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Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Sue Ashley and Mark Gardner

Steward: Chris Davis

Thank you to Ray Lea and the committee for the invitation to judge the UD open stake.  A big thank you to everyone for all the hard work put in before and during the trial, and many thanks to Kim Astbury and Sue Ashley for being trials managers.  Special thanks go to my steward/square steward, Chris Davis, and tracklayers, Sue Ashley and Mark Gardner, who were with me for the three days and were first class.  Thank you all again for giving up your time to help at the trial. 

We were well looked after by everyone at the base, run like clockwork by Judith and Hazel, with warming drinks and food provided by Pam and her team.  Thanks also to the escorts for getting the competitors to the tracks on time. 

We had 22 entries, 18 ran.  Control took place first.  The weather!!   Friday was dry and sunny, not too cold.  Saturday was foggy, which was testing for the dogs in the control as they were running into the mist for the sendaway, and I had to follow all the dogs on the track, as visibility was about 20ft.  Sunday was bright and frosty until late morning, then good.

Control round was retrieve, normal and slow heelwork.  Then the sendaway, 75 yards to two white cross poles, then fast pace heelwork to the jumping area.

The track was eight legs, articles were 3" x 2" red carpet and 3" x 3" green rubber mat.    Square articles, 3" x 1.5" astro turf, 3" x 3" black non-slip mat, a piece of red knotted rope and 1" x 2.5" green pan scrub.  All tracks were on good grass.

1st           Mark Lewindon with THE CHEKA AT BRACOKELI, GSD, D, 190, Q.  Also best track trophy.  Very smart round from this team, full point sendaway and jumps.  Very precise track, competent square retrieving all articles.  Cheka's first attempt at UD I believe; a bright future ahead.  Well done.

2nd         Rosemary Smyth with FINN MY COOL COLLIE, BC, D, 187, Q.  Again, a lovely control round, full sendaway, lost 1 on heelwork and 1 on the scale.  Good track with three articles from the square.  Well done.

3rd          Dave Stretch with OAKENHOLT BAIRD, CDEx, Lab, D, 186, Q.  Also best gundog of the trial.   Dave was just in control of this enthusiastic young dog.  Good sendaway, but no long jump today.  Good track, four articles from the square.   Bright future when he settles down - well done.

4th          Cath Phillips with CHOCS AWAY ALFIE, X/B, 184.75, Q.  Good control; Alfie was handled well by Cath, who was able to push him on in the sendaway.  Again, I think his first attempt at UD.  Very well done.

Also qualifying:

Becky MacGuffie with POLLGINA ABBEY JETGIRL, Labrador, 183.5, 

Gill Moran with SNOOPCATS LIFE OF RILEY, BC, 173 

E Wight’s (handled by Jackie Hope) CROWELL VOM ALLEN FORSTERHAUS, GSD, 167

To those who did not qualify, I saw some super dogs - all will qualify, I am sure.  Thank you to the competitors for entering.



Stake: TD 


Tracklayers: Terry Austen, Jeff Margreaves and Dave Stretch

Steward: Lorraine Wilson


Thank you to NWWTS for the invite to judge this stake.  New trials manager, Kim Astbury, along with her trusty right hand woman, Sue Ashley, ran a very good trial.  This always seems to be a happy trial with everyone pulling together.  Pam Wadsworth and her team ran a brilliant kitchen and I rather got the feeling I let them down by not eating more!  Judith Stamp and Hazel Holt kept base, and us, in order.

Many thanks to tracklayers, Terry Austen, Jeff Margreaves and Dave Stretch, not forgetting travelling companion and steward extraordinaire, Lorraine Wilson.

31 entries. 28 worked. 18 qualified nosework. 10 qualified overall

Weather - 3 bright days along with 1 of thick fog


1st                Sandra Lewindon with LITTLE MISS JYNX, WSD, B, 206.5, Q.  Extra busy little dog that is going to keep Sandra on her toes.  That busy-ness cost points in control but hopefully Mum will get that sorted.  Also, best track.

2nd              Jackie Dykes with ZINZAN ZOO, Cross, B, 203.5, Q.  Cracking little dog who gave a sound performance across the board.

3rd          Sheila Margreaves with KHAMYSKER ROCKET, GSD, D, 203, Q.  GSD with great attitude.  Article chomping costly.

4th               Moira Rogerson with XANDOAS SCOUT, BSD, D, 202.5, Q.  Moira must be so pleased with the dedication Scout shows in his tracking.  Well deserved.

Also qualifying:

Jayne Lewis with RHYNSTON RHYS, WSD, D, 201.5

Tracey Eaton with CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, G.Ret, B, 199

Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, X/B, B, 197.5

Mark Craven with CODIE CANNY JACK, WSD, D, 194.5

Rosemary Turner with KHAMYSKER KALAMITY, GSD, B, 188

Jacquie Hall with MEADOWBURN LITTLE BIDDY, X/B, B, 177


Thank you to everyone who entered and for accepting my decisions.


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