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Open Trial
Venue: Ibsley
Trial Held: 06 March 2008

Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Gavin Thomson and Adrian Quick

Steward: Adrian Quick

My thanks to Melvin, Mary and all at Poole for the invitation to judge and looking after Adrian and me.  Special thanks to Gavin Thomson for laying tracks and squares and Adrian for laying tracks, squares and then stewarding the C/A for me.  It was a beautiful and bright day to be out in the forest made even better by watching these young dogs work, even though not all made it around the track.  The C/A then took a few more out, as is often the case in this stake, leaving only one worthy qualifier.

1st Mary Prentice, MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, BC, Dog, 164.5, Q.  Missed last leg on track but made up for it with a perfect square, good all round C/A.  Very well done.

2nd Jodie Lea Phillips, FLIP FLOP RIP, BC, Dog, 167.5, NQ.  Rip did an excellent track despite Jodie, and a good square.  Only the stay let you down.  Better luck next time.

3rd Penny Bellis, VOMKYNA CHRISTA, GSD, B, NQ.

4th  Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, D, NQ.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, John Hinds, MBE and Mary Drewitt – 1 day; Jo Magness and Adrian Quick – 1 day.

Stewards: Gerry Parker – nosework and control

Escorts: Mary and Sharon

My thanks to Poole for the invitation to judge the WD stake, and to Melvin for making running a trial look so easy.  To Rosemary, June, Janet, Sue and Mary in the kitchen – you kept us all well fed, thank you.

My tracklayers, Arthur, John, Jo, Adrian and the multi-talented Mary, all did an excellent job laying tracks in variable length heather – thank you all.  For Gerry this was his first time stewarding at a working trial, so in coping with laying squares and then stewarding the control rounds, plus nervous competitors, he did an absolutely brilliant job – many thanks, Gerry.  It would have been impossible without you.

Lastly, to the competitors.  Well done, you all had a really good go and gave your best, with 6 teams qualified in the nosework section.  The jumps and the stays took their toll, so I ended up with 2 well deserved qualifiers.

1st Carole Brooke and OSCAR, Lab, Q, marks?.  Oscar worked brilliantly and really deserved his qualification.  Well done.

2nd Robert Willatts and DAX, FCR, Q, 187.  Dax made it all look so easy, just left one article in the square.

3rd Can’t make out handler or dog names.  The best track, such a shame to go out on the control.

4th Lindsey Poole and TIA, GSD, NQ, 157.  Lovely track, good control, a very costly scale.


Stake: T D


Tracklayers: Barry and Paula Harvey

Steward: Garry Squires

Thank you, Poole Committee, for inviting me to judge the TD in the Forest, always a super venue and super trial.  Thank you also to the "unseen people" who work so hard to make the trial a success; although the qualifiers were low in numbers, it was a good trial.  Thanks to Mary and Melvin for my B and B, and June Coutts for allowing me to listen to her stories, what an author!   Special thanks to my Tracklayers, Barry and Paula, you were super! Not a walk in the park in the New Forest is it, and yet you could still just walk out and find your articles, thank you.   We were so lucky with the weather.  Special thanks to Garry who stewarded the control for the first time; you were so good, you made sure you did everything right and gave the competitors clear instructions, then volunteered to do the search squares - what a baptism of fire.   Thanks to all of you for your good company. Only a couple of qualifiers - but the dogs did look as though they were having a lovely time.

1st Dr Nicky Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DASHA, WSD, (B).  What a super track, getting 98, all 3 articles and 3 from the square, then put in a good control round.  Lovely.  Well done, and good luck in Ticket with both dogs!  Total mark 205, Q.

2nd Celia Bourne with  FLAME OF THE FOREST, WSD, (D).  Another super track, getting 96, 2 and 4.  Very good send away and control.  Well done!  Lovely to watch.  Total mark 200, Q.

3rd Beryl Kimberly with OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT, GSD, (B).  Oh!  Nearly did the track, only missed the last leg, but only one article.   She really was tracking well up until then.  Total mark   164.5.  Good luck for your next trial.

4th Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM, BC, (D).  Storm set off well, unfortunately we had just said "I think he is going to do it!"  We won’t tempt fate again.   Good luck for your future trials.  Total mark 139.5.

Thank you to all the competitors for competing under me and accepting my decisions



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