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Open Trial
Trial Held: 23 November 2003



C.D. Stake

Judge: Andy Magyar

Steward: Wendy Magyar

Thank you to N.W.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge, to Judith and Hazel in the base and the kitchen staff for looking after us, the hot meal was lovely. Well done for running an excellent trial Jenny, and the desert that ended up being rhubarb crumble was also very nice. Thank you to Wendy for stewarding.

To the competitors, thank you for entering under me and I hope you enjoyed the test. 10 teams entered, eight worked.

1st            Hunter, handled by Sheila Margreaves. The only qualifier, worked very well. 92.5. Well done and good luck in the future.

2nd           Fitz, handled by Mrs K Smart. Another good round but unfortunately failed the down. NQ 81.5.

3rd           Sally, handled by Mrs S Pickerin. Nothing too much trouble for this Border terrier, again the down took them out. 75.

4th           Reba, handled by Mrs J Douglas. What a delight to watch this dog work, unfortunately she didn’t like the stays either. 74.

Last, but y no means least, thank you to Dave and Sleepwalker (Barbara) Bell for putting us up, GETTING US UP, and escorting is to the trial. 



U.D. Stake

Judge: Terry Austin

Tracklayers: Dave & Barbara Bell

Steward: Sylvia Austin

My thanks to N.W.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge the U.D. Stake at this extremely well run trial – thanks also to Jenny Holt, trials manager, the ladies in the kitchen for the super food over the weekend, and special thanks to my two tracklayers Dave and Barbara bell.

A dry and very cold weekend with a sharp frost made the first few tracks highly visible. The first article, a two and a half inch garden cane was placed 30 yards in to try to give confidence to novice handlers in their first tracking stake. The last article was a flat 2.5” piece of wood: the majority of competitors completing the track with few problems. The square articles included a plastic nut, 5” piece of earth wire, plant tie, and a length of light metal chain, and were placed 5 paces in from each corner, again, most dogs finding enough to qualify.

For the control I tried to set a fair test which flowed fro one exercise to the next – first retrieve, then heelwork which brought competitors to the sendaway pole – the sendaway marker, a blue and white sign which was placed 80 yards to a gap in the hedge, this was followed by the agility, which is where most competitors  had problems. Stays were very well done with only one dog failing. We ended with two qualifiers out of the seven who competed.

1st                  Black Newborough Lad, with Mr D Olley, 182 CoM. Nice steady Lab, quietly handled. A lovely control round with full mark sendaway, tight on the jumps but then a good track – both articles and 3 from the square. Well done.

2nd                 Magical Black Ice, Mrs M L Parker, 181.5 CoM. This lovely BC did a super control round, losing on half a mark. Again, another good track but unfortunately only 2 from the square which proved costly today as there was only half a mark between first and second.

3rd                 Shadowquest Areba, Mrs J Douglas, 178 NQ. (GSD) Lost only one mark on the track with both articles and 4 from the square. Reba wasn’t keen on the gun today, but it was the agility that let you down. Get this sorted and the qualification will come, good luck.

4th                 Carfeld Gyp and Mrs R Kidson, 170.5 NQ. A super BC, this handler has a lovely attitude towards her dog, again another good track with both articles, 4 from the square but no jumps. Not your day today, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he qualifies. Good luck for your future trials. 

Best track trophy was awarded to Jess the Superblade handled by Miss M Padgett. Jess completed a full mark track with both articles: you have a lovely BC Melissa, please keep training and Jess will do it for you.

Thank you competitors for allowing me to judge your dogs and for your sporting behaviour: I hope you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging you.


WD Stake

Judge : Ray Lea

Tracklayers : Dave Holt, Auther Ball, Alan Fox

Steward : Kim Astbury

Many thanks to N.W.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge the W.D. Stake at their open trial in November.  To my track layers, Dave, Auther, Alan. To my steward on both days doing both search and C.A. for her first time well done Kim.  To the ladies in the kitchen great food once again thank you. And to the backroom staff at the base the trial wont run without you. A big thank you.  To you Jenny Holt thanks for all your help.  I had a little insight into some of the hard work a Trials Manager has to do looking and walking land, meeting farmers, seeing to the base, the list goes on.  To the competitors thank you for allowing me to judge you and your dog without question.  Good luck to you all in the future.

Tracking was on a nice growth of grass pasture and the early tracks helped by a good overnight frost on both days.  The search squares were a little disappointing only two dogs finding three articles and only one dog bringing the glove out clean.  We had a very worthy winner being the most consistent in both nose work and C&A.

1st           Pam Wadsworth with Nikolaev Wesley with Doganodogs (D) Bouvier Des Flanders. 178.5 pts. C.O.M. so steady this dog he nearly falls over but he doesn't make any mistakes.

2nd         Sue Yates with Bebton Bryn. Cross breed (D) 174 pts C.O.M. well done Sue Bryn gave us a scare in the search.

3rd         Jenny Harvey with Jotunheim Latin. Malinois (B) 170.5 pts C.O.M. well done Jenny you have worked hard with this dog.

4th          Stubbings and Collier with Sorumour Just for a Laugh at Glentrada GSD (D). Nicely handled by Tracey well done. 168.5 C.O.M.

5th          U.C. Reed with Zacharias Boy GSD (D) 160.5 pts C.O.M. worked hard on the track well done.


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