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Open Trial
Venue: Ibsley
Trial Held: 03 March 2011



Tracklayers: Melvin Drewitt, Gavin Thomson

Steward: Janet Parker

Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge, to Mary and Melvin, who organise a very friendly trial, the ladies in the kitchen, the tracklayers, Melvin and Gavin, and very special thanks to Janet and Jerry for their hospitality in their fabulous home.

Nine teams entered, seven worked.  We started with the C/A round, retrieve first, heelwork to the sendaway (70 paces to a pole in the hedge), more heelwork, then the agility and stays.  Going into the nosework, we only had one team (Rosemary and Clare) on qualifying marks, but unfortunately, along with three others, they only managed the first leg of the track; another team did only two legs and the other two completed the tracks in good times, making it look easy.  Track articles were a 4" x 1" piece of carpet and a 4" piece of hardwood.  Generous articles – 4" x 1" leather, 6" cord, 2" square of welly rubber and a gun cartridge – in the square helped all the dogs end on a good note, with six dogs getting all the articles and one getting three.

1st Bob Burns, GUNWHARF JACK (Monty), Lab, D, 171, NQ

2nd Rosemary Turner, CLARE DELUNE, CDEx (Clare), GSD, B, NQ

3rd Pippa Bentham, MY BILLIE (Billie), WSD, B, NQ

4th Ruth Payton, CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, P Beg Ex, CDEx (Lunatic), BC, B, NQ




Tracklayers: Gavin Thompson and Melvin Drewitt 

Square Steward: Gary Squires

Control Steward: June Coutts

I would like to thank Poole for the invitation to judge the WD Stake at their Open Trial in March.  The Poole Trial is one I have always enjoyed as a competitor, so it was a great privilege to be asked to judge.

Thanks go to Mary for managing the Trial so efficiently, to all the kitchen staff for the great food, to all my outside helpers: I couldn’t have done it without you all.  Finally, a thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.

All the dogs I saw showed great enthusiasm and skill at all the exercises.  The ground for the nosework was low brown heather, quite wet.  In some places small lakes had formed, but thanks to the skill of my tracklayers these were avoided, giving all competitors an equal chance.   After the nosework I had 3 qualifiers, but sadly the stays and jumps took their toll and I ended up with no qualifiers.  The results were:

1st Mrs Angela Sanders and MR MICKEY MARVEL TO SZIKRAS, WSD, D, NQ.  Mickey completed an excellent nosework round, losing only 4 points on the track.  The C/A went well until the stays.  Mickey was full of enthusiasm and a pleasure to watch work.  Hard luck, Angela, better luck next time.

2nd Kelly Chapman and TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, B, NQ.  Kai’s was another excellent nosework round, losing only 8 points in total.  This time it was the jumps that proved Kai’s downfall.  A lovely dog to watch work and I’m sure that qualification can’t be far away.  Better luck next time, Kelly.

3rd Mrs Carol Brooke and TADMARTON DARK REMY, Lab, D, NQ.  Remy is another enthusiastic Lab who really wants to work.  Unfortunately a lapse on the 3rd leg from home and no articles made the difference to qualifying, or not.  However, both the square and the C/A were a pleasure to watch.  I’m sure that a qualification is within Carol’s grasp.

4th  Mrs M Hansell and NELLINKA WINTER STORM, GSD, D, NQ.  Wickham did a lovely track, until he missed the last leg and hence the last article.  He needed an outstanding square to pull back the points, but on the day Wickham had other ideas.  His C/A round was good.  Sorry, Mary, better luck next time.




Tracklayers:  Lindsey Poole and Lynne Watkins

Square and C/A Steward:  Pete Jones

I was asked if I would judge the ticket at the 2011 Society’s Championship Trial; this would be my first ticket appointment and I was pleased to accept.  I have not been able to qualify TD on the forest myself in the past and suggested that if it was possible could I judge this open TD before, so that I could get a feel of the conditions.

The weather was dry for the 3 days but a very cold north easterly wind made conditions a little uncomfortable.  My two tracklayers did a fantastic job, making my task very easy and were great company - thank you for giving your time.  We did not come across any animals grazing in the area were we tracked which was most unusual.

We had 19 entries, of which 17 worked.  9 dogs completed the nosework and 7 qualified TD after the control and agility.

1st June Coutts,  CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, D, 211.5, Q.  Rubin only lost 1 on the track and full mark square, a delight to watch.

2nd Robert Willatts, GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, D, 210.5, Q.  Another good all round performance from Ripley.

3rd Brenda Nevard, REDFOR SPIN, WSD, D, 206.5, Q.  The speak exercise let Spin down today.

4th Melvin Drewitt, LAWINICK TROUBLE, GSD, D, 205, Q.  Drops and mouthing on square articles was the trouble today; 7 marks lost

Also qualified:

Adrian Quick, LAWINICK SLOW N EASY, GSD, D, 202.5


Pat Golding, ST PETES JETTA, Lab, D, 199.5

The Lawinick litter had a good day with all three dogs qualifying, a bit of a competition going on here.  The standard of work was very good - Stays 100% - the agility took its toll on a couple of qualifying dogs.  The speak test was after heelwork by leaving your dog and walking twelve paces away to talk to me for name and number and then turn and face the dog with hands behind your back and get the dogs to give 5 barks quiet and 5 more barks; this caught a number of dogs out and food for thought for future training.  I was surprised when some competitors said that they had only just started training the speak.

My thanks go to Mary for being a superb trials manager; even though she was very nervous, everything ran like clockwork with a great team of helpers around her and this allowed Melvin to compete with his dog.

Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen and also to Pete who assisted me; we both had an enjoyable few days and look forward to returning to the New Forest in September,

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