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Trial Managers Report

Kim Astbury

The trial was held over 6 days.  The weather apart from the Thursday when Storm Doris put in an appearance was mild and mainly dry.  The entries were TD 43, UD 10, CD 19 and Veterans 8. Thanks to the three judges Jenny Holt for TD and for stepping in when Richard Musgrave had to understandably step down.  I would like to take this opportunity to send our best wishes to Theresa. John West for UD and Veterans and Chris Trevor for CD. Thank you all for being great company and setting fair tests.

Thanks to the Base Staff – Judith Stamp  and Hazel Holt

Kitchen Staff Pam Wadsworth, Chris Overton and the rest of the catering  team

Thanks to all the Tracklayers, Stewards, Escorts without you the trial couldn’t happen.   I would particularly like to thank Terry Austin for track laying TD during Storm Doris. Thursday proved an interesting day with only 2 TD competitors braving the storm.  They both attempted the track but unfortunately without success.  Meanwhile back at the base a fallen tree brought down a power line and left us with out any power for the best part of the day.  Thanks to Pams quick thinking we were able to supply hot drinks throughout the day but Cheese and tomatoes sandwiches were not what any of us were expecting for breakfast!

I’d also like to thank Farmer George Riddell and Brian Ayres for all the tracking land and Mr Arthur Lea for the Control field.  When I went round to thank them all on the Sunday afternoon they were very happy with how everyone had conducted themselves and all were looking forward to us returning later in the year.  This was not just down to the Track Layers, Judges and Stewards this is also the competitors who parked where we asked and respected the land so to you all a big Thank You.

I’d also like to thank Elizabeth Wooltorton and Skinners for their continued Sponsorship of our trials.


CD Stake


Square and C&A Steward:Beryl Gummow

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge the CD stake,it’s a privilege to be asked.

Thanks to Kim for organizing a super, friendly trial,and for a lovely team of helpers in the kitchen,on the desk,and out in the field.My gate and stay Stewards were spot on.Ta,Gail,Kim,Hazel and Jane.

Beryl,what can I say? Thanks for your company,for spot on squares,and for helping the competitors throughout the trial.

Thanks to the farmers,Paul for the nosework field,and toArthur for the C&A field,both excellent.

Thank you to the competing teams for travelling to Lower Withington to have a go at my test,and for accepting my decisions.I was very impressed by the standard of the nosework;all three articles were recovered by all the teams within the allotted time,and the stays were completed in full by 15 out of the 16 dogs in the stays.

The Results:Qualifying CDEx;

1st CHOCKS AWAY ALFIE handled by Cath Phillips,98.  A well deserved win for this super dog.Well done Cath.You’ve worked the magic!

2nd CRAWALL ALTEN FORSTENHAUS handled by Jackie Hope,97.5.  Very well handled Jackie,she worked well throughout.

3rd KELLOG CERIAL KILLER handled by Anne Bussey,97.5.  Absoulutely stunning heelwork Anne.The best round on Friday.

4th THREENINES MISSPOKEN handled by J J Fitzpatrick,97.  Super heelwork,and wery nice control,well done Fitz.

MALIHOND DIVA handled by Michelle Eaton,96.  Nice handling of a strong dog Michelle.

POLLGINA ABBY JETGIRL handled by Becky Macguffie,95.5.  Really well done all round Becky.

NIDDERDALE BLUE MAGIC handled by Val Joughin,94.5.  Nice one Val.Nice sendaway,and spot on stays.

BOWLAND JACK handled by Stella Uttley,93.5.  I bet you’re pleased with those jumps.Nice one Stella.

EATONMITCH ZORRO handled by Thomas Eaton,88.5.  Very smart heelwork,nice one Thomas.

SNOOPCATS LIFE OF RILEY handled by Gill Moran,88.5.  A lovely round-well done Gill.

JAYNTE WHATS YOUR WORLD handled by Kev Bryant,88.  Nice work Kev.Well done.

HIGHLANDS ASH handled by Maurice Millington,85.5.  Well done Maurice.Nice one.

Thanks Everyone.


Stake:. U.D. & Veterans

Judge: John West
Stewards Search for both stakes, Gill Armstrong
Control, Gill Armstrong
Track Layers Sue Ashley (1 day)
Mark Gardener (both stakes)
Arthur Ball (both stakes)

I would like to thank North West W.T.S. for the invitation to judge the UD and Veterans, it is always a pleasure to occasionally pop back to the lower stakes and see the young dogs hopefully progressing, then onto the veterans and see the final results that they now have achieved. The trial was very successfully run by a very efficient team headed by Kim Astbury whom is stepping down as trials manager, I’m sure she will be sorely missed as trials manager but with a great team at North West I’m also sure it will continue as a great welcoming trial. The excellent team I have mentioned was Pam and Chris heading an excellent kitchen, tea on tap delivered when needed and on the tail end of hurricane Doris it was most welcome, the base was run by Judith and Hazel making sure all the paperwork was in order and Hazel even found time to escort competitors, thank you all for dedication.

