNHEIM VIP. A very keen young dog superbly handled by Mick, a pity about the reluctance to locate the criminal immediately and a bite in the first hide. Well Done. 281/320

4th          Dave Marchant with his W.S.D. W.T.Ch. WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE. Started well with best track losing only 1 mark but lost too many marks in the other exercises to be in serious contention for the ticket but still a very good round. Well done. 278.5/320

Also qualifying P.D.ex

Celia Bourne with her W.S.D. KAIS KINDRED SPIRIT Well done Celia and it is not true what you suggested about Heather "All in good Fun" Well done. 277/320

Heather Patrick with her W.S.D. XANDOAS QUIZMASTER Heather as usual was a barrow job as she approached me to do each exercise. Just qualifying with not too much to spare, she approached the Patrol round in the same manner saying she didn't know what she was doing there, then proceeded to put together the best patrol round of the day and get her first P.D.ex. This was followed by a pitch invasion led by Moira Rogerson (you can't keep Moira down) Well done Heather 259.5/320

LEE PAYNE wtth his WS.D. SWEET ASSASSIN I know Lee has been having problems with this young dog however got the best out of his dog with the best quarter of the day. Well Done 259/320

Qualifying P.D. only

Polly Thomas with her W.S.D. STANLEY OF ANNESLEY SPRINGS You are nearly there Polly. Well done. 245/320

To all competitors, I enjoyed judging you and the friendly banter Thank you all.

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