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Trials Manager’s Report

NWWTS open trial was kindly sponsored by Skinners dog food, with the lovely Elizabeth G Wooltorton in attendance to give good advice on what type of food to feed your dog - thank you so much for your continued support.

The weather this year was very mixed over the weekend.  We had the largest entry we have had at a PD trial for eight years, but lots of cancellations for one reason or another.   I would like to thank all of my team - without their help this trial would not run.  The team is:- Judith Stamp, Hazel Holt and Lol in base; Pam and her team in the kitchen, Chris Overton (early morning bacon butties), Chris Stubbings (for the cakes), Aileen Burns, Diane Higgins, Carroll and Chas - thank you.  Thanks also to Claire Bailey (Friday night meal, great food again), and Friday night helpers, Claire Hansel and Nancy Lea.

Out in the field tracklaying - PD, Terry Austin; WD, Kim Astbury, Sue Ashley; UD, Mark Gardner, Chris Davis, also Kim and Sue on Sunday - thank you all.

Thanks to the stewards – PD, Jenny Olley; WD, Emily Arch; UD, Gill Armstrong; CD, Barbara Bell; and to the escorts, Hazel Holt and Jackie Dykes, for getting everyone to their tracks on time.

And thank you to the judges – PD, Dave Olley; WD, Cath Phillips; UD, Dave Stretch and CD, Dena Swift; and to the protected stewards (criminals) - without you guys PD would not happen.   

And to the land owners - without you we could not run our sport, so a big thank you from all at North West Working Trials Society.

Merry Christmas and have a fantastic 2016


Stake: UD  


Steward: Gill Armstrong 

Tracklayers: Chris Davis, Mark Gardner, Kim Astbury and Sue Ashley 

Many thanks to the North West WTS and Ray Lea, trials manager, for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their 2015 open trial.  I really enjoyed the experience over the three days.  Thanks to the base staff, Judith, Hazel and Lol, the ladies in the kitchen, led by Pam, and those escorting competitors to the location of their C/A and nosework rounds.  Ray and his team run a really friendly and efficient trial.

NWWTS UD Track pattern

Special thanks to Gill, my steward for both the C/A round and search squares.  Gill guided handlers competently through the round, laid squares exactly as I wanted and was great company throughout the three days.  It was a pleasure to have you as my steward.  I would also like to thank my tracklayers, Chris and Mark on the Friday and Saturday, and Kim and Sue on the Sunday.  The weather was not particularly good, especially on the Friday and Saturday, with wind and rain.  And fields are never square/rectangle to fit the track pattern.  Great job.

Finally, thank you to all the competitors and their super dogs.  Thank you for entering and it was a pleasure to watch and judge you.  And thanks for accepting my decisions.

I set a straight forward test, appropriate for this first tracking stake.  We started with C/A – retrieve, heel free, sendaway (80 yards to blue cross poles at a boundary), jumps and finishing with the down stay.  Jumps and stays were the main downfall for the non-qualifiers.  

The nosework was on grass (although one field could aptly be described as a clover field).  The track had 8 legs and the articles were a 3” x 3” piece of carpet and a 4” wooden peg.  The search square articles were a 6” drinking straw, a 3” x 2.5” piece of carpet tile, a 6” wooden lolly stick and a 4” length of red plastic hose.  11 out of 15 teams successfully completed their track and all teams recovered at least 2 articles from the square.  Well done.

21 entries, 16 worked and 6 qualified.

1st and Best UD Track Shield           JohnWykes and DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE (Rory), BC, 188.5, Q.  Excellent performance from this experienced handler and a young dog.  Great control round, full jumps and best track.  3 articles recovered from the square.  This team were worthy winners.  Well done.

2nd and Best Gundog Trophy          Jain Douglas and GLENWOODIAN FLINDERS (Bindi), Lab, 186.5, Q.  This was another super performance from an experienced handler and a young dog.  Great control round and enough for the jumps with the clear and scale.  2 and 4 articles recovered from the track and square helped to achieve this well-earned place.

3rd          Tom Mills and ALLMARK EDUARDO AT TOMSZIIL (Eddie), Australian Shepherd, 185.5, Q.  Great control round.  Solid clear, long and out over the scale.  With the stay, this was just enough.  This team also recovered 2 and 4 articles from their track and square.

4th          Jackie Dykes and ZINZAN ZOO (Poppy), Cross, 185, Q.  Just 2 points dropped in the control round.  Another team with a solid clear, long and out over the scale, but no return.  2 and 4 articles were recovered from their track and square.

Also qualifying:

Jacquie Hall and MEADOWBURN LITTLE BIDDY (Biddy), Cross, 184.5

Sandra Warrick and ZEFRAM AMPELUS AT CONCENN (Quest), GSD, 178.5


Stake: PD   


Tracklayer: Terry Austin 

Square, control steward and Patrol Scribe: Jenny Olley 

Patrol Steward: Erin Bootland 

Protected Stewards: Dave Raybould, Terry Austin, Allan Heatley and Mark Gardener. 

Thanks to NWWTS for the invitation to judge PD.  Ray and his team of helpers are first class, so many thanks to team North West.  Thanks also to NW PD team, Terry Austin, who laid the tracks and later headed a resident protected stewards team, which included Allan Heatley and Mark Gardener - good work, guys.  The chase steward, Dave Raybould, patrol steward, Erin Bootland, search, C/A steward and patrol scribe, Jenny Olley, were my own team and did a super job - thank you.  Thanks also to Lorna Cottier, who was there in the role of assessor, and gave me some great advice.

3 teams entered, 2 ran.  We watched the tracks on a beautiful sunny winters morning, which were completed very well by both the teams that ran.  The C/A followed, which started with the stays.  The next exercise was the speak, leaving the dog 15 paces and asking for 10 barks.  Fast pace heelwork took the handlers and dogs to the start of the sendaway, which was a 100 paces to a blue pole, and then a send-on another 50 paces to a flag; slow and normal pace heelwork followed, leading to the jumps.  Unfortunately, we lost both teams on the C/A.

The patrol round started with the quarter; the dog was sent round 3 hides, then on to the 4th for the location; there were 2 innocent men in the hide, so there was no search.  One of the innocent men pointed out the bad guy, which led to the chase.  The chased man was detained and searched, he was then escorted back towards hide one, where the handler was ambushed by a hidden assailant.  The incident was dealt with, and a search of the attacker’s hide was carried out.  The dog was then sent forward to two men who were threatening aggressively at the handler (test of courage).  The last exercise of the day was the recall.  Both teams handled the patrol round well, and gained qualifying marks for this section.

1st           Chris Trevor and RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, Lab, 292.5, NQ.   Good nosework, good control, uncharacteristic blip on the jumps, followed by a nice patrol round, well done. 

2nd         Martyn Willcock and MURPHY MAGNUS LUMMOX, WSD, 224, NQ.  Good track, struggled a bit on the C/A; smart patrol round apart from the recall.  Well done.

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