With the fields being wet and very soft under foot, I must give a big thank you to my track layers of Sue for UD on the first day Mark for both UD days and Arthur for the second UD day, all were laid spot on and all but one competitor completed the track making it a credit to the track layers. The veterans tracks were also laid by Mark and Arthur with a reasonable success from the competitors, the weather again had turned quite cold and some dogs showed that they hadn’t practiced since last year, nevertheless they all made a good attempt.
The squares for both stakes and my control steward was Gill Armstrong. Gill was not only great company over the three days but laid excellent squares and every competitor qualified, with all the judging I have done I think this is the first, so once again a big Thank You to all the Team.

1st. Rosmary Smyth with Finn My Cool Collie (BC) 191 ½ Q
With a slight hiccup on the jumps Finn went on to only losing three in total on
The nose work, and with the rest of his control being almost perfect this team
Thoroughly deserved the win. This team also won Best Member. Good luck for
The next stakes.

2nd Becky MacGuffie with Polligina Abby Jetgirl (Labrador) 186 ½ Q
Abby produced an excellent control round and only lost half a mark and with a very
Good track the forth article would have been the icing on the cake, I’m sure this
Team have a good future in trials.

3rd. Jackie Hope with Crawall Alten Forsterhause (GSD) 178 Q
After an excellent control round and then onto a near perfect track Zuna decided to
Take it easy in the square, it could have been quite a different result with more square
Articles, however Zuna well deserved the Best Track Trophy and Best G.S.D. good
Luck in the future trials.

4th. Mark Craven with Codie Canny Jack CDex (WSD) 182 ½ NQ
The only stumbling block for Bronte was the jumps, if you can sort this hiccup out
With the nose work being very good it will not be long before you will qualify.
Good luck for the future.




1st Maurice Millington With Glenalpine Jud WDex (BC) 198
Excellent round, Jud certainly hasn’t lost the skill.

2nd Fran Atkin with Beldri of Stepaside CDex-WDex (WSD) 187
Another Excellent round just a couple of extra turns on track.

3rd Chris Greenhalgh with Tessa the Messa (ESS) 162 ½
Very excited on track and square, a pleasure to see such enthusiasm.

4th Kath Wooley with Andsal Eyecatcher at Dunsa CDex-TDex (GSP) 149 ½
Beautiful track (do I really need the square)

Well done to all the Veterans, they really show you that they still enjoy the work. Thanks again to all the helpers in this stake.


TD Stake

Judge: Jenny Holt

Not knowing what the Winter weather would throw at us I planned an open sixteen leg track but with small articles. Of the 30 competitors who worked, due to a number understandibly cancelling on the day of Storm Doris, 22 completed the track and the majority of articles were recovered together with those out of the search square. With this high standard 6 competitors achieved marks in excess of 160 with David Warwick with his GSDX pal 'Vulcan'. losing only half a point On control day Gary Atkin presented a near perfect control and agility and took first place. Pat Herbert took second place with the young half sister of the winner. Pat Parkinson came third due to her speak exercise being 'work in progress' her words not mine, She will surely be a future team to watch. Dave Marchant took fourth place losing marks at the start of the track in the gusting winds. Just out of the cards was David with Vulcan, now over 8 years ,failed the clear jump but nevertheless won the Best TD Track Trophy, the Best Track of the trial and the Best Member. Well done David, you were a pleasure to watch. 16 competitors qualified TD Ex and one TD only (see results menu) Thank you all for entering,accepting my decisions ,hopefully, and being good company. ss won the Best TD Track trophy, the best track of the trial and best member awards. Well done David ,you were a pleasure to watch. 

TD champ track

1st Gary Atkins with WT Ch. Glenalpine Pete 216.5
2nd Pat Herbert with Glenalpine Fen 213.5
3rd Pat Parkinson with Waggerland My Shadow 213
4th Dave Marchant with Stardell Pisces 210.5

Also Q TDEx
David Warrick with Space Commander 210

davidwarrick small
Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Peg 210
Samantha Rawson with Irish WT.Ch. Ryan’s Daughter 207.5
Margaret Robinson with WT.Ch. Just Arran at Trentvalley 207
Sue Ashby with The Zeta 203.5
Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kal 203
June Reed with Shadowquest One and Only (owner S Williams) 202
Glenys Page with WT.Ch. Bilko’s Glory 200
Mike Williams with WT.Ch. Tadmarton Eleanor 194
Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Wisp 192.5
Charlie Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki 192.5
Sarah Burroughes with Tarnedge Velvet 184.5
Q TD only
Judith Stamp with Little Madam Mabelline 165


